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									Of Careers
This busy ~ ~ First, while research in Taipei, according to (but ... blew it) and then
accompanied her father to visit relatives under the Kaohsiung.

But it ~ there is good news. I test the GCT results would be released by the end of
October ..... saying that in fact the Ministry of Education released scores of 12/08 on /
offer to check it, but I do not know .....( that time around things are busy Well
according to research) and then on a weekend stroll Punta home, too strange had
received a letter from cram school, asked me to take the number of points that I
thought might benefit of hindsight, scores have been reported. website for the results,
my scores are as follows:

Languages: 70
Mathematics: 48
Logic: 78
English: 90
Total: 286
Rank Percentage: 94% (meaning that all the candidates, I accounted for six percent

Instant confused ..... Hey scores is not very high A, that is how the percentage of 94%
counted? Again is like: in the end admitted that ~~~~~~~ I had not he?! Continue to
ask baidu Great God ... (China's many news, google big international
barriers between God and no God to the responsive baidu large) ~ ~ ~ released only to
know was only a test score, while each department of each respective university entry
score is Yi Ding's. from that university to set its own. found online has
published scores of some universities, but not South. user said: South generally were
later released. but I actually put heart, because the line is taking this year's
National Chiao Tung University 246. 286 points that I should not be any problem
your friends ~ ~ ~

So I have been with other people around me to take over the ~ ~ ha ha ...... God bless
~ ~ ~ If I get the job for the South send notice, and I certainly can not accept.

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