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									National unity, national unity On
          National unity, national unity On
   July 5, 2009, Urumqi, Xinjiang outbreak of the 'vandalism
burn' the grave crime of violence, death of 184 people, injured 1,680
people. Its damage to economic development in Xinjiang is much larger than the
global financial crisis. The harm to national unity is immeasurable! But the state
should be unified, the nation needs unity, it is the people, and this is the trend of
history to any force, any person can not be stopped!
   Throughout five thousand years of Chinese civilization, unity and division of
almost half and half, but, united the wealthy and strong country, a divided country
poor people weak. With unification, the unity and harmony of all nationalities to live
and work; divided all times of hardship, the population dropped! .
The definition of the concept of State, China and the West are quite different.
China's           "Modern          Chinese     Dictionary",
"State" entry this definition: class domination. The ruling class
to the dictatorship by the ruling class violence, mainly by the military, police, courts,
prisons and other components. It's the other meaning refers to a
country's entire region. Let us look at the Chinese version of the
"Concise Encyclopedia Britannica," it is so expressed:
"State" has two meanings. General refers to organize politically
to all the people, narrowly refers to the relative government agencies and citizens. The
main purpose of the State to maintain order and security and enhance the welfare of
citizens; it has to be backed by force of a legal system to achieve its purpose; it
Xingshi authority is limited to fixed geographical; in this land area, the state has
"sovereignty", the supreme authority.
With the term "country" that "politically organized
society" in this sense is a modern thing. "After all, the West
Lake in June, the scenery is not the same with the four seasons", ancient,
medieval and Late Antiquity; modern, modern and contemporary, on the state or
national organizations like the meaning and function should be very different!
Nevertheless, but countries to unity, national unity and the subject is indeed to be was
constant! Only unity can a country prosper! Only unity of all nationalities to prosper!
To achieve national unification, ethnic unity, we must resolve the following issues:
   The first is to solve the contradiction between religious belief. Religion is the
spiritual aspects of things, it left in people's minds imprint, is unforgettable.
No wonder some people say that religion is the opiate of the spirit. Human history,
this war has been triggered. Individual pagans or heretics, are generally shoot to kill.
Galileo case is one example. Because he supported Copernicus's
heliocentric and persecution by the Church is seen as heresy, in 1633 in jail, if not
repentance, certain death! 300 years later, in 1979, the Church of Rome finally tied
the counter for him. This is perhaps the world, the more time it takes the longest, by
the same organization come forward to redress the injustice! Then I would admire the
pragmatic attitude of the Church of Rome right wrongs. Unlike the present, some
government officials, the new government to ignore the old regime, the former of the
wrong, indifferent, some people were a petition to push 625, completely regardless of
people's livelihood, the public distress!
    Religion is the 'opium', there are two sides of opium, one
drug, and second, drugs, used properly, can treat diseases such as pain, cough and so
on. This shows respect for their religious beliefs, religious agglutination full force,
appeal; give full play to religious believers a sense of belonging, identity, no doubt to
promote national unity and promoting national unity, a good way!
    Recently deceased master scholar, one of Mr. Ren Jiyu's academic
contribution is to propose a "Confucianism is a religion, said,"
and this judge has fundamentally changed the nature of traditional Chinese culture
views the recognition of traditional Chinese culture has the basic features theoretical
achievements. Over the years, "Confucianism is a religion that"
gradually understand and agree with academia. In fact, regardless of the fact of
'Confucianism is a religion that' both the academic point of view,
it is a political point of view! Mr. profound meaning of this vision, far-reaching
significance, not for the people and those in power know that this is unfortunate, Mr.,
it is unfortunate nation, the country's misfortune! Take the United States, to
talk about faith issues.
    The United States is a country of immigrants, people from all over the country,
different national consciousness, a different religion, different values, different
cultural traditions, is likely to result Woli Dou, resulting in divided!
America's Founding Fathers, is undoubtedly wise to know, without doubt,
has profound vision. They used the idea of Christianity to unify the people, the result
is outstanding! We are from the U.S. presidential inauguration, and swear words to
look at. 32 U.S. President Franklin D · Roosevelt (FranklinD.Roosevelt)
(1882.1.30-1945.4.12) j inauguration ceremony, people like this description:
    Roosevelt micro-chin Yang, solemn-faced, hands on their family 300 years of the
Dutch version of "Bible" on the turn, "the New
Testament. Paul Luodagelin people before the book" Chapter 13, with a
resonant tone slowly, with Justice Hughes read the oath:
'Even if I could speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but have not
love, that would sound like Zhong Bo, only have their voice.
  Even if I have prophecy and can, through all things deep mystery; make me I have
all faith, power can move mountains, but have not love, then I can what of it?
  Even if I Zhou Ji purse all the poor, and gave himself into flames, but have not love,
then in a matter in vain I will not help. '
  U.S. presidential oath, taken directly from the Bible, advocates that the
'philosophy of love' rather than 'philosophy of the
struggle'. Policy direction of love and struggle, really a big difference!
  Let us look at the current President Obama's oath:
(I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of the President of the
united States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the
Constitution of the United States. So help me God.)
   I would like to solemnly declare that I will faithfully discharge the office of
President of America, the best of my ability, abide by, uphold and defend the
Constitution of America. God help me.
  ?From the U.S. President to the common people, are praying God's help,
this is the power of faith!
  ?Back to the taste of any masters 'Confucianism is a religion
that' the care and thought. I humbly believe, is a master of implication: In
China, Marxism-Leninism Ye Hao, Three People's Principles Ye Hao, any
other doctrine or not, can the 56 ethnic groups and belief systems of the cage, only to
Confucianism as a doctrine, inculcating to the whole nation, has been able to unify
our thinking, be able to unite the pace to be able to unify action! Master of the
deceased, I do not know whether the identity? Very strange that all countries have the
world in the construction of 'Confucius Institutes' A few years
ago, it was estimated that the world was built in 2010 will reach more than 500
Confucius Institutes by. Confucius Institute mainland it? I ignorant, not heard.
   '5. 4' movement ', make' Down with
Confucianism 'slogan, but not erected Chen Lee store or shop, without
breaking legislation, equal to not break! In fact, Confucianism is defeated,
'the wall do not wall in Hong Hong, Hong wall forcing the wall'!
For what foreign regimes, domestic suppress the truth? Appears to carry forward the
Confucian thought, be it as a faith, claiming it as 'four cardinal
principles' of the auxiliary system to adhere to, it is imperative!
   The second is to resolve ethnic conflicts. Ethnic conflicts in the final analysis is the
living space occupies the contradiction. Inter-ethnic war, is often very cruel and
inhumane, and its consequences is the subjugation and genocide. Of course, in
today's society, focusing on peace, harmony and common development;
promote win-win; emphasis on the sovereignty of national weight. In the active
intervention of the international community, the tragedy of genocide does not occur
normally, but thousands, tens of thousands of people have been killed in the tragedy
also been reported. When the international community to find and bring the culprits to
send an international genocide court, justice, the victims are dead rot marrow, graves
had grass! Ethnic pain caused by the war, it is difficult calm. Such as the Chinese
nation during World War II Japan and Asian nations to harm, has also Buyiburao
States, not to mention Congress and the nation still secretive, unwilling to completely
wrong and do not want to pay the appropriate reward (such as comfort women and
World War II labor ). Why is the face of World War II dead, the Jews in Poland,
German Chancellor monument can kneel down, the Japanese Prime Minister did not
kneel before the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, then? The reason is simply the
following points: Although Japan is located in Asia, but look down on Asians, in
modern times has been to "from Asia for Europe", it always
wanted to own into the western states. These summits with Japan to participate, I
wonder: Why not call what these summits, or simply called the Seven Summit. Russia
most of the land in Asia, has repeatedly declared that he is European countries, seems
to neglect Asia, more than the Japanese one! Second, always give the bigger and the
nation of Japan as a master race of Asia, should be led by him in Asia, by him to
establish the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, and only he can bring the
Gospel to Asia. People you have known it himself, a nation does not understand this,
is to eat the bitter fruit of the! The key point is that Japan believes that: the defeat of
World War II in Europe and America to defeat it, is white it beat! So after the war on
the United States to follow its advice, follows the U.S. lead. This is a tragedy in Japan,
it is Asia's unfortunate. From a geopolitical point of view, the United States
control of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan will be able to effectively contain China
and Russia, in Asian affairs, has the right to speak, take the initiative. Europe, EU,
Asia did not sub-alliance. Several ASEAN countries are too weak, insignificant in
world affairs. Europe, Asia, not Asian dollar euro. To form the Asian Economic
Community, to create a harmonious and prosperous Asia still has a long, long way to
go! Its premise is the unity of the Korean Peninsula, cross-strait unification.
    Have made it clear, this article is to discuss within a country, the contradictions
between different ethnic groups, this and the so-called ethnic conflicts between
countries are different in nature, where the mean people, broader meaning. Such as
'Chinese', in fact, refers to China's 56 ethnic groups
collectively. Contradiction here want to say, mainly referring to the contradiction
between the majority and minority people, in short, mainly the conflict between the
Han and minority nationalities.
    The relationship between the Han and minority nationalities, is the relationship
between brothers and sisters in the same situation. The conflict between the Han and
minority nationalities, as the conflicts within the family, which is purely
China's internal affairs, not to meddle in other people! As the saying goes:
'brothers and the neighborhood bully', 'dogs fight,
play off'. Looking back on history, hey, a Mongolian national split into two
parts, an Outer Mongolia, an Inner Mongolia. Think first, if the Communist solidarity,
united against Japan, did not plead the former Soviet Union sent troops to the
northeast, how to Outer Mongolia to 'referendum' final decision
is independent of the farce. The so-called referendum, is a fig leaf to deceive the
public, insignificant zai!
    60 years since the founding of the Central Government to give minority within the
minority areas and individuals to the many preferential policies, it is an indisputable
fact. But is perfect, really carried out, must review and reflection. Another example is
that a large number of Han Chinese immigrants side down, to the
'construction of border and frontier defense', as old, not new
original. But one thing to note, that is, a minority in the country, in the autonomous
region is ethnic minorities, or minorities in the Autonomous Prefecture, in the
Autonomous Banner (county) is still a minority, even self-regard to the township
(village) is also minority, which makes them feel depressed, feel living space narrow
narrow. Also, for example, in the autonomous region, party and government cadres
and military and police staffing should be appropriate to consider increasing the
number of minority officers to show reuse, to security of their heart. Another point,
minority areas resource development, mining, should be appropriate, should be equal
to or slightly higher than international prices and international prices to buy, anyway
'must not let opportunities outsiders field'. A relatively simple
and obvious truth, if the Inner Mongolian region is much higher than the standard of
living in Outer Mongolia, Outer Mongolia the people there will be 'belt she
does not regret becoming wide-end, as to eliminate the Iraqi people
languishing' in Love and the return of Sigui heart. And vice versa!
   The third is to resolve class contradictions. Since the Third Plenary Session, the
Chinese Communists to abandon the principle of class struggle, is undoubtedly
correct and timely. However, the methods of class analysis, I humbly believe should
be retained, it should be someone to study. In other words, is to the various economic
interests (vested interest groups, trade monopolies, resource monopolies) to analyze
trade-offs, the development of appropriate policies and regulations to standardize and
control. The face of growing rich-poor gap, in the face right (power) increasing
differences; saw part of the owner (owners) of heartless, depending on life as
worthless; saw part of the official abuse of power (not as arbitrary as or, etc.)
corruption, which led to people's hatred of the rich psychology, hatred of
the rapid expansion of official psychology, causing the individual homicide events,
groups, slapstick events. All these affect the people of the contrary, all affect the
stability of the regime. These should be attached great importance must not be taken
  ?In light of this, it is recommended that our government officials, learn the Chinese
people's greatest friend, the former U.S. president Franklin. D. Roosevelt.
  ?Roosevelt is the perfect example of humanity, during the Great Depression (1929 -
1933) in millions of lives if the hanging wire, lonely time without notice, the immortal
words of his inaugural address: "Our only fear is fear itself
worthy" greatly boosted the confidence of the American people. He
introduced the New Deal, the United States within two weeks, different! He saved the
United States, to save capitalism! Be described as: supporting the building of the
dump, turn the tide. World War II, the United States after the war, as armed forces
commander in chief of America, he was strategizing the exercise was the overall
situation, serve as a "victory of the doctor," to save Europe and
save Asia, to save the world. He personally founded the United Nations for global
peace and security, the role of, any country or organization can not be replaced. He
disability of lower limbs paralyzed body, the spirit of high moral sense, in the spirit of
the national economy and comprehensive care, the U.S. president, after 13 years. His
selfless and fearless, truly spared no efforts die, he has noble sentiments, the perfect
personality for the people of the world left a great spiritual wealth! For national
dominion are set to follow the model can be owned!
   Is currently in the global financial crisis with the United States during the Great
Depression alike, learning Roosevelt, even more practical significance!
   In light of this, I suggest that China's entrepreneurs to learn a school late
capitalist American Red Hammer. Yamenghamo chairman of the U.S. Occidental
Petroleum, is a legendary figure. In the West, he was waving a universal rich, and in
the Soviet Union and China, he is well-known "red capitalist"
because he was the first post-Soviet cooperation with the October Revolution of
Western entrepreneurs, affectionately known by Lenin as "Comrade
Hammer"; he was the first jet-Western entrepreneurs to visit China was
Deng Xiaoping as the "brave people", October Revolution, the
Soviet Union undone, Hammer inspection tour in the Ural region, It is sad to see
famine, disease and death, also saw a huge market, the number of mineral exploration
urgent, pressing the number of treasures to sell, but because of poor export trade of
the road, one can only guarding Baoshan hungry. Hammer decided to take their own
power to change this situation. He rushed to his brother sent a telegram to his
purchase of one million U.S. dollars in the U.S. wheat shipped to the Soviet Union
Leningrad, Hong Kong, to barter in exchange for one million U.S. dollars when the
real estate of the fur and mineral. Hamer helped through the difficult period of Soviet
power, in the settlement 'of famine, disease and death', but also
hit the jackpot. Unlike our black coal and black iron ore, coal mine frequently,
numerous casualties. Silicosis who is living death!
   Taiwan independence, Tibetan separatist and East Turkistan separatists, Chinese
people can not stop the pace of reunification of the motherland! Any person, any force
(including foreign forces) are not able to separate the people of the Han people and
ethnic minorities. Majority of the Han people must be with big heart, excluding hatred,
not the altar, 'he worries the first minority after ethnic minorities to
enjoy,' This is the style of the majority of the nation, This large Han
Chinese style!

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