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					F    M    C     S   C             W     O       R   L   D             M    I    S   S    I       O   N            U    P    D    A    T     E

    f mcs c                      in Ethiopia

    35 Churches - 5,500 Members - 4 Schools - 5 Medical Clinics - AIDS daycare - Bible Training Center - Reforestation

                                                                                                                           March 13, 2006
Zuway Church Establishes New Home
“The rent costs were getting too high, the location was inadequate for evangelism, and there was pressure
from other religions to move sites”

                                        The Free Methodist min-           many of the pastors of these local churches, both in Addis
                                       istry in Ethiopia is grow-                                               Ababa and in out lying
                                       ing rapidly. In the past six                                             towns, were preaching and
                                       years, churches, medical                                                 teaching from a limited
                                       clinics, reforestation pro-                                              Biblical understanding and
                                       jects, education programs                                                knowledge. Problems in
                                       have been implemented                                                    the local churches, as well
                                       and begun to expand.                                                     as conflict between the
                                         There has come to be                                                   ministers and the board had
                                         over 35 FM churches                                                    begun to arise as a result.
  Addis Medical Clinic Waiting Area      throughout the country of                                               Eshetu shared his concerns
                                         Ethiopia with over 8000              Building Site for new Church       with Pastor Nigussie Shi-
                                         members. Currently,                                                     beshi and his desire to
there is one large Medical Clinic, one surgical Cataract Pediat-                                                 build a program to train
ric eye clinic and three small clinics in Addis Ababa, the capital        and inspire full time ministers through sound Biblical teaching,
city of Ethiopia. At this time, there are two reforestation sites         as well as to have a place where ministers could come together
along the Awassa lake, south of Addis Ababa, producing over               to share their life and their visions for the future. As a result,
one million seedlings ready for planting. Finally, there are four         the FM Bible Training Center came into being and on May 8,
FM elementary schools in Jimma, Shashamane, Arbegona, and                 2005, the first class of local ministers enrolled for the first term
Alemtena. In expanding                                                    in Shashemene. The second term began on November 21, 2005
the idea of providing edu-                                                and on December 9 of the same year, the first class of 13 stu-
cation there has come to                                                  dents graduated.
be an educational daycare
center for AIDS children                                                            Students complete 10 courses outlined in the book
in Addis Ababa, as well as                                                Bible Training Center for Pastors and Church Leaders, by
a Bible Training Center                                                   Dennis J. Mock. The curriculum followed is that of Mock’s
sites in Shashamane and                                                   book with the exception of minor changes made by the profes-
Addis Ababa. This Bible                                                   sors due to differences in doctrine followed by the Free Meth-
Training Center is one                                                    odist Church. Courses include the following; Bible Study
of the newest and most                                                    Methods and Rules of Interpretation, Old and New Testament
                                   Arbe Gona Worship Service
exciting additions to the                                                 Survey, and Teaching Principles and Methods among others.
ministry in Ethiopia.                                                     Currently, the Training Center consists of four Ethiopian pro-
                                                                          fessors, along with one assistant professor. These professors all
  When Eshetu Tilahu, the coordinator for the training center,            have a Bachelor of Theology or a degree from an accredited
came to the Free Methodist church, he began to observe some               Bible College. Eshetu hopes that in the future, they will be able
of the churches in the country. He was alarmed to find that               to produce their own books from which to train.

 An Apostolic Movement                      -   An Explosion of Ministry                     -   D e p e n d i n g o n G o d ’s S p i r i t
F    M    C    S    C           W     O       R   L   D            M    I   S    S   I       O   N            U    P   D     A   T    E
Eshetu has already begun to see God’s hand work through the            such, CNLI is proud to list the following missionaries and min-
teaching and training at the Bible College. Not only are stu-          istries as partners in our effort to fulfill our
dents inspired by the word of God but they are returning to
their churches ready to improve their leadership style and pro-        Free Methodist World Missions:
mote Godly behavior. As a result, many of the problems within
the churches are being solved and relations between the         FMWM is the international missions arm of
churches and board continue to look up.                                the Free Methodist Church in North America. They have been
                                                                       sending missionaries around the world for over 125 years and
                                                                       now serves the people of 70 countries. We currently sponsor
The future for this center looks bright as well. Eshetu hopes to
                                                                       two FMWM missionaries as a Southern California family.
continue to broaden the school and to eventually promote it to a
diploma level. Currently, because of funding, the school in
Shashemane has been unable to operate which means that many            Empowering Lives International:
ministers from local churches around the country have been      Empowering Lives International
unable to enroll. The program is being taught in Addis Ababa           (ELI) is one of the channels God has raised up to bring encour-
with 14 students currently enrolled. The hope is to be able to
                                                                       agement, ideas, and empowerment to families and villages that
expand the school back to Shashemene and one day to accept
new students from other denominations as well. The church in           have lost hope for a better life – empowering the poor to re-
Ethiopia is spreading and as a result. there are many new minis-       move the barriers that hinder spiritual transformation, health,
ters in need of formal Bible training. Please keep all of these        education, and economic
thoughts for the future of the FM Bible Training Center in your        progress.
                                                                          ELI is called and commit-
                                                                       ted to making a difference
    Continental New Life International                                 among the needy and spiri-
                                                                       tually lost in East Africa.
                                     Continental New Life In-
                                                                       Strategically developed
                                    ternational began in 2001
                                    as the result of the need to       Skills for Life Training
                                    resource and support a rap-        Centers, Christian schools, Don & Amy Rogers, Directors of ELI
                                    idly expanding ministry in         outreach events, camps,
                                    Ethiopia.     In 1998 the          seminars, health care instruction, and programs to reach alco-
                                    FMCSC had already estab-           holics are part of an overall empowerment strategy. We rejoice
                                    lished the organization            in seeing people come to eternal life in Christ as they experi-
                                      “Ethiopian Humanitarian          ence the amazing journey of spiritual, physical, and economic
                                      Project” to meet the re-         empowerment.
       Market day in Ethiopia
                                      quirements of collaborat-
                                      ing with Ethiopian gov-
ernmental officials on opening an extensive medical work to            Eden Projects:
the poorest district in Ethiopia. But the mission driven leaders The vision for Ethiopia Eden began
quickly realized that this ministry would expand beyond the            in the early 1990's. Operating in part as humanitarian aid or-
borders of Ethiopia and intentionally expanded the vision of our       ganizations, we were serving the Ethiopian people by providing
ministry to the Horn of Africa. As a result, the name was              food, clothing, medical care, education, and vocational training.
changed to reflect the expanded scope in vision.                       Right from the start, a great need became apparent. Ethiopia
                                                                       was turning into a wasteland; the forests and habitats and natu-
Under the direction of Steve Fitch, the FMCSC Superintendent
and President of CNLI, this group is becoming the world mis-           ral resources were quickly disappearing. In response to this
sions arm of the FMCSC. The vision is simple, yet holistic:            desperate situation, from the heart of God, Ethiopia Eden was
                                                                       birthed. The goal of Ethiopia Eden, simply put, is to replenish
                To make lives and land whole                           Ethiopia's diminishing forests and to restore the habitats and
              from beginning to transformation                         other natural resources that have disappeared with the forests.

Our ongoing mission is to determine the essentials of holistic
ministry through diagnostic teams and then strategically partner
with like minded organizations to maximize long term sustain-
able transformation in lives, land, and economies around the

The time has come for ministry groups to begin to celebrate our
unique strengths and unify ourselves in Christ for the sake of
his kingdom in order to reach the lost people he is seeking. As

 An Apostolic Movement                    -   An Explosion of Ministry                   -   D e p e n d i n g o n G o d ’s S p i r i t

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