Notes of an unforgettable trip by fdjerue7eeu


									Notes of an unforgettable trip

Many things can not let them say that the past is past, because there are words ---
Yesterday went to Tianjin, the first time to major cities such as Tianjin.
That was two days ago, the company received an interview in Tianjin things, always
staying at home, I like for a personal like and immediately buy a ticket, set around a
line of head, check the Tianjin transportation routes, ready all the things.
Two days later, yesterday, 10 o'clock, I am a man set foot on a train bound
for Tianjin.
Not many people on the train, carriage very smooth, I'm with someone for
a seat, window down, the mood is surprisingly calm, appeared very natural, just like
home so familiar, but with a little excitement. Speed and the car in some quiet, away
from the city to be four years, but also away from the city of bad weather.
Two rows of four hard seat only two people sitting in my side is a motherly looking
woman, my left is the scenery. The train was being driven, the weather in the
transformation of the city is changing, at noon, when many became sunny. Dressed
Sunshine on my face, separated by thick glass windows, sun without burning, but a
little more bright, I felt warm, very warm, very comfortable. Remembered that the
first "warm" warm much better than it. Sunshine had the same
kind and bright, no matter where, what a city.
I have been quiet in the car with, sleep for a while, Zuo Yihui, for a moment, to play
for a while. Themselves do not really want to know what is, perhaps not quite
remember now, I have my share of the mood at the time of the.
13:43, the train was late, but still very close to the time the case reached the Tianjin.
The train, I go back to follow the crowd, really smooth out the station exit. Tianjin
Railway Station is my understanding of this city the first point: large, very practical.
The huge train station, outside the station, but I was very well decorated, I was under
the query bus routes and stops the mouth of the road map, the bus station, and boarded
the bus. 50 Road - → General Hospital - → River House. I got into the car, dropped
into the prepared two dollars. This train is crowded, the bus I saw on the train to see
several people, several of the couple, like me, very carefully and very strange new
expression, should all work to this thing on.
Bristle bus drove out of the station, many people, cars are open very soon, I pack a
good back, both hands out Teng, a holding rings, the other leaning on the railings,
heart carefully, and skim the surface like a car looking out the window with the start
of construction. The city's architecture is distinctive, is that there are
ancient and modern Chinese and Western styles that blend. Have high rise buildings
and buildings with striking the bell tower and the round tower roof, with small
courtyards and quaint housing wall tiles, there are quaint little alley not significantly
worn, small alley.
Tianjin bus station is very characteristic, comparable to a full stop here, I spent 45
years in the small town station, where the two stations may be separated by several
blocks, and several major junctions, even several different major road, but the bus
lines as many stops are not the same, place mixed up, but would not people be
15:30, I stand at the General Hospital under the car. Nice weather, spring is very
obvious in Tianjin, a tree has a very clear where bright green. I looked around, all
buildings, no sense of direction I was a person ready position irrelevant. Distracted for
a while, I went to the newsstand next to a old man ask for, Grandpa is very
enthusiastic, pointing near the building told me that I'm going to a
destination, I just want to ask a specific building, Another strange middle-aged man
beside him to tell me how to add a turn in the past and which a building. Tianjin
authentic taste I feel inexplicable kind. I am in the sun, turning a corner, step onward.
Tianjin afternoon, the pedestrian street still has not weakened, but seems to go faster
than the very busy look, I thought of one word: rhythm.
I have followed the guidelines of the line around a while, and smooth to the interview
the company was interviewed, and then shook hands with the interviewer, out of the
building, my trip to be completed in Tianjin, and done the things I do.
4:00 sharp, some tired, have no food, and there hungry, I sides came back and side in
search of a meal to children, but very disappointed that out of the store, small
supermarket, what characteristics do not snack. So I quick, but also on the bus bound
for Tianjin station, ready to go back. I saw the bus station free of old private bus, Oh,
Railway Station in Tianjin did not say, put it into Tianjin Railway Station. I looked at
the General Hospital site under the road map, 50 Road, eight-way, as well as the
number of road 600 to the original can be bound for Tianjin station, I missed several
classes white bus, but they saw the road was in Tianjin clean past initiative thrown
into trash bins were regarded. Amenities good ah!
16:43, handlebar me back to the bus station in Tianjin, I stand in line, under the
guidance of a license bought a return ticket: departure time 5:32. The attitude of good
conductor, very many people queuing orderly. I followed the crowd into the waiting
room, a spacious waiting room clean and bright, full taste of the sun.
17:00, the train began to check-in, I looked at the tickets in hand, this time a girl
behind me suddenly asked me gently to where the next, can not be with me, that time
can not take my seat . Girl about my big, tall, very white skin, not very pretty, but face
smiling. At first I have some fear, that is a liar, then talk to it that girls attend school in
Tianjin University of Commerce, home in Jilin, want to go home, but not to buy a seat
ticket. I agreed to her request, we crowded the ranks of the ticket, women in the
tightly behind me, I occasionally look back to the first look. So we entered the
platform, while we walk towards the side compartment where I talk, I told her
I'm a student, to work in Tianjin interview from the University of XX over.
Well my school girl said that Tianjin is true that many people point, she said, has been
smiling, really beautiful, huh, huh.
After a few cars, it may be that this girl is the Green train car, when the real hard seat,
hesitated and told me to forget that she was lying on the car up a ticket bar. I directed
at her embarrassed to say it does not matter then asked her a few words, she thanked
me, and smiling at me, I turned around, lifted up, raising his hand and made a
goodbye to the action, on the train.
Very slow moving train, the carriage was at the loud noise was, the whole car train
filled with an inexplicable uncomfortable smell, the sun gradually dim down, and then
move forward, day dark. I am a little tired, I am not a window seat, do not want to see
is also not very clear to see out the window of the buildings and scenery, only to see
the trees sprout and grow leaves flashed from time to time, from the windows close
21:40, the train arrived I stayed for four years, the city, Qinhuangdao. I was surprised,
so not too late to actually slow the car, I clearly remember the way the train will stop
for several freshmen. The platform, the wind whistling in, and some cold, I bind
tightly clothes out of the way along the familiar exit of the station, I called the.
22:00, I appeared in front of the school a volume of Tianjin egg cake stall before,
what a coincidence, there are only one doing the eating side dizzy side chat with me.
He told me today, bad weather, rain, and with the large rain, the whole business is not
good, did not prepare too much. Just then one of the guys have to buy food, he was
told not to go after the disappointment. I bow to the ground point of view, wet.
Paper cake eggs well, I walked to eat, very cold, but the real eggs in Hong ah!
Trip to Tianjin, a person, trip number, the last day, location unknown, felt good. I did
not stay too much time, because I always feel I will come back to this city.
When suddenly remembered primary school composition class, class, love to write
the title is "remember a memorable event." My writing teachers
always say not true, it is empty.
Now I write an essay, and the Who think? !

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