Ningbo and Shanghai Economic Relations Studies

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					Ningbo and Shanghai Economic Relations Studies
"Ningbo immigrants" as a special social, economic and cultural
phenomenon, is increasingly attracting the attention of national academic circles.
"51" during the May 1 Golden Week, exhibition by the
Association for Promotion of economic development of Ningbo, Shanghai, Shanghai
Museum and other exhibitions organized by a characteristic - "Ningbo in
  ?This exhibition may be in the middle of Shanghai, brought back a topic: Shanghai
Ningbo. Such a topic so that we can not help but think of Ningbo and Shanghai
  ?60 years after the 19th century, the rise of Shanghai, Ningbo has attracted
generations of people to "gold." Shanghai residents in modern
composition, Ningbo immigrants for up to (including its surrounding Yinxian,
Zhenhai, Cixi, Fenghua, Xiangshan, Dinghai and Ninghai), to the late Qing dynasty,
in Shanghai, Ningbo, has reached more than 40 million people, accounting for at
Shanghai one-third of the total population; to 30 years of the 20th century, Shanghai
and Ningbo in the millions of people were there, in Modern Shanghai has become an
important part of the public. Statistics show that Shanghai is now 3 months out of
every one is a Ningbo nationality. Ningbo people some of the dietary habits, such as
pickles over rice with soup, Ningbo cakes, rice balls, yellow mud snail, dried sea salt
fish have become one of Shanghai people's daily life habits. Even more
interesting, and now nationally renowned representatives of the Shanghai dialect
words "Allah the people of Shanghai," in fact comes from
Ningbo words "Allah." Now use the "standard
Shanghai dialect," in essence, then, Ningbo and Suzhou, Wuxi, then the
   Shanghai has been the historical process of evolution of the modern form has its
own characteristics and content-rich city, and this commercial gang of more than a
century are preserved in the beach management concept not unrelated, Shanghai city,
"Bone Marrow" Among the already integrated into the many
"Ningbo factor", can be summed up as follows:
   1, vibrant, progressive business spirit of Shin. In modern China, Ningbo and
Guangdong to help, help Shanxi, Anhui, China to help and called the four major
business group, mainly in Shanghai, Guangdong and Ningbo, two major business
group. Because the relationship between local culture, people do not understand
Cantonese, Shanghai, and Guangdong culture is not interested; Ningbo and Shanghai
were the same regional culture, customs, little difference, so Ningbo immigrants can
easily be accepted by the people of Shanghai. In addition, Ningbo is a trade business
center since ancient times, long-standing commercial and cultural edification, this
social background, practical experience and knowledge of heritage, a Ningbo
Commercial development in Shanghai and achieved great success in seeking one of
the reasons.
   This is why people in modern Shanghai, Ningbo, commercial activities have left a
deep mark, especially in finance, commerce, shipping, industry and other fields, is the
important business of modern Shanghai one of the leading forces. Such as the
"Shanghai money industry leader," Qin Runqing, Shanghai
Financial Association helm for 15 years; Ye Cheng Zhong, Yan Shun thick, Zhu Bao
third-founded the first bank run by people ? Commercial Bank of China; In addition,
Zhu Bao 3, Liu Hongsheng and so also founded the first insurance company in China;
contact Qing Yu, Pi-Sheng Hua and so established the first set up by the Chinese
Shanghai Stock Exchange, etc. items. Foreign companies at the time the proliferation
of foreign capital, strong financial and business in Shanghai, Ningbo, these
outstanding entrepreneurs painstaking efforts, spare no efforts, finally in Shanghai,
"Ten foreign field" to create his own piece of heaven and earth.
This is modern Shanghai, Ningbo merchants to bring the kind of vibrant, Shin Shin,
progressive, skilled in business spirit!
   In addition to the financial industry, the creation of various types of stores in
Shanghai, Ningbo in retail are more not unusual. It is worth mentioning that the
famous are still well-known businessmen in Shanghai, Ningbo, there are many
established and operated business. Such as the child of good length, "Tong
Han Chun Tang Sinopharm number", yellow Chu nine
"dispensary," Shi Zhifu the "Multinational
pharmacy," Ye Cheng Zhong's "old Shun Kee Metal
foreign even number," Sun Meitang from the Germans then set The
"hundalee watch," Kai-lin, etc. should be, "Hendry
watch," Jiang Liang-tung, "and Chang Xi Fudian
No." Xu Dachang's "Pei Luomeng suit the
company," Chai Baohuai of "Bao Daxiang silk draper,
"Dingda Fu's" Xiang silk store large letters,
"Ye        Qiyu's"           Ye     Dachang       food    store,
"Shao 600 of the" Shao Wansheng specialties, shop ",
I wish the original" old Ching Hing Restaurant, "and so on.
Ningbo involved in almost all walks of life in Shanghai, especially in the founding of
modern national industry, Ningbo Commercial created a lot of Chinese modern
industry "first" and "Max." According to
1936's "Shanghai Business who's who" of
Statistics, Shanghai Masters 1836 business people, Ningbo nationals have 453.
   Second, down to earth, pragmatic, hard-working professionalism. Ningbo people
are willing to endure hardship, use of brain stem and his party loving, and do a good
line, this dedication is in the start-up phase of its most distinctive feature of. Ningbo
influx of ordinary people on the beach, most are not wealthy businessmen or
entrepreneurs, but from scratch, from the humblest living start as apprentices, waiters,
carpenters, tailors, etc., even then known as the " Tycoon "Ye
Cheng Zhong, Zhu Bao 3, contact Yu Qing, Qin Runqing, Bo-yuan, and people are no
exception. Them through hard work, indomitable and quickly gain a firm foothold on
the beach, but most have a strong sense of self-sufficiency in every possible cause of
their own success. They are adept at grasping opportunities, insight into the market,
first in the world, have set foot in emerging industries, particularly those engaged in
risk was quite another no one is interested in foreign economic activities in order to
rapidly grow their own. They act as a comprador agent or foreign companies which
started operations, or distribution of foreign goods, with a share profit from foreign
commercial enterprises, or engage in foreign trade and fortune. This is not only a
large number of businessmen to dig the pot of gold, Ningbo, speedy completion of the
primitive accumulation of capital, and thus familiar with modern western contact and
business management experience and knowledge. Modern Shanghai's
many advanced management knowledge and skills is actually a large part of the
introduction of Ningbo. Ningbo Commercial Group is the spirit of this hard work, a
modern Shanghai an important part of human nature, but also the spirit of the
formation of the Shanghai city impact.
   Third, the situation and strive to open up the creative spirit. Ningbo
people's adventurous spirit and a pioneering spirit, came to prominence in
business activities. After they had some capital, not the home field or in store to buy a
bank in order to insurance, but the business profits to invest in industry, the
commercial capital and industrial capital together. Courage to take risks, to strive for
progress, also grasped the opportunity of high returns. Ningbo Commercial business
activities in various brain flexible and longer than thought, good management, wealth
machine change, so brutal in modern Shanghai business battle fierce competition in
an invincible position. In business, Ningbo Commercial Alert fickle, never rigid,
always seize the opportunity to adjust their operations and business strategy, its ability
to flexibly adapt to Jiaoren stroke the table. For example, the machine factory owner
in 1890 Yongchang Qiu Dong root, He Jinquan told Italian silk straight misty car than
the average vehicle efficiency, the night immediately Italian misty silk manufacturing
cars and small horsepower engine. 1898 Commercial Press Bao Xian Chang See
Japanese steel clear printing, immediately introduced to one of the new printing
quality. Strict letter of 1894 to pass a long thick from a single source of ginning
factory ginning to spinning, weaving to expand to form an integrated textile company.
In the shipping industry in the field, back in 1852, Ningbo businessmen raise capital
to buy the British one of China's first private ship "Dent
number", this self-made than the new ship was Westernization at least 10
years earlier.
   Ningbo Commercial Group in the development of productive forces but also their
spirit of innovation applied to the creation of the new management system.
"Posting system" is the creation of a financial Ningbo
merchants credit system, which banks on the customer's economic
exchanges why he did not cash, to card for the approach, similar to the new bank
notes after the exchange system. This system transplanted to Shanghai, to promote
financial intermediation in Shanghai, but also enhanced the economic strength of
Ningbo. Therefore, the innovative spirit of Ningbo City on the spirit of modern
Shanghai can not be ignored.
   4, pinch pennies, pay attention to the effectiveness of smart spirit. In the market, the
Shanghai people to be citizens as "smart and conceited, all skilled in
business war." But in reality, the people of Shanghai that since the
formation of the attitude of life in modern times and the business characteristics to a
large extent the impact from Ningbo Commercial, or even from the Ningbo people
there, "printed" them there. Ningbo to Shanghai, whether
business, or engage in other occupations, all carefully, pinch pennies, note section,
stress practical results. Ningbo's smart show in particular will be
afterwards, detailed accounts, the result always in the financial industry, Ningbo
one-upmanship, which fully shows the location of Ningbo's smart.
   In addition, the Ningbo merchants living and doing things low-key and unassuming,
even if the wealthy, not luxury clothing. As long as they can do business Yigai
involved, a lot of money to earn, earn a little money also; others do not bother,
Ningbo people are willing to do. Moreover, less attention from others is often the
small places as a way to start your career, these are shrewd businessmen in Ningbo.
   Fifth, trust and reputation, keep the spirit of the rules of good faith. Ningbo people
in a market economy is a man of honor, reputation and one of the groups abide by the
rules. They understand the long-term business practice to the market economy is
credit economy, must follow the rules of the game. Honesty is not only a character, it
is a responsibility; is not only a moral, but also a criterion; is not only a reputation, but
also a resource. Personally, honesty is the charm of noble character; the enterprise,
honesty is a valuable intangible assets; the society, honesty is the normal order of
production and life. Merchants will be able to absorb the Eastern and Western cultures,
the principle of good faith "about honesty, credit, demand
quality" applied to business dealings, this is the reason why the majority of
Merchants root cause of the cause of enduring.
   There is a saying in Ningbo, is called "Lord of the world, as the
buyer." Ningbo Commercial dealings in their daily business, the customer
as "sustenance", and gradually form their own business
traditions: such as treats such as the Philippines, customer visits, whether new or old,
greeted, side chair take a seat, offering each other cigarettes serves the tea ; money
shortage, sent with the check, bring inconvenience, delivered to your door; all the way
customers, hospitality room and board, bought the wrong goods, allowing exchange
and so on. In a word, Ningbo attaches great importance to their business services to
meet the needs of customers, in good faith to make money.
   Modern Ningbo Commercial Group, is also engaged in a particular industry
depends credit. People Board a letter, its function is equivalent to today's
post, letters, newspapers, deeds, bullion, money, tickets Jieke post, sideline to escort
cargo. This private postal agencies, in addition to the abundant strength, the absolute
need of credit. Someone once said: "People believe Bureau Ningbo
professional, a great capital, credit is the best, the people who once believed bureau
insurance letters and money in the bill, so if there is loss of feeling, that any
compensation from the council." This "good as gold"
business credit, so that since the Qing Jia and Ningbo, has been the center of the
public believed Council.
Ningbo, Shanghai's economic development in the history of modern record
of many "firsts"
In Shanghai, from traditional to modern transformation of the way that whenever a
major node bearing the footprints of Ningbo. We found that the entry of immigrants
into Ningbo, Shanghai Modern track closely linked to urban economic development.

   Starting from the 19th century, Ningbo immigrants actively involved in founding
new bank, Commercial Bank of China, four for commercial banks, savings and the
creation, management, Ningbo contributed. Ningbo people with fabrics, hardware,
medicine and other new commercial focus, paraneoplastic and all walks of life. At the
same time, Ningbo Modern Shanghai has started a national industry wedge. In
Shanghai, is China's first heavy industry in the sector - Modern Machine
shipbuilding industry, Ningbo, pre-empted become the leader in charge. Lun Wah
filature, China Chemical Industry Association, Continental Guben soap
pharmaceutical, rubber factory in Greater China, are China national industry in the
history of the book is worth a large enterprise.

   Sociology expert Dr. Li Jian hand just to have a historical, documented the long list
of merchants in Shanghai, Ningbo, first move:

  Commercial Bank of China (1897) Shanghai (China) the first Chinese Banks

  Shanghai Stock Exchange articles (1920) Shanghai the first Chinese Entrepreneurs

  Big up Lines (1905) Shanghai's first private shipping companies

  Tien Chu monosodium glutamate factory (1923) Shanghai first MSG plant

   Chuntang Sinopharm number (1783) Shanghai's first large-scale drug

  Lee watch the United States and China (1852) Shanghai opened the first
professional watch

  Shanghai Business Conference hall (1902) Shanghai's business

   Shanghai Banking Association (1918) Shanghai Financial capitalists organized the
  ?In     today's         China,    Shanghai      people     everywhere      as
"smart", but in the economic activities of its "good
faith" is quite believe it. This is the city of Ningbo to Shanghai to help the
spirit of business left a major impact!
Ningbo and Shanghai are located in Hangzhou Bay, the north and south sides.
Historically, Ningbo is a coastal one of the three major trading port, opening up 1,200
years of history, in the port, shipping and trade with Shanghai close. After the
foundation of the development of Ningbo, Shanghai also received considerable
support. The development of local industry in the process of Ningbo, Shanghai and
the Yangtze River Delta by other cities in industrial equipment, materials, supplies,
energy, technology, personnel and other aspects of collaboration and support.
  ?Ningbo into the Shanghai Economic Circle, is to implement the strategic plan of the
CPC Central Committee, to speed up regional economic development. Early 90s of
the 20th century, the CPC Central Committee from the macro, strategic perspective, to
open on the decision of the Shanghai Pudong Development. The party's 14
large and should be made to open the Shanghai Pudong Development as the lead, to
further open up the city along the Yangtze River as soon as possible to build Shanghai
into an international economic, financial and trade center, led the Yangtze River Delta
and the Yangtze River to the new leap. Shanghai to build "a leader of the
four centers" of the international metropolis Shanghai in addition to relying
on their own efforts and developments, it also depends in large part around the
country and around the world horizontal linkages and cooperation. From developed
countries, the formation of an international city history, to effectively integrate local
efforts to improve the city's status and function, and both are successful
   Ningbo, Zhejiang Province and the Yangtze River Delta is an important port city,
the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta economic center. More than 10 cities in the
Yangtze River Delta is a whole, they complement each other, sharing resources,
mutual support and common development. In well-off society and to actively promote
the process of modernization, the Yangtze River Delta, Ningbo is inseparable from the
Yangtze Delta, Ningbo is also required. Therefore, Ningbo into the Shanghai
Economic Circle, is the implementation of the CPC Central Committee on
"a leader, four centers," an important strategic plan, but also to
promote regional economic development, promote the rapid rise of Shanghai
international metropolis toward the objective requirements.
   Integration into the economic circle of Shanghai, Ningbo, Ningbo is with
international standards, into the international economy an important way.
Ningbo's modernization in depth development. The first stage of
modernization of industrialization, urbanization, democratization, rule of law into
focus, through deepening reform, expanding opening up, mechanism innovation,
implementation of the quantitative expansion, quality of the upgrade, so that living
standards have markedly improved, economic and social development great
achievements. In 2002, the city GDPl500 billion, in 15 sub-provincial cities ranked
five, the per capita GDP3331 dollars, in 15 provincial cities in the first four columns.
Disposable income of urban residents was 12,970 yuan may be, rural per capita net
income of 5,764 yuan, in 15 provincial cities, tops the first three, out of Shenzhen and
Guangzhou later.
    At present, Ningbo continues to complete the task of modernization, while the
first, is to cut the information into one point, to actively promote the industrial society
to knowledge society, an important symbol into the second modernization tasks. Into
the 21st century, Ningbo significantly increased information, knowledge, networking,
internationalization, innovation, ecology, personal investment and development. This
is the first modern stage of development than the more difficult and more important
task of strategic significance. In order to complete this task to speed up the Ningbo
international practice, participate in the international division of labor, cooperation
and competition, and then integrate into the international economic circulation, first of
all should be integrated with Shanghai Wei led economic circle. The clear leader in
the modernization of Shanghai in Ningbo. Its industrial focus, the information is
sensitive, flexible, advanced management, technology development and market
operation in the forefront. Shanghai Asia-Pacific region is an important international
city, is at the forefront of world economic development center, is the fastest growing
cities in China's economic development is one. In 2002, the Shanghai GDP
reached 540.8 billion yuan, per capita GDP more than five thousand U.S. dollars,
Shanghai is rapidly advancing toward the goal of a world-class city. Ningbo is a
modern international port city, its ultimate goal is to achieve a modern metropolis.
Integration into the economic circle of Shanghai, Ningbo, Shanghai in the city of
learning, the successful experience of modernization, and the help of Shanghai this
window and channel, speed with international standards, internationalization and
     ?In addition, the Ningbo Port is deepening reform, integration of resources, solid
foundation, improve the environment, improve service, improve efficiency, done
everything for building a modern port. Recently, the State Council approved the
Ningbo Port Container Terminal building of large Phase IV, is undoubtedly the
support of Shanghai International Shipping Center and features to further improve.
     ?After the completion of Yangshan Port, Shanghai International Shipping Center
will have the Ningbo Beilun, Shanghai Yangshan deep-water area of two large. It has
even Shanghai deepwater port, as "a leader of the four center"
an important support, but also to the strength of Shanghai international shipping
center significantly increased. Both between the two deep-water areas of cooperation
and competition, through cooperation and competition, further strengthening the
international competitiveness of the shipping center for the Shanghai international
shipping center of Northeast Asia toward a higher level of international shipping
center for laying a solid foundation.
     ?City to Hong Xing, Hong Kong is the city with. Major port of Ningbo in the
construction process, we should earnestly study and Shanghai Ports Zu Jian Jiang,
Xiao Port Authority, the successful experience of learning Shanghai right Gangkou
development and management of advanced experience, reduce operating costs,
improve efficiency, 努力 把 "wing of Zhejiang Province "do a
better job.
     Into the Shanghai Economic Circle, is conducive to the development of equipment
manufacturing industry in Ningbo. Equipment industry is to provide various types of
equipment for the development of national economy sectors, known as the machinery
industry leader and the core. Set the equipment industry and technology
knowledge-intensive capital-intensive in one, fully demonstrated the modern science
and technology in machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in the latest
results and applications, reflects the development of advanced productive forces of
our times. Equipment industry chain length, good economic returns, the obvious
advantage of international market competition, it is important reflection of overall
competitiveness. Because of this, the equipment industry in the national economic
system, it occupies a special and irreplaceable important position and role.
     Equipment industry has been the weakness of Ningbo, which is caused by
historical reasons. This situation, if allowed to continue, with state requirements and
Ningbo, Ningbo city status is not commensurate. Use the convenient traffic conditions
in Shanghai and close economic ties, in the technology of Shanghai and the transfer of
funds to absorb the same time, selective development of Ningbo's
equipment manufacturing industry. According to the State's industrial
policy and economic development of the necessary equipment, such as environmental
protection equipment manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, transportation
equipment manufacturing, precision machinery and instruments, starting with parts
start, conditions can be progressive development machine. In the development process,
the use of Shanghai's successful experience in the development of
equipment manufacturing industry and technology is essential. In short, the
development of equipment manufacturing industry, will be the Ningbo
industrialization and modernization of the important issues to be resolved.
     Ningbo, Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta to build the "back
garden." Ningbo is one of the National Excellent Tourism City in 2001, the
number of foreign tourists and 161,000 people, but far behind the development of
tourism in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi and other tourist destination
cities. In recent years, with the concept of tourism development of thinking changes
and adjustments, Ningbo "Sanjiang six sides" cultural corridor
of the building, East Lake scenic area development, Tianyi Square, Moon Lake scenic
area, and Tianhe ecological scenic spot completed, Ningbo cultural landscape and
tourism environment improved significantly. Hangzhou Bay Bridge construction,
shortening the Ningbo and Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi and land-based distance, the
formation of a new north-south travel the main Yangtze River channel, extending the
tourist routes, Ningbo will be covered in the travel hotline, the main channel within
the network become tourist routes in the important part. This makes the Yangtze River
Delta cities and the tourist attractions of the continuity between the increase. From
business, culture, entertainment, tourism, leisure, vacation, and sports point of view,
Ningbo will be Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Nanjing, the "back
garden", its tourist resources and tourist appeal will feature in the whole
Yangtze River Delta development, the people of beauty.
     Strive to be the sub-center of Shanghai exhibition industry. Shanghai World Expo
2010 bid is successful, that large-scale international exhibition held in Shanghai
matter of ability and strength. This is the glory of China, Shanghai and the Yangtze
River Delta is the pride of the city. Expo held in Shanghai to the Yangtze River Delta
business opportunities. Expo will be long periods of time, in addition to
comprehensive General Assembly, there are a variety of professional, industry,
regional all levels, all levels of meetings. Active use of Ningbo has been built to the
International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Business Centre, and is building a
modern style in Ningbo Grand Theatre, Ningbo Museum, swimming fitness center,
Information and Culture Center, the masses of large-scale comprehensive art center
and cultural facilities, the contractor is a These referrals, seminars, conferences and so
on. Meanwhile, the Shanghai and the province every year dozens of international and
domestic conferences, to take advantage of convenient transportation and good
facilities for convention and exhibition industry in Shanghai and Zhejiang, the
sub-centers, and promote the development of exhibition industry in Ningbo.
   ?Integration into the economic circle of Shanghai, Ningbo is the objective of
regional economic development requirements of the will of the country, the
people's wishes. Only in the process of integration into the Shanghai
Economic Circle, the division of labor, gain experience, receive radiation, gathering
strength, innovation, accelerate the development and use it with international
standards in the world, the province and the Yangtze River Delta to contribute to the

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