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Peel one by one amazing metaphor
See the white rose, wood patience
See the cycle of hate, you predicted the death of
Vertical river to see a dark, soul flying

Either heated or nothing
Dawn along the dark back and chest
Write your index finger in the air hunger and bitter wine
So easily to reach me
Hit me, I am cold

Fall in the depths of a black cup tonight
My weak heart, my little body
How not hold so much hail, violence
And you go around the little poetry, tired and old

Either heated or nothing - 塞萨尔巴列霍
June 30
1. The rain, Li Feng, the train, dormitory after the first package came down my
shower, and then I go to sleep, he played live football - the whole afternoon.
2. Donatello were dead, I put it in transparent sealed plastic bag, out of time lost, and
concern ourselves with the words of the Bible to it as a eulogy, you see God, then
your in this life not happy, as a turtle, you can not lost it, death as a part of students, I
hope you get relief in this, Amen.
3. We hurried out, went to our class before graduation last meeting, Wu Yipeng not go
out late, and turtles in the entrance of the court the glans explore the right brain to
look left, I became impatient.
4. We waited a long time did not get a taxi, at six o'clock, working hours,
all kinds of shapes the same person or the name of a taxi, or sitting empty in the light
rushing from work - from roaring past us, The only thing we can do is open to the taxi
in front and waving off the taxi had put up a perfect middle finger.
5. Under the car, Xu Yong and Chen Dan Court on the Tigers past the gate and walk
together, meeting place, one I've never heard of the restaurant, Xu
Chunhua, and Sun Haiqing to the bus station waiting for the bus, Xu told me to take a
bus for a minutes is up, walking to ten minutes. I told him to walk need 10 minutes,
and other public transport needs 15 minutes. Yes, Xu Chunhua is our class teacher.
6. I said nothing, in the crowd shuttle, business schools are also gathering of beautiful
people around me are familiar and unfamiliar, they say hello to me, Di Yan,
immediately transfer the object to relate two or three sentences.
7. 7 o'clock, how many people complain about not finding the location of
the meal, so at least my desk, I smoke, drink tea and called the waiter poured the tea.
The floor was slippery, the students pay attention to safety Do not run around, waiting
for it wants. Floor so slippery, so many drunk, how no one smashes head? The world
is full of mystery.
8. Dish end up with this group, Jinyan group, Xiu-Ping Wang, Li Yun their other
members are a bunch of quarters, I, Wu, Xu Yong, another Mohuazhaohua, I am
seriously a bite. It was suggested to play an active atmosphere to touch the king to
drink Monastic, I am not willing to play this, today, I drink it, do not want to play.
9. Moved one table, I took the cup last Xu Chunhua toast that table, this table are
three of the original. I respectfully walk past the first Cup Xu Chunhua second cup all
of you third cup Sun Haiqing, when the psychological state should be hybrid you guys
beat the best meal I have Why do not beat me out I'm spanking, actually I
did it clean, apart from anything else to drink three glasses of the net, take the time to
Zheng Weirong to me I took delivery of the cigarettes come. That in the original table
with a cup of a total of four cups, this is not my content, but I feel nauseous,
disgusting may be the collective unconscious, I think most people just drink more
wine in order to reveal the truth.
10. I asked to not toilet Xu Yong, Xu Yong said go, we go out the door, the door of the
car as a no less, 8:30, and you should go back to sleep. I asked him are you pull or spit,
Xu Yong said I have to dig out, I said I do not dig. The middle of the compartment
door was open, and I said together? We went in with two pit began to spit in front, I
threw some green stuff, do not eat these things is far less good-looking before, said
Xu Yong, comfortable, and I vomited hard to be dirty, out of the door facing the toilet
and vomiting up, or some green stuff, and I believe that this time was a minute ago to
nausea to vomit.
11. Bathroom door, Xu Yong said he was cold, I'm glad I was wearing a
jacket. There is a girl facing the direction we shouted: "That black clothes,
how do you it?" "Shall I give you my phone
number?" And so on, she was pulling her classmates, or I believe I will My
cell phone up to her: "Come on, Fang-be leaving."
12. Wuyi Peng drunk will make fun of others and care for friends, we sat in the most
desolate of the table, around the middle of that table full of people, all kinds of
laughter, the occasional toast was over and I alone, I am going down, but for just 吐
完. Tim several times wine was to leave the land after another, I heard a lot of people
hold a heap, 11 farewell, this looks like a game, five-year grudge on this end.
13. I got a taxi to the station to get off by dark eyes, and go home, hand slammed shut
the door, and all kinds of people to chat online.
14. Well, I see very light, but a kind of pain can not tell Road, unknown, I would like
to clear, I do not want to drink. Today I just painful. I am not a big milk to suffer the
pain that I was not at the moment with an artist, a man or live a normal life of pain,
and today I just painful. Cesar-type pain.
15. I lay down on the bed, eyes closed, this method is very useful to tell myself, today
I was dead, and all the joy and sadness today, a sober and sidewalks, all glory and
bleak as the past. Tomorrow I will be reborn with a new beginning to verify the health
of the infinite.

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