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									Of talking
Really long, long time did not come to my blog.
Today, what we can see, the most recent one was in 2007, the last day of writing. This
time around, suddenly passed half a year, and today is June 15. I also raised a
semester, leaving time near Tsinghua University, near the ... ...
In fact, still early, there are two semesters it. However, immersed in the cooling off
campus is also almost a year, things inside the school, outside things affect us all. I
want to write it down is some feeling.
Previously in some inferior Tsinghua, Tsinghua most proud of is the undergraduate,
that the national college entrance examination scores are a family. If all Tsinghua has
such a view is not a very good impression on us. But in fact, this incident is really not
like that.
We are not the undergraduates, and they are not the same already. We are Business
School, MBA, our core competence has always been with the undergraduate students
in different aspects. If we like them, then we failed. Even we are not the same general
research. Because we learned about business rules, the art of management. We may
compare their academic ability, but we emphasize that the ability to do things is the
ability to work hard in the market, rather than the development of mathematical
models of a particular academic problems. Surgery, specializing, each hold different
types of knowledge and ability, there is no way, not an objective comparison. So if
there are differences, is our success, is normal.
In addition, Tsinghua University have never been particularly strong cultural
atmosphere where, unlike the North. Atmosphere here is very strong in science and
engineering, although I am also of science and engineering background, I like the
simplicity of Tsinghua strict, but too much emphasis on academic and scientific
research, and the neglect of the humanities, is the need to gradually change. In other
words, the traditional can not lose, but be more open and frank attitude, not because
someone else has another way of thinking or another school, you as foreigners.
I love Tsinghua. Tsinghua University is also to restore the atmosphere of the kind of
flourishing, of course, in this process is to have a little time. As a world-class being
created Tsinghua University, is the need to have the best business schools, have the
best MBA, but also need to have the best computer science, electrical engineering,
civil engineering, School of Law ... ...; every not an option, everyone is in for a brand,
"Tsinghua University" service. Perhaps the North with
"Welcome to Wikipedia," saying, but the Tsinghua University
must have a broader mind.
We do not sell ourselves short, and do not arrogant. In fact, one can be selected for
each incoming MBA, have succeeded. Every undergraduate, there are less than his
side; each of the long boards and short boards are not the same. This is the colorful
world of this. Social change is increasing, no one is pure
"Tsinghua",            regardless    of     whether    the     so-called
"three clear," the "four clean" or.
Tsinghua University as a member of all of us need to play their strengths, publicity his
own personality (of course, is learning, career and legitimate aspects).
Some will say no out of Tsinghua MBA a real successful people, but the MBA
education in China too, or time not too long of things, Tsinghua MBA also only 20
years to create, Tsinghua MBA also but people are now less than ever (I Yinxiang
seems to be around in 5000); and Tsinghua undergraduate infinitely greater than this
base, Tsinghua undergraduate education has lasted nearly a century, and emerging
elite few, but not come. According to this ratio, Tsinghua MBA elite to emerge, it will
take time, but also need to accumulate, it needs more people and effort.
Differentiation strategy is our core competitiveness. But there are some characteristics
of Tsinghua University is not small, it is self-reliance, the spirit of social commitment,
that is, "five years of health work for the motherland," the
commitment, and work strictly to their responsibility to play the spirit of the
motherland. On this basis, we should let their personality sway, let the other students
in the academic world does not like the business world in the dash for their cause, but
also Tsinghua brand, create a brilliant tomorrow.
As China's development, reached today, according to the laws of history,
Peking University school of this type of human culture will have a political career out
of people who play a role, and that this community will increasingly need the
humanities people, including Business Administration.

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