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                                         Online Classifieds in Ethiopia Growing

       By Rahel Michael
       Dated: Nov 25, 2009 continues to serve the online classifieds market in Ethiopia. Although lagging a great deal,
       Ethiopia is catching up with the rest of the world in using the internet and many are using it to get
       information in clities across Ethiopia. continues to serve the online classifieds market in Ethiopia. The site posts hundreds of
       classifieds ads every week in various areas such as autos, electronics, machineries, tender notices, arts and
       crafts, professional services, etc.

        In most parts of the world, the internet is considered a basic necessity and has become a way of life for
       most people. Almost everything is available through the internet these days, from merchandises for sale, to
       all kinds of reference materials, and to social networking. One of the great things about the internet is the
       ability to get products and services with a few clicks right from the comfort of your home. You can visit
       classifieds sites and search for items, and filter by price, location, posting date, etc.

        Although lagging a great deal, Ethiopia is catching up with the rest of the world in this phenomenon. The
       internet may be out of reach for some people in Ethiopia, but an increasing number of people are using it to
       get information on products and services. is the leading online classifieds marketplace serving
       this market. At, one can get information on local products and services: merchandise for sale
       and wanted, homes for rent and sale, and services from various companies in Addis Ababa and other major

        In Ethiopia, a lot of commercial transaction is still conducted the old fashioned way, through various
       outlets and vendors, rather than through the internet. Oftentimes, information is sought though word of
       mouth or by calling various suppliers and asking if they have certain product or service. It is very common
       to see people spend hours or even days driving around the city looking for certain product or service. This
       is highly inefficient for both buyers and sellers, and it is changing. Online classifieds in Ethiopia is taking

        The leading online classifieds users in Ethiopia are those that cater to Ethiopians in the diaspora or to
       foreigners visiting Ethiopia. The reason for this is that internet is the best way to reach these people who
       typically use it for all of their needs. Thus, the leading online classifieds users include real estate developers
       wanting to sell new homes, landlords renting expensive homes, high-end fashion and accessory outlets,
       restaurants, hotels, spas and all kind of hospitality services, companies dealing with import and export, etc.

        One of the problems with internet use in Ethiopia is that the connection speed is slow. Much of the country
       uses dial-up connection for accessing the internet. This has become a bottleneck in an otherwise very rapid
       growth of internet use in Ethiopia. However, the connection speed is improving steadily with time,
       especially with the recent addition of CDMA wireless internet and due to the various broadband services
       that are springing up across the country. If the current trend in internet users holds, online classifieds will be
       as household name as in other countries of the world in just a few years.

       For more information on online Classifieds in Ethiopia or to search Ethiopian Classifieds, please visit, the largest classifieds site in Ethiopia, at, or directly at http://

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution


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