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Do not know a coincidence, or chance in the inevitable, the recent University of
"news" is particularly high. Following the pinch point,
sightseeing elevator, the introduction of overseas talent fraud, multi-millionaire
message EMBA classes after the North proposed golf driving range today, news, and
again stirred outrage. It is reported that Beijing will be built in the Unnamed Lake
Golf Driving Range, mainly for creation of golf courses, golf association activities,
and used after school open.
Putting aside the North put aside, one said about golf. According to Ministry of Land
Resources, China has built golf courses 176. This is also a conservative data. What is
the concept of a golf course? A standard 18-hole golf course, occupy at least 70
hectares of land (1,000 acres or more), more than 7000 meters long fairways. Some
golf clubs have a hole 90 or more on thousands of acres of land occupied. And high
maintenance costs, with huge water resources is beyond imagination, this severe
water shortage in Beijing city, such projects have already been stopped.

More importantly, this 176 golf courses, only one is approved through the state, the
rest was "illegitimate." Particularly at the national tightening of
the Land, for macro-control since the Ministry of Land Resources has stopped all
construction projects approved golf course. In other words, in the present, golf is good,
but inconsistent with the conditions, and the Economic Society contrary, is not

Of course, Beijing plans to build, not an 18-hole golf course, but only a
"golf driving range." However, as people's spiritual
home, as symbolic of the "spiritual leader" of the North, have to
reverse circumstances and scientific development concept and the construction of any
"golf driving range," and to do such a scholarly, scientific and
independent knowledge things, it is difficult to understand.

Of course, the public did not understand Peking University, is the current number of
universities sightseeing elevator, EMBA class multi-millionaire, or even run any
gaming Beijing University MBA with a series of messages to read. Vulgar points one
by one, are gradually outlined Beijing University and other universities a whole
vulgar side, but this "side", as one by one, such as the
construction of "golf course" and the emergence of a new point,
but also constantly cured this surface in the public impression. Over time, the spirit of
the so-called Peking University is to be gone with the wind in people's
minds into a kind of intangible memory?

In 1903, Harvard University Anniversary Day, known as "the Harvard
philosophy" and "Native American philosophy of"
master of the founder of the philosophy of pragmatism, William James, the Harvard
commencement an article entitled "Harvard real" and speech. In
this passionate speech, William James said: "The real Harvard Harvard is
invisible. She was in her pursuit of more wealth to the soul of truth, in her numerous
independent and often very lonely sons and daughters who . ideology is the
University's botanical garden should be in the precious seed. "

It is reported that Beijing University to prepare for 17 years (from 1998 to 2015) to
Beijing into an internationally recognized world-class university. When the North to
build any "golf course", when there is any "gaming
MPA", Beijing University of independence not? Thinking how precious
seeds in? As a result of such incidents in the North frequently in the public eye when
dangling,     "visible      North"      and      "invisible
Harvard", the strength of character, integrity and gaps in vivid and colorful.
Next on the North, and in turn is a kind of news?