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"some of the insurance companies really inhuman" things, he
really deserves to be called called "ghost crap" , provided a little
insurance, common sense - Come on, give him back some of the people or experts in
In fact, was inhumane, he said the company had to "First Financial
Daily" disaster area to interview three journalists sponsored by the accident
The face of disaster, what to do?
American International Group (AIG)
Contribute one million U.S. dollars, about 7 million yuan;
Called AIG employees around the world through the AIG Disaster Relief Fund (AIG
Disaster Relief Fund) to raise money in the amount of employee contributions based
on the company and then donate the same amount of donation, be used to support
earthquake relief operations in Sichuan, China;
To May 19 AIG subsidiaries in China, 4.13 million yuan donation AIA, AIG and the
AIG Insurance Company of China were also contributions from members
International Assurance (AIA)
Risk to immediately open a green channel and group insurance claims, and all
marketers keep an eye disaster condition and, if customers go to disaster area to visit
relatives or travel accidents, we must first notify the company, the company will
provide customers with the most timely insurance claims services .
AIA Beijing (AIABJ)
Start the emergency plan, set up a working group to convene a n emergency meeting
arrangements for the affected customers on how fast claims service for staff
earthquake disaster prevention knowledge, and matters such as their love for the
Two hours of the disaster took place through email, SMS, and other forms of
knowledge within the CNC, to remind all staff and marketing staff to their personal
safety, and promptly release the earthquake disaster prevention knowledge.
Condolences to all company employees from Sichuan and marketing staff, as they
have close relatives in the victims of this disaster will provide a special pension
Launched from the May 13 donor activities, as of May 20, AIA Beijing contributions
inside and outside the ground about 39 million, the amount is still rising.
Relief, AIA also action - hold "Join Hands ? surmount" charity
donations: from May 21, 2008 to June 30 period (to cover date), each individual life
insurance underwriting a new single, Company will donate 10 yuan disaster; each
cover a personal accident and health insurance new single (except for travel
insurance), the company will donate RMB 5 disaster.
Casualty Department offers the following products are covered, including earthquakes
and other natural disasters:
IPA: insurance, including earthquakes and other natural disasters including, external,
unexpected, non-disease, accidents, and this accident was caused by the direct and
single cause of accidental injury; specific accidents Double Indemnity; compensation
for accident After medical expenses; compensation accidents and diseases surgery and
hospitalization costs occurred; payment for loss of income caused by the hospital;
payment of care, and ICU.
JPA, Sunshine Children: Child accident insurance injury; compensation for accidental
injury medical expenses, accountable. Daily hospital benefit, disability monthly
Tour: travel insurance, insurance travel accident resulting in death and disability;
accidents caused by medical expenses; accident compensation hospital revenue.
Four Seas: foreign travel insurance, foreign travel in underwriting accident caused
death and disability; accidents caused by medical expenses; delivery Repatriation;
Repatriation costs; funeral expenses. Medical costs of disease.
Bao, Yongyi: suitable for a higher professional level of personnel protection of
accidental injury and disease.
Recreational development, recreation and life: accidental disability benefit;
hospitalization, surgery, drugs, bed charges, hospital meals, and other expenses; to
both drugs at their own expense, for there to protect the population, or together with
the IPA to buy.
Filial gratitude: Every parent will want: because we are in, and to a sense of security;
each child believe: as long as I will certainly take good care of their parents. But some
things are irresistible, if we no longer exist, so this policy do to the mind to relieve us.
Where there was right and wrong, recently heard: Samsung let contributions, KFC did
not contribute anything, and received two points back of the co nnection:, unknown since the discovery of fire
that is the rumor, including this attack, including several to be in China and Africa
within the capital has been even further paragraph 1.3 billion of property do nated.
Colleagues said yesterday strongly condemned the Chinese Red Cross online, they
purchased the top more than 10,000 yuan per tent, higher than market price! No harm
that corruption does exist, corruption everywhere, but the Red Cross As silly B to t he
number of exposed in the open so much of himself away on What? ! Search online
search, do the math, rumors about the unit by adding an extra zero!
These people really confuse motive, not a movie star, then the boss would be
speculation, wife accused, others despise Well? It is better to engage with the spirit of
the first batch of local multi-point Red-hair medicine go children one by one shipping

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