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									On achieving

Skills to promote the use of the four test
Even the success of sales abroad, but also his or her own sixth sense not only to
promote sales. They always will be the first to use these techniques to test the
prospective policyholder, the insured will have to see whether the other party.
There were a number of sales, said: "bring it! Is the time to see it! Time is
ripe, naturally led to!" But "time" What?
"Ripe" is what kind of time? And just by
"things", we can guarantee almost certain it?
Even some of the success of foreign top salesperson, they are not so assured on the
bold, with their intuition, sixth sense, and this so-called "time",
wanted to bring all sales. They always will be the first to use these techniques to test
the prospective policy holders to see their products by introducing enough to see
whether there are quasi-insurance policy holders to prepare, and then play it by ear.
Typically, they use the test methods most frequently, such as: "Jin
Xiansheng, the various features of the insurance plan, can meet your needs, do not
you?" Or "Jin Xiansheng, of the education insurance plan does
Neng Bao Zheng Your children will not be in school on the road to dropping out
because of financial problems, do you think? "
However, this is only tentative moves, importantly, they also contribute, by adding a
number of other contributing techniques. These techniques contributed to sum up,
about the following four:
If    a    prospective     insured      on   the     sales   staff   with     the    tacit
"understanding," then sales really do not need to force the
prospective policy holders obstinately make a decision to declare attitude.
When the interviews were to a certain point, sales have full grasp, but also convinced
that prospective policyholders especially love a product, why do they insist on
prospective policy holders of non-opening commitments that they have prepared well
for insurance is not it? Therefore, if you ask them to be without a sense of security, the
Greek does not want peace of mind, their answer is definitely yes; but when it comes
to being willing to spend some money to get a sense of security and spiritual peace,
who would happily say that he is willing to?
This is the essence of human nature. Being the case, then why take the sales staff was
rejected by prospective policyholders "dangerous", he just like
the bride and groom to prospective policyholders as seriously before the priest say:
"I am willing!"? Thus, "tacit" skills to
promote the use of that potential policy holders of this layer psychology.
Using this technique the most simple way is to fill out an application on behalf of
Jing-line. You can be the most prospective policyholders Heart exclusion will not be
refused to the questions asked in person. For example: "Mr. Wu, Fu Shang
full address is ... ...? How long have you lived here?" And so on. If a
prospective insured for your problem or not completing the application form to stop
the action, in other words, they have acquiesced in the decision of the insured, it can
be confirmed that sales already contributed.
However, if the prospective policy holders have not yet reached the stage of
acquiescence, which does not necessarily mean the end of the interview has led to a
corner. You can have more description of some other products, or to refuse to deal
with      the    step     back      in,    try   to    find   policy-holders      of     the
From simple to difficult
"From simple to difficult" to promote skills, is designed to help
prospective policyholders to make decisions under the insurance use. Grasp it a
priority, is a difficult, difficult decision to make the next big issue, split into several
relatively simple, easy to answer the small questions, please prospective policy
holders for these small problems in a written decision. In so doing, than at the outset
with a big problem to beset prospective policy holders, but also more acceptable to
prospective policy holders.
So, what is "a few small problems"? What is "a big
problem," then?
For most of the prospective policy holders, whether insurance is a big problem big
decision; decide whether to accept medical examination is a small problem, small
decisions; choose a suitable insurance plan will not be more difficult; Who are the
designated beneficiary is not something more than a headache. Moreover, sales to
prospective policy holders to decide whether or not the big problem insured, broken
down into several small problems, to guide prospective policy holders, the sales staff,
and is not a very complex task. Is not too much trouble for both sides, and you try to
do it?
   ?Take action
Sales staff can sometimes take some immediate action to bring this semi-forced to let
the prospective policy holders also had some action; like, you can summarize the
reasons for prospective policyholders denied coverage, 11 to "fight
back" after on the spot to take some action. For example:
"Mr. Flower would you just say that the reasons and decisions do not want
insurance, I think my understanding, to make a short and analysis. The first is your
decision means that you do not want your family be better protection. But I think this
is absolutely not true. Secondly, you said that premiums are too expensive, can not
afford; As this point (you may wish to reveal a mysterious smile here), you and I
know this is not a fact . Coming back to the third point, you say you think you may be
out of health insurance eligibility, it is very easy, we know the results soon ... ... Yes, I
would like to use with your phone, right? " said, you can get up and go the
telephone, picking up and immediately contact the company contracted hospital
appointment of registered medical matters.
   ?Prices over time
Most people in the purchase of any supplies or clothing daily, the total valuation
inevitably bargains. If combined with the change of seasons season to a
"seasonal" sale, which of course is the consumer the most
"reluctant to leave," the timing.
However, the insurance industry, it is not so-called "seasonal",
then much less the "auction" it! Therefore, insurance is neither a
seasonal product, and only allows prospective policy holders immediately grasp the
moment, adding insurance reasons, is "at the moment insurance premiums
low, but is so over these years re-insurance, insurance fee will go up with increases.
" So you can say to prospective policy holders:
"Mr. Tai, if you can not grasp now insurance premiums lower chance, then
another year, the premium will be a corresponding rise as you age."
Sometimes, such a technique, makes a kind of quasi-insured regained feeling, more
shares of insurance "can not miss" the desire, the effect is
surprisingly good anti-see.
Contributed 15 commandments
Contributed to, is every insurance partner sincerely seek for; another angle to look at,
there may be additional understanding.
   ?Thinking, most people preferred a positive way of thinking, but often some
perspective is often overlooked. Talking about "enabling" this
issue, if analyzed from thinking outside the box, perhaps a new trial.
   ?We do not intend to limit the concept of the insurance partners, or impede the free
sway space. Only meant to provide a different traditional point of view of
"enabling" process 15 not guilty of the commandments:
   (1) irritable blind:
   Contribute to the process in the most taboo is rush in blindly, prematurely, to the
prospective policy holders look bad.
   Of course, the timing is very important to master; although not required to follow
the old system, static, but must remind everyone that contributed absolutely a natural,
not a shred of reluctance of the mean. Otherwise, the policy down ten days after the
cooling off period, I am afraid that will have consequences more difficult to clean up.
   (B) of the dispute:
   ?Some say that led to the movement like a perfect, she is absolutely not a single
note, but before the section close to the finale. So bring your good preparation,
perhaps your customers do not psychologically prepared, and perhaps he still has a
modicum of doubt in his mind. You must pay attention to, in promoting the mark, the
customer must not, and would disagree, or come to naught, the head of all the efforts,
may evaporate the.
   In the marketing process, the concept of communication is very important, but in
bringing this key, and quasi-policy holders would disagree, with predictable results.
   (C) teased:
   Despite the questions raised by prospective policyholders are ignorant, it is
ridiculous, you must have a gentleman. After all, what kind of person this world has,
if you are showing disdain for its discourse, and even laugh at the expression, the deal
may not be traded.
   Insurance concepts and common sense, there are still many people do not have,
since, as marketers, you have the responsibility and obligation to educate consumers,
is not it?
   (D) cheeky unhappy:
   ?In promoting the key to put it bluntly, you have acquired a good accomplishment.
The difficulties of marketing, often because the customer's performance
requirements vary. But the common is, "is precious." After all,
this is a concept plan to guide the risk of life, can have different views allowed to join.
   Training home, heat of pure green marketing expert, in promoting a critical
juncture, can not be cheeky unhappy, but not angry.
   (E) ill-prepared:
   ?Both inner and external preparations, must be very thoughtful before being
developed to bring the stage.
   If you feel mentally prepared for prospective policy holders have been sound in the
front if you want to double-check their equipment are complete? Paper, pens, business
card holder, to protect the book, detailed information, and even more to prepare a
proposal. Ready missing, that want to sign hastily success, undoubtedly afar, idiotic
   (F) pressure:
   ?Buying and selling process, consumers are most unwilling to face the situation of
forced sales, can easily give rise to resentment and flatly refused. Therefore, do not
put too much pressure to policy holders, otherwise, is open to the opposite effect.
   For starters, in order to grasp the moderate, positive pressure to the face of
prospective policy holders, is not easy. You no harm to try to step back, instead of
pressure to be into the transactions of customers, lead to their dissatisfaction; might as
well give them less pressure, even more than running a trip is worth it ah!
   (7) more words:
   Contributed to the eve of the atmosphere, creating something like artistic creation
difficult. To grasp the atmosphere of living contributed to the good, must rely on
continuous learning. Is an opportunity which can not contribute in this, we assume
that you have to communicate and potential policy holders had two or three times, is
expected to bring in the time, why not let prospective policy holders to express their
views, and you play the role of the audience, I believe there will be good results.
   ?More than you, then when in promoting a major taboo; no harm to the swapping
of positions, will speak to the potential role of policy holders, may contribute to
shorten the time.
   (8) create a problem:
   Newcomer in promoting common mistake during, in exchange views, clerk has
refused to deal with well, everything seems ripe for the occasion, will suddenly
emerge new sentence: "Any other questions?" But many that for
sure households surprised, sometimes complicate matters, so that another growth
marketing process variables.
   Even some new people will refuse to deal with the problem, the answer, 11
memorize in my mind, even if prospective policy holders not mentioned, I myself will
not take the initiative to ask questions, to facilitate time lost, this is a mistake more
often new.
    (9) stand opposite to:
    If you bring on, to the prospective policy holders have a "mutually
antagonistic" feeling when, in order to smooth contracting success,
probably even more difficult.
    Basically, insurance, marketing different from traditional marketing, the position
should be standing customers for its financial life planning, risk and so on. Once
created an atmosphere of opposing positions to each other like the enemy on the
battlefield, not your death that I won. Prospective policy holders will be intent on
escape, you want to refuse. Therefore, to promote, the more the position of a customer,
for their sake, you will profit instead.
    (10) greed:
    Can not bring overnight period, in many communication exchanges, believed to
have potential policy holders and establish a consensus and understanding. Even the
achievement of a high sum insured in the master must also be a step by step practical
    If you only think of one mind the amount of commission, you want to contribute to,
little chance of success because the customers have sharp eyes, mind is sensitive. You
might think, is to be in form and spirit colors.
    ?Therefore, you are straight if their clients need only think of their bonuses,
commissions and remuneration, greed life, even if the business is made, and probably
only once, no next time up.
    (11) rigid:
    Promote the opportunities exist everywhere, the key is that you can really grasp.
    Prospective policyholders in and a good talk, you can attempt to facilitate
exploratory. From which we can explore a number of chances to promote? Therefore,
no need to follow established rules, be sure to complete all the steps before they can
progress to facilitate phase; sometimes led to the prevailing situation of the first, then
gradually service consumer, is also feasible.
    Rigid, not flexible, do not think creativity is a taboo in modern insurance partners.
    (12) Light Xu commitments:
    In promoting the eve of the issues of greatest concern to prospective policy holders
should be the number of claims, mainly full of all the rights. You should by no means
a fight for the promised performance and natural light, exaggerated claims of the limit,
deliberately evasive. Claims in case of future occurrence of disputes, in addition to the
expense of consumers, insurance partner is also difficult to explain in conscience have
in the past.
Honest and informed, not only is the consumer, you have to really do.
    (13) malicious attacks:
    In the increasingly competitive for Huan Jing, you may be faced with the industry
competition; in particular, yes Zhendui have the ability to buy the amount of You
Qianzhun Gao Bao Ke Hu, might be the interbank Baifang Zaoyi had Duoci the
Duixiang. With real skill, such as professional knowledge, personal character and
nature of brand image, and even tells the provision of sufficient new information to
prospective policy holders, parties may have good quality competition.
   Quasi-high sum insured policy holders, not the business owner is rich, smarter than
the average consumer, the result of maliciously defaming others, may lead to budding
business, on such a pair of wings to fly it!
   (14) cut prices or withdraw commission:
   I believe part of the marketing partners, prospective policyholders have faced a
reduction in price, withdrawal commission requirements; both really the same
industry as a means of policy holders or potential, you must defend the rules - no
price reduction or refund commission. Because insurance is a long service career, the
company set the price, price cuts attract buyers or retirement commission to attract
policy holders, not long-term business management.
   In promoting the mark, you must hold it a principle. You are offering prospective
policyholders have this knowledge, you are standing in his position, to design the
most appropriate insurance policy, and receive their due reward. The future, there will
be one or two years of service to be done, you insist, is the maximum protection of
policy holders. Otherwise, your price concessions, prospective policy holders may
demand excessive, hope for greater premium on the price cut, then how to do that?
   (15) ignore the spatial and temporal factors:
   Decided to purchase the policy, for many prospective policyholders, the life course
may be an important decision. In this critical moment, the choice of insurance
partners to refrain from hasty inappropriate time, such as similar to night-time
contract workers in the morning, or improper location, selection of fast food in a noisy.
Of course, the space-time depends, of course vary, proper planning in advance is the
best strategy.
   Moreover, after bring some policyholders may have to fill out a detailed letter to
Paul, or even to pay premiums on the spot, place, right time, really is not ignored.
Contributed to four law
As we all know, the purpose of marketing is the ability to successfully sell products,
therefore, led to signing the entire life insurance sales process is very important.
Contributed to the law, signing worry about. Timely application of appropriate
communication methods and prospective customers, to enhance the probability of
transactions have a positive effect.
A risk analysis. This method aims for example, or suggest a possible change of use as
a means to enable prospective customers to feel the need to buy insurance, and
urgency. For example: "You work hard everyday for what? Is to provide
the best loved of all the family. However, if your income is suddenly interrupted, the
family who pay the bills? You are head of the family, play a very important role You
have not considered, when the risk occurs, who is the first to bear the pain, someone
else or your family? you have a good life for their family program designed for? If the
loss of your income disabled, wheel for the charity, you have the heart to Let your
family suffer from it? insurance life insurance, although it can not withstand risks,
able to fully protect those who continue to live. you love your family, but love without
any protection, just like a blank check, life insurance can protect you and all the
promises. "
Second, interest-driven method. It shows the interest of potential customers points,
breaking the psychological balance of the current prospective customers, offering
prospective customers to buy the products of consciousness and behavior. Such
benefits may be saving money, or return to purchase insurance products can also be
obtained after the intangible benefits. For the former, such as the premium savings,
asset preservation, for the latter, such as how to buy the product and help to achieve
personal, family or career goals. For example: "If we are to apply, you can
have lower rates of insurance benefits, but next month, you will the boom in rates
because of their age increased." "This policy of interest: First,
help you and your family planned savings, if in case something happens, it is your
protection for the whole family. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the bank can
only return the amount of all of your savings, but we need to pay you a few times the
amount saved. so this policy when necessary, can immediately create a home for your
reserve, this reserve will do it for you to take care of the family, your loved ones.
Second, the policy will sense of security to your home so your family under any
circumstances are entitled to continue to survive and the right, lifting your no worries.
The third is to make you feel good. Life is your favorite person to The best expression
of love truth, today sent a letter to your beloved "Love Letter",
to allow you to achieve your commitment to improve security of their loved ones.
these three are not what you aspire to the greatest wish of it? "
Third, the presumption commitment law. Assuming that prospective customers have
agreed to purchase, take the initiative to help potential customers to complete
purchase of the action. However, this action usually let prospective policyholders the
choice to do some minor key, not asking him to sign immediately or come up with
cash. For example: "You are the first insurance health insurance or pension
insurance?" "You see his wife or child beneficiary is
filled?" "Your ID number is ... ..." "How
your physical condition, have not lived within the past year hospital? "This
method is better as long as the atmosphere of the talks at any time can be
applied," the alternative "techniques are often used such a
method form of a question.
4, by retreating method. Such method is very suitable for those who continue to argue
and because they delayed signing the policy of the prospective customer. Alignment
customers face to face surgery to make whole body solution can not work, you can
turn to ask for advice: "Sir, although I know our product is absolutely right
for you, but my ability is poor, and convince you to. However, before I leave , you
pointing out my deficiencies, give me a chance to improve you? "humble
words can often defuse the situation, may also bring unexpected policy.
There are other ways to promote, such as attempting to rally, get to the bottom method,
etc. to name a few, but 1000 changed without leaving their cases - in fact contribute to
communication, it is not itself the end of the sales process, but the process. So in the
face led to prospective clients, they need to grasp the opportunity to promote, but also
to prepare a good attitude, both drawn up, but also collected back, so that to know
ourselves, know yourself.

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