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Private International Law

Service of Documents Abroad                  -       Ethiopia
Relevant conventions / treaties / agreements

There is no convention, treaty or other agreement in force between Australia and
Ethiopia on the service of documents in civil proceedings.

Process to follow

Private agent

Service by private agent is permitted. A party in Australia who wishes to serve a
party in Ethiopia with documents issued by an Australian court should employ a
private agent in Ethiopia to serve the documents. Service through an agent does not
breach Ethiopian law and is not considered by the Ethiopian Government to be a
breach of its sovereignty.

Diplomatic channel

The Ethiopian Government will not accept requests through the diplomatic channel
seeking the assistance of its authorities in serving documents.

Enforcement of Judgments

Australian litigants should be aware that there is no treaty or reciprocal arrangement
between Ethiopia and Australia in relation to the recognition or enforcement of
judgments in civil matters.
Before obtaining a judgment in Australia for enforcement in Ethiopia, Australian
litigants should seek legal advice from a legal practitioner familiar with the
requirements for enforcement in Ethiopia.


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