My Remembrance of Things Past by fdjerue7eeu


									My Remembrance of Things Past
Can not step twice into the same river, because both the river or that people have
- Heraclitus

   People like to turn the clock, to life as a stream. "By a river, saying: lost
time is never! Around the clock." Song of the United States has a name
"no return River" (the river of no return), expressed his love and
life may not return to the river no longer a back to the melancholy. I remembered that
when a child read a female Red Army a book written by Liu Zhen, "long
water", very like the kind of rustic romanticism and enrich the
revolutionary idealism. "Remembrance of Things Past," the
novel of the 20th century French writer Maseerpu Ruth masterpiece. As its title, this is
the author's vision recorded in the first years of his experience, he also
recorded and Hilber and the love story of Mrs. Swan.
   It is said that when one begins to remember, he has lost all those good. I do not
entirely agree with that. To dialectic that "lost", everything has
cause and effect, if the previous "lost" because, now get is the
"fruit", the Summer Palace palace in front of the four major
North Island Department of Communities has a temple arch inscribed with the words
the two characters "Hui for" looking up each word, I mean deep
feeling. Life like water, has a long history. If the assumption is 90 years of my life, I
am about to lose half of Homecoming. Now there is a general summary of nostalgia
and a feeling expressed. By reading from a small town woman working hard out, I am
downing received is famous institution of higher education, hard work eventually
finding a few parts of the country, now has a doctorate, is the high title, now posts a
happy family, I Comparing the first half considered themselves satisfied. Although
had it tough, trained crime, there have been regrets and mistakes, but I have the
courage to give up, put down the burden, resolutely forward. People, what can be lost,
but most can not lose the optimism and hope. I often enlighten me so hard in life to
explore the way women graduate students.
Long ago, finishing the old albums and found a lot of faded old photos are damp. Be
quickly identified a number of digital preservation. Just passing on this comb those
17-year-old that year, first-year undergraduate student of Wuhan University, after the
summer holidays to go home, and 15-year-old sister upstairs in his home photo studio.
Eve of graduation, in May 1987 to participate in Graduate Student Enrollment Nankai
University in Tianjin. This is the first to the north.
?1988 to do graduate study research, in fact, took the funds to travel south. This is the
Hanshan Temple in Suzhou.
  Nankai University, playing in the little garden, for Sentimental country girls like.
?Tianjin University campus in the neighborhood. This is a great student, Department
of Automation of Herman shot.

Tianjin Water Park near the Autumn. Jianjia gray, white fog vast. The so-called Iraqi
people, in the water side. Ha ha.

Female graduate student in Nankai University dormitory. At that time roommate of
WANG Hong-mei, a Chinese literature, one is Oriental Art Department Chun-Ping
Wang, Fan had to open her disciples. Three girls in the dormitory smug it.


To work after the first winter to play in Xiamen. Hospitality I was a graduate of
Nankai University political science graduate student Li-Zhen Huang, she graduated
assigned to Xiamen Customs. There are day-old friend Herman classmates, he was
assigned to the Architecture Design Institute. These two friends for the warm
reception I have recollections in mind.

In the Sunlight Rock on Gulangyu. I had lived in Gulangyu Xiamen Customs House
opposite the collective dormitory.


Research at the Hebei University, Sung small courtyard. Although the subject
"89 student movement" of the year following the distribution of
good into trouble, I had not succeeded in Beijing to work assigned to the provinces,
was bold about 6 years away from the love of her boyfriend in Beijing, but I
optimistic attitude to life, a small town meets the present in Baoding husband, married,
6 years after the doctoral students admitted to Beijing, and then stay in Beijing. Then
her husband also admitted to Peking University doctoral student. Couples fly together,
and move to Beijing.
Back to her parents to see at least one year old son. 9 months hold back when weaned,
so I had to go back to his first birthday, he did not recognize my mother left me when
his wife real mother. And my mom and wife in the home front.

Year-old son after the husband to encourage and support, I was admitted to the
Graduate Academy of Sciences. This is a post-graduate study in the simple room.

After three years of 寒窗 studying, I finally graduated. This is after the successful
completion of graduate respondent, and respondent members of the group photo. Left
for my husband's mentor Master Liang draw when fellow teachers are
doing Girder year my husband's doctoral mentor. The right is my mentor,
Professor Xin Ximeng.
2002 went to Glasgow, Scotland to participate in IFLA International Conference,
which is to live in the university campus.


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