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1, Taikang Life's Game
Tai Kang Life Insurance Company, Department 22 August 1996 by the Bank of China
approved the establishment of a national head office, stock life insurance company.
November 2000, Taikang Life full completion by the State Council, China Insurance
Regulatory Commission approved the work of foreign offerings. Foreign shareholders
include Winterthur Life Insurance Company, Lusenbaoluo easy to banks, the New
Deal TEDA Investment Co., Ltd. and Softbank of Japan Bank Group and other
well-known international financial firms.
Taikang Life in 2004 of 1.3 billion subordinated bonds issued, became the first
insurance company issuing subordinated bonds, and further enhance the capital
strength Taikang Life. But who can think of, there have been scared Taikang Life do?
  ?As a data-intensive enterprise, Taikang Life's information technology
started in 1996, that is, the company was first set up in Beijing. At that time, the
company IT department with little experience, not fully grasp the needs of the time,
forced by business needs, then got on the set of core business systems. This system
can meet the basic needs of insurance, but the core management process is vague, and
not enough connection to other systems. After several years of development, the
company's IT development has reached a scale and with more and more
closely link the company's business.
At this time, all the information technology personnel turn around the business needs,
and many are on the maintenance of human resources, development of the above.
Taikang Life's information technology has also entered to business as the
core of development.
With China's accession to WTO, China's insurance industry is
facing foreign insurance companies and therefore have entered the domestic market
and strong competition. As a data-intensive enterprise, Tai dependence on IT has also
deepened. Then, earlier by sector, business needs IT systems distributed construction
defects will be exposed, within the company formed a number of islands of
information, serious impact on information sharing between departments.
Lack of accurate data to support business, the company every step of the
decision-making is like game, Taikang Life is what the next card to frustration
unbearable! What are the reasons for Tai went into the doldrums it?
Second, information islands
The so-called islands of information, is a unit of the various departments in a variety
of reasons among the departments are completely isolated, a variety of information
(such as financial information, information on various programs, etc.) can or can not
be smooth in the departments of mobile. This will form islands of information.
Give a simple example, such as a production company, sales department should have
its own marketing plan, shop the sales plan should be based on the combined stock of
the Treasury to formulate its own production plan, the purchasing department should
be under the plant's production planning and warehouse inventory of raw
materials to develop their own procurement plan. In many enterprises inside the
process is not smooth or even unreasonable and sales departments to formulate
marketing plans do not consider the plant's production capacity, plant
production capacity does not consider the market to digest, the purchasing department
does not plan to shop based on the self-made advocate blindly purchasing . Caused a
large backlog of the last Treasury stock out of stock or cause serious accidents. In this
case, the various departments of this company which is a an isolated information
island. Tai Kang Life faces is the threat of information island! What, then, Who
provided information island breeding ground, it produces the conditions?
(A), the implementation of the local information technology applications
Only through the implementation of the information, have a largely independent of
the information system - the "information islands", only
possible so-called "islands."
(B), between the existing system of information that can not meet the communication
needs of
"Information island" between the sharing of information or can
not meet the communication needs of the information necessary condition for another
island. If the "information island" there is no communication
between the channels, although the objective has become isolated
"islands", but these islands, if there is no communication
between the demand for information will not be isolated.
(C), the system itself is the lack of information sharing to meet the needs of new
Between the existing system a new information-sharing needs, they can not adjust the
system configuration set up to communicate between each other, to meet the new
requirements, the information island appears.
  Asia-Pacific region as the first IBM DB2 Information Integrator users, Taikang Life
Insurance Company of the representative of the Tai how the use of information
technology integration, and various development tools and business logic, in order to
develop more friendly, fast and simple business logic program makes some of the
services previously difficult to achieve very easily achieved, which enhances
customer service levels and Taikang overall competitiveness of the company.
?Third, the integration of Taikang
?With the advance of business, information silos caused harm to gradually Taikang
Life senior leadership attention, the company's chief information officer
Wang Daonan had islands of information problem, repeatedly stated his view:
"To the highly competitive life insurance market continue to maintain its
business growth, we need to find a way to organize all the data, so that our customers
and related services have a clear understanding. "It is this view
strengthened Tai integrated company-wide information assets determination. Does
integration mean abandoning the previous IT investments? The need for launching a
campaign to integrate the big move? Integration will change the existing business
model? During the integration of business will be what kind of impact? Integration
time how long? The members of our group will tell you the basics of integration.
?Information integration is an effective means through a variety of existing
information and tools together to produce to meet the needs of different users of new
information collection, the existing information on the basis of value-added
information value. The goal is integration of information integration of external
information, eliminating information silos and achieve value-added information to
improve the utilization of information. The role of the implementation of information
integration are:
(A) the enterprise information integration can be distributed to the documents,
technical data, engineering drawings, appliance image, press material, audio-visual
materials, daily promotional materials, regulations and other information Zi Yuan
Guan Li have been effectively together, through constant Jilei will be corporate
resources to facilitate employees check.
(B) the information integration can be useful information to enterprise resources to
implement effective Guan Li; achieve staff work together Ying Yong systems work
together; integrated, holistic Li Yong existing information resources, increase data
usage; Wei Meigeyuangong personalized information platforms, management of the
information they need to improve efficiency. Without increasing the premise of the
application system, an integrated information system to improve performance.
(C) After the information integration, Qi Ye Ying Yong Bubidanxin different systems,
among heterogeneous databases integration problems Ke Yi points to promote
enterprise information construction step, step by step in the process enhance their own
level of information technology, which increases the enterprise information capacity
building control, select the best qualified products and reputable builders continue to
promote the enterprise information construction, to avoid the one-time mass loss of
investment to the enterprise. In addition, the use of information technology can be
integrated into enterprise applications already built with the new applications into a
unified enterprise information platform, not because of their backward and out of their
software, need not replace the application software for training, protection of the
original have invested.
(D) integrate the use of information technology, enterprises can be effective
management and utilization of information resources to provide customized
information for business leaders to provide comprehensive management reports, the
data show a variety of ways to provide the basis for the decisions business leaders.
?Tai Kang Life officially launched by IBM, IBM DB2 Information Integrator
Information Integration software to implement integration strategies, the initial doubts
and anxieties, had overcome.
?IBM DB2 Information Integrator technology is based on industry open standards,
provides federal, replication, conversion, buffering, XML and Web services. Users
only need a check, you can access and integration of proprietary and emerging data
sources (including structured and unstructured data), as they are stored in the same
location. Through the IBM DB2 Information Integrator, Tai no go to war equipment,
large data transfer, it is easy to integrate stored in DB2, SQL Server, Oracle and other
heterogeneous data in a database, and various development tools and business logic.
?Information technology is a process, not an end with new technology, but the
application of technology to bring efficiency, solve problems, reduce costs, this is the
purpose of the use of information technology. So the most important thing is for users
to receive and use information.
?Information about the island and information integration, the case of the problem
was solved
1, Why is the man-machine systems management information system is the social
A: The management information system is a man-machine system, the machine
includes computer hardware and software (software including business information
systems, knowledge work systems, decision-making and managerial support systems),
all kinds of office machinery and telecommunications equipment; personnel,
including senior decision makers, middle functions and basic business, and by these
people and machines act in harmony to form a harmonious human-machine system.
Therefore, it is said management information system is a technical system, it is said
management information system is a social system, according to the above mentioned
reason, we say that management information system is mainly a social system, and
then a comprehensive system of social and technological. System designers should be
very good analysis of the work to the computer to do what is appropriate and what
work to the people to do more appropriate, and how to contact the machine to give
full play to their strengths and machinery. Now there is a computer-based
(computer-based) management information system in that the full effect of the
computer information systems. In order to design good computer system, computer
system designers must not only understand but also to understand the analyst.

 We say that an integrated management information system is system or integrated
system, which means that management information systems enterprise information
management is a departure from the general and comprehensive consideration to
ensure that the various functional departments to share data, reduce data redundancy,
ensuring data compatibility and consistency. Strictly speaking, only the information
centralized, information can become resources of the enterprise. The integration of
data is not restricting the function of subsystems can preserve their own private data,
in order to ensure integration, first of all to have a global of Ji Tong plan of
implementation for each small Xitong in Zhegezongti plans have to be under the
guidance of. Secondly, through the standard outline and procedures to achieve
systems integration. This data and the program will meet the requirements of multiple
users, Ji Tong's equipment also should be mutually compatible, even in
distributed systems and distributed database in place to ensure data consistency is
very important.
2, in the process of solving the problem facing the greatest difficulties are?
A: The management information system MIS (Management Information System) is a
general internal computer system used to describe the terminology, this system is
mainly to provide information related to enterprise business operations. MIS is also
used to refer to persons who manage these systems. Typically, in a large business in,
"MIS" or the "MIS department" means
the principal, or equal status with the major of computer expertise and management
systems, often including mainframe systems, including enterprise computing
resources throughout the network extension. Initially, the business computer to handle
payroll and records of accounts payable and acceptable specialized commercial
operations. With the expansion of commercial computer applications, including sales
managers, inventory and other enterprises to help the management of information,
"MIS" The term is also used to describe these types of Yun
Yong. Today, a broad term used within the range, including (but not limited to):
resolution in support of systems, resources and manpower management, utilization,
project management and restoration of Deng Shu Juku.
Management information system for enterprises and institutions, the role is to
accelerate information collection, transmission and processing speed, experimental
Shuju in Quan 单位 sharing Jishi management personnel for Geji provide the
required information, supporting their Juece, which Gaishan units run efficiency and
3, in this case point of view, management information systems need to solve a major
A: The development of a management information system seems to be built a
building, system analysis, system design is based on the request to draw a variety of
floor plans, implementation of the system is to mobilize all personnel, equipment,
materials, drawings in the field according to the requirements by implementing
programs Building up the building. Complete system analysis, system design, how the
original paper, similar to the design of the new system into an executable program of
the actual system, which is the main work system implementation phase.
Implementation of the system mainly covers the implementation of physical systems,
programming and commissioning, personnel training, data preparation and entry,
system conversion and evaluation. Systems implementation phase is successfully
achieved the new system, but also to obtain user trust in the key stage of the system.
Therefore, before the formal implementation of the system, to formulate specific
implementation plan well, that determine the system implementation methods, steps,
time and cost, and to monitor implementation of the plan, a scheme to do both checks
to ensure the smooth implementation of the system.
Physical implementation of the system
Management information system implementation of a physical system is computer
systems and communication network system equipment orders, room preparation and
equipment installation and commissioning and a series of events combined.
(1) the implementation of computer systems
Information age, the rapid development of computer technology, different
manufacturers, models of computer products for the information system provided a
broad stage, but also to the implementation of the system has brought a certain
complexity. We have products from these computers need to choose the most suitable
for the brand.
Acquisition of the basic principles of computer system are:
a, can meet the design requirements of management information systems;
b, the computer system is a reasonable performance and low cost;

c, the system is not good scalability;

d, the availability of service from suppliers and technical support.
Computer on the surrounding environment is sensitive, especially in high security
applications, on the room's temperature, humidity and others have special
requirements. Typically, the engine room to install double-glazed windows and doors,
and requires clean. Hardware through the cable line connected to the power supply,
cable wiring to be placed in the pressure to prevent electrostatic induction activities of
the floor with legs. In addition, in order to prevent the accident caused by a sudden
power failure, should be installed standby power devices, such as uninterruptible
power supply sufficient power (UPS).
(2) the implementation of network systems
MIS is usually a communication line to connect various devices to form the network.
MIS LAN and WAN network has two. Local area network (LAN) usually refers to a
range of network, can be achieved within a building and the adjacent internal links
between several buildings. Wide area network (WAN) communications between
devices, usually use of public telecommunications networks, the communication
between the remote device.
Network implementation of the system is mainly the installation of communications
equipment, cable laying and network performance debugging and so on. Commonly
used communication lines are twisted pair, coaxial cable, fiber optic cables and
microwave and satellite communications.

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