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									Office automation
OA (Office Automation, referred to as OA) is the function of modern office and
computer networks together form a new office, the new technological revolution is
currently a very active and has strong vitality of technology applications, is the
information society product.
The birth and development of the computer for the progress and prosperity of human
society, as the carrier of information science and core computer science in the
knowledge age plays an important role. Administrative organs, enterprises and
institutions work is the adoption of Internet / Intranet technology, based on the
concept of workflow, computer center, using a range of modern office equipment and
advanced communication technologies, a broad, comprehensive, and rapid collection,
collation , processing, storage and use of information, so that internal staff to share
information to facilitate quick and efficient manner Xietong work; Gaibianguoqu
Fuza, inefficient's Shougong office Fang Shi, for the scientific management
and making decisions, Conger to Tigao Chief Xiaoshuai purposes. An enterprise to
achieve the degree of office automation is also a measure of the realization of modern
management standards. Our experts in planning the first national seminar made office
automation office automation is defined as: the use of advanced science and
technology, making some office other than business activities materialized in a variety
of modern office equipment, constituted by the people and equipment to serve the
purpose of a business person, one office machine information processing system.
In the executive arm, cried most of the office automation e-government, enterprises
and institutions on the big call OA, previously often called paperless office, later
called the office automation, and then later called OA
Office automation is the development of computer science in recent years with the
proposed new concept. English formerly known as Office Automation Office
Automation, abbreviated as OA. Office automation systems to achieve the office
generally refers to the automation of routine business, and office automation include a
wider sense, including the network of large-scale information processing systems.
There is no uniform definition of office automation, all in the traditional office using a
variety of new technologies, new machinery, new equipment in office business,
belong to the field of office automation.
Usually the Office of the Ye Wu, the main is a paper of Chu Li, drafting documents,
notice of a variety of business texts, accepting foreign filing of documents, ascertain
our departmental file, and external documents, produce documents re Jian Deng Deng.
Therefore, the use of computer technology to produce a variety of word processing
documents, storage of various documents, the application of other advanced
equipment such as copiers, fax machines and other reproduction, transfer documents,
or using computer network technology transfer documents, the basic features of office
Office is the industry leader in work place decision-making. Leading authorities to
make decisions, issue instructions, in addition to documents on the exchanges, the
more profound work, in fact the collection, storage, retrieval, Chu Li, analysis, thus
Zuochu decision-making and decision-making as information transfer Xiang lower
organization or cooperative unit, or business related units. This requires supporting
office automation.
The first factor is the system of people, that is the main factor is the office staff,
including staff, in addition to traditional office role, now that the increase in part of
the professional and technical personnel management devices, for example, computer
engineers, other equipment maintenance personnel.
Technical equipment, the computer is another factor. There are all kinds of machinery
equipment such as computers, copiers, duplicators, telephones, fax machines, network
equipment, compact disk, etc., collectively referred to as hardware devices such
equipment, or hardware. The various information devices also need software to
manage devices, for example, the computer's operating system, network
operating systems, word processing software, special software, etc. work, which will
be detailed in other chapters.
Office Automation is clearly the man-machine system, human, machine, are
indispensable. The equipment, hardware and software necessary to be available. We
also believe that office automation system is the human information processing
system into the information age is upon mankind a new concept.
[2] The early completion of office automation software is a simple file input and
management, to achieve a document sharing and simple query functions; with
database technology, client-server structure to emerge, OA (Office Automation)
system into DBMS stage; office automation software really mature and widely used in
LotusNotes, Microsoft Exchange occurred, provided unstructured workflow
mechanism and function of the database can easily realize the processing of
unstructured documents, workflow definitions, etc. important function of OA, OA into
the practical application stage; but with the improvement of management, Internet
technologies, only to achieve document management and transfer can no longer meet
the requirements, OA's focus began to turn from the document data
processing analysis, which said the decision-making system, then emerged to
information exchange platform and database integrated and served as the background,
data processing and analysis program for the middle layer, the browser as the front
(three-level structure) of the OA model, this model can be incorporated into the OA
system, handling system, the systems business unit consisting of the overall system,
can be seen through the OA system, analysis, more comprehensive information. Based
on B / S structure of the office automation system for construction of office
automation business, which covers the day to day office management, basic flow, has
a strong versatility.
[Edit this paragraph] three levels of office automation technology

OA systems, information management and decision support system-level OA OA
system-level or complete OA generalized system structure of the three functional
levels. Three functional levels of interaction between the modules can be invoked by
the program and computer data networks, means of communication to make.
Integrated OA system, meaning the use of modern computer network communications
systems to three levels of OA OA system integration of a complete system to make
office more reasonable flow of information and reduce unnecessary duplication of
input links to improve the efficiency of the entire office system. Integrated, networked
system has the advantage of OA, not only in the unit office information can be more
compact and efficient operation, but also to the outside world of information
communication, information and communication so that the broader, more convenient,
fast to establish long-distance communication of information between offices, and
may integrate into the worldwide sharin

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