On the future by fdjerue7eeu


									On the future
  ?A home mom hears father obsessed with a lot to say, the phone is, Mom is always
the same as before, only to say that I am English, in her view, I never back the word,
but I almost like this. It seems the father, I do not love reading as long as the playing.
One is they do not even know my exam, one essay even if I stack the books in high
out of the following will look at, well, what can I say, they are too concerned with a
   It is really very envious of her father, in fact, that it will be like him I really have
very satisfied.
   After you find a job, do not expect to help you. When not carefully read every time,
Dad always stimulate me, I did not say that I depend on you.
   However, by their so talking, in fact, I think I really should think about their future
was. Prior to Jiageng What I do not is becoming more, why is the idea would be, so I
will meet the diploma Why? Then in fact he really wanted to test the civil service that
is more difficult to type.
   Today test 6, finished reading the first issue will not want to do, and estimates had
not even had it. University has three treasures, copy, paste, had like, some things
really do not need to go test the second time, ask for it, and now finally know. Lonely
people really should go to research.
   Short leg has been done for the intention to go abroad, and sheep to be Well Well
Kaoyan abroad, Aunt back to Xiamen, Acre to something was Shao Shao was going to
Canada next month, and I class. College Entrance Examination has been lost once,
and I can not lose the.
   In fact, I hate the comparisons between the parents, there is the need for Mody. Do
you not tired I'm tired, than whom no relations, do not leave me with the
kind of low character, than OK.
   On the future, I would like a quiet love. Quietly in hand, chatting quietly, walk
quietly. Hey. Almost into a single image of the voice, and the rabbit said they wanted
to join me in blind date, so we were not to become a thing in Kazakhstan rival.
   Well, I have to study hard, but I still do not know I do not Kaoyan class ha ha.
where is the motivation?

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