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					On the cake
The origin of the cake - the cake is the first first few samples of materials to make
simple, these cakes are ancient religious myths and miraculous symbol of superstition.
Early trade route is exotic spices imported from the Far East, north, nuts, toilet water,
citrus fruits and figs imported from the Middle East, sugar cane from South Eastern
countries and imports. During the Dark Ages in Europe, these exotic materials could
have only partner with the aristocracy, and their creation is the honey cake cookies
and flat hard biscuit or something.
   Gradually, with the trade frequently, the Western countries also followed the eating
habits of a complete change. Crusades home from soldiers and Arab traders, the use of
spices and the spread to the Middle East recipes. Several countries in Central
Europe's leading business center, baking master association also organized
   In the Middle Ages, spices were the rich people of Europe were in wide use, but
also to enhance the imaginative cakes baking technology. Nuts and sugar until the
pandemic, the almonds popular mud also followed up, this mud is almond wood
grilled convex plate mold, and mold on the pattern is more associated with religion

Origin of different cake The origins of the cake

--- Italian dessert Tiramisu (Tiramisu)
Regarding tiramisu's origin, there is a warm story: World War II, an Italian
soldier to be set off, and yet nothing has been added, and love for his wife prepared to
give him dry food, to eat the cookies at home all , bread made into a cake, the cake
that called tiramisu. When the soldier on the battlefield will think of him eating
tiramisu home, think of a loved one at home centers.
Tiramisu, Tiramisu, the Italian, there is "take me away," means,
away Debu only delicious, but also love and happiness.

Austrian dessert cake rack ------ Sand
Sand shelf cake originated in 1832, a prince of the house kitchen Franz.Sacher
developed a sweet chocolate unparalleled depression, being royal favorite. Later, at
the time frame of sand frequented by aristocratic hotels Sache Ho-te also advertise the
snack cake rack sand. However, it is the recipe for what is exclusive and still is a
controversy in the dessert case, a pastry shop Demel known to spend lots of money to
buy sand frame provided by the original family recipes, sand shelf restaurant insisted
it is only their cake is respect for the founders of the traditional tastes. Although the
case unsolved, but the sand trap frame of chocolate cake a unique flavor combination
with the apricot spread all over the world have already been tens of thousands of dim
sum chefs of the proliferation creation, a national treasure on behalf of the Austrian
------ History of the Austrian dessert cake Doran
Hundreds of years like a day, looks simple, the practice complex, the ratio material
was lost, only the old pastry shop only a few masters do it. In Austria, the history of
Duolun cake Suddenly, not worth losing sand cake rack. Pastry shop is the history of
Sino-DPRK Duolun delicious cake mysterious source, said to taste, style from the
nineteenth century, has never changed, all hand-made, only that it's
ingredients are almonds, hazelnuts, sugar, chocolate and Austria's unique
round cake (Oblaten), As for recipes, the practice of the DPRK promise pastry shop
where only two master know. History Doran cake cakes sweet charming, finish a long,
non-sweet food such as life were not more. Even if the DPRK promise in tradition,
history Duolun annual production is only 1,300.

Japanese dessert ------ Castella cake
The seventeenth century, Portuguese missionaries and merchants traveled far away to
Nagasaki, they bring something, such as glass, tobacco, bread, etc. to the local novel
thing for both, in order to establish mutual friendship These outsiders want some way
to please the local people, the missionaries of the nobles sent to wine, dessert
distributed to civilians in the hope of spreading Christianity. Manufacturing business
is a lot of people distributed sweets in the streets. At that time, a sugar, eggs, flour,
cakes made of the popularity of the Kingdom of the Japanese asked Castella came
dessert. Castella as a result of the Japanese on the dessert's name
mistakenly handed down, this is the origin of Castella.

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