The Greyhound Herald by fjwuxn


									                                 The Greyhound Herald
  Summer 2005                Fostering Life                           fosters whose leaving has been
                                                                      heart wrenching. Brenden, whose
  Volume 1, Issue 2               Beverly MCCartt                     goofiness made the house ring with
                                Fostering is a great big leap of      laughter. Jerry who went from shy
                             faith that enables us to open our        guy to Verry Merry Jerry with his
   “As a foster parent,      homes and hearts to those hounds         happy dance. Big John whose size
   that’s exactly my job –   in need of sanctuary, time, and the      meant I barely had to bend over to
   to love them enough to    chance to love with their hearts         hug him and who thought he was a
   let them go.”             wide open. Foster homes are the          lap dog. Goody, the delicate
 __ Fostering Life           linchpin of any rescue group.            Southern Belle who charmed the
                                                                      merchants of Park Avenue.
  “Find your special gift    Many folks consider fostering but
                                                                      Galahad, a true and faithful knight
   and fly with it. That’s   hesitate, wary of losing their hearts,
                                                                      with a gallant spirit. And Sophie
   what makes                wary of losing their daily routine,
   volunteering fun and                                               and Dylan, the babies who stole our
                             wary of strangers in their home.
   rewarding. “                                                       hearts as easily as they stole toys,
                             And the perpetual question is
 __ Manager’s Memo                                                    shoes, and pillows. But most of all,
                             always asked of those who foster:
                                                                      there is Beau – who came, who left,
                             “How can you let them go?” My                                                   "I am only one, but still I
Inside:                                                               who came home again forever. He
                             response is: “How can I not?” As a                                                   am one; I cannot do
                                                                      knew before I did that home was by     everything, but still I can
                             foster parent, that’s exactly my job
  Manager’s Memo    2                                                 his side. The fosters who graced         do something; And just
                             – to love them enough to let them
                                                                      my life have brought me joy, and            because I cannot do
  Kibble Kount      2        go.
                                                                      they have, above all else, taught          everything, I will not
  GreytHealth      3         Whenever a foster comes to our           me to love wide open.                           refuse to do the
                             home, I hold them close, one on                                                 something that I can do."
  Amazing Greys     4                                                 Fostering is about love and joy.                   - Helen Keller
                             one, and talk with them. I tell them
                                                                      Fostering is about hope and sorrow.
  Hurricane 2005    5        that DOG is God spelled
                                                                      But most of all, fostering is about
                             backwards, and the reason for this
  Funny Bones       6                                                 life - theirs and ours.
                             is because God has sent them to
  Forever Grey      6        help humans experience

  Greyt Days        7
                             unconditional love. I tell them that
                             somewhere out there in that crazy
                                                                                    We’re a Greyt Family!!!
                             world is a family waiting especially                Command Force adopted Wendy Tonzini & family
                             for them to make a house a home.                    No Leftovers chose Carol Linville-Sitz
                             And I tell them, over and over, how                 Senator elected Jason & Shauna Bergwell
                             utterly special they are as they                    Hallo With Fire sparked with Cindy Fabico & family
                                                                                 Myoki Domino found Elizabeth Frazier
                             transform from passionate athlete
                                                                                 Bambi chose Kelly Maloney & family
                             to passionate companion and                         Dr. No (Al) said yes to Patrick Rogers
                             friend.                                             Eve plucked Ed Arbour
                                                                                 Excite was thrilled with Whitney Gaskell
                             Fostering also means holding close
                                                                                 Rocky found Dale Zentner
                             – the smiles that bursts forth when                 Red Rock (Paddington) chose David Riemer and
                             your foster discovers the joy of toys,              Will Walsh
                             the tears that come when your                       Faye created her family with Paddington, David,
                             foster lays their head in your lap for              and Will
                             the first time, the peace that enters               Hustle danced into Jessica Bowen & family’s life
                                                                                 Otis chose Linda Crisman
                             your heart when your foster bounds
                                                                                 Lauren adopted Chuck & Karen Bartaway
                             out the door and into their new life.               Amazon sailed into Heather Ratliff’s heart
  I retired for this??       Of course, there are always the                     Tash charmed Laura Vedral
                                                The Greyhound Herald
                                     Manager’s Memo                                                            Judy Shamp, Branch Manager
                                         The heart and soul of Gold Coast                             newbies show their transitional
                                      Greyhounds is in our foster homes.                              families. And finally, it is so rewarding
                                      What does this mean? As Mike and I                              to see the dog find his forever home
     Ahhhhhh. . . (snore)             travel around the country visiting other                        and know that I had a part in helping
                                      adoption groups, we have seen some                              him on his way. That is why I do this.
                                      wonderful kennels and facilities for
                                                                                                      Not all of us can foster and that in no
                                      keeping greyhounds. But our dogs
                                                                                                      way means anyone is doing more or
                                      really are a cut above because they
                                                                                                      less. There are so many ways to help
                                      have a head start to becoming a pet.
                                                                                                      the greyhounds. I encourage each of
                                      Some greyhounds adjust easily to their                          you to find your special gift and fly
                                      new environment and others are more of                          with it. That’s what makes
        “Dogs are not our             a challenge. In this newsletter, you will                       volunteering fun and rewarding.
        whole life, but they          read some of the foster stories that                            Thank you for your help and, most of
     make our lives whole.”
                                      sound downright funny but at the time                           all, for adopting a greyhound and
             -- Roger Caras
                                      were a nightmare! What keeps us foster                          becoming part of the Gold Coast
                                      homes coming back for the next dog?                             Greyhound family.
                                      For me, I love seeing the change from
                                      kennel dog to family pet.                                                ~ FOSTER HOMES NEEDED ~
                                      Watching them realize it is OK to lay on                      Do you have extra floor space? An empty seat
                                      a dog bed and that this is all they really                   on the couch? If you can share your hearth with
                                      have to do is pretty amazing. I love                          a hound waiting for its forever home, call Judy
                                      seeing the loyalty and devotion these                                          (407) 797-6380

                                     Kibble Kount
  Adoption Statistics
   ~ as of May 16 2005 ~                                                                            Carol BECKER, Treasurer
          Local: 32                          January –April 2005
       Out-of-State: 49
                                       As of publication, these figures are current.       Jam $564.55
  To date GCGA has taken                                                                   Medications/Supplements
  102 dogs into the                   Income
  program. Of these, 91               Adoption Fees      $10,095.00
  have been adopted.                                                                       Misc. expenses $969.40
                                      Auction Income $2,824.54
                                                                                           Muzzles $271.44
                                      Donations $1,390
   At this rate, we project                                                                Total Expenses
  over 200 dogs by years              Jam Sales $1,080.00
  end. Figures also reflect           Kennel Owners' Donations
  an increase in local                $805.00
  adoptions. Last year 2/3            Misc. Income $1,288.06
                                                                                           We always keep an                       Holistic and Natural
  of our dogs went out-of-                                                                 emergency fund of at least                Cat & Dog Foods,
  state. The local adoptions          Racing Owner Donations
  are now coming even with            $385.00
                                                                                           $1000.00.                                Pet Supplements &
  that number.                        T-shirt sales $725.00                                Still we have more to do to           Pet Health Care Products
                                      Total Income                                         provide for our hearth-hounds!        for Your Pet's Well-Being
                                                                                            If you have any extra bedding,       1980 West Fairbanks Ave
                                                                                           dog food, laundry soap, mild               Winter Park FL
Gold Coast Greyhound Adoptions,       Expenses                                             pet shampoo, old towels, etc.
Inc., (GCGA) is a 501(c) (3), non-
profit organization that is racing    Vet fees: $8,136.99                                  please think of the hounds! As
neutral and dedicated to the
                                                                                                                                 Mon-Fri 10 AM–7 PM Sat
                                      Auction Items/Shipping                               always, treats, and toys are
placement of Retired Racing                                                                                                          10 AM – 6 PM
Greyhounds into qualified, caring     $1,609.30                                            welcomed! Be sure to save
and loving homes. It is our           Collars/Leads $273.42                                your Purina Dog Chow weight
mission to educate the public         Crates $1,569.95                                     circles!                                866-844-PETS (7387)
about the gentle nature and                                                                                                        407-622-PETS (7387)
wonderful temperament of the          Dog Food $1,020.00
Greyhound breed.

                                     The Greyhound Herald
                                   Making a Healthy Transition
                                                                                                             With a little attention and
  GreytHealth:                                                                                               good veterinary care, a dog
                                                                                                             with a broken leg can
 By     Christy Cohen                                                                                        recover completely (though
                                     experiences severe diarrhea       fatty acids (fish oil) or flax        few would ever have the
     Greyhounds are the              despite treatment at home         seed oil can work wonders for         speed to race again). Once
ultimate canine athletes -           (pumpkin, Pepto…) they may        skin and coat problems. Most          the leg is set by a
they are sprinters with great        have worms. Other                 track dogs have some skin             veterinarian and properly
bursts of high speed that tax        symptoms include scooting         ailments: flea dermatitis,            bandaged, all they need is
the entire physical system of        on rear-end, worms present        dandruff, sores and scrapes,          a quiet crate to rest in and a
their body. By the time              in feces, vomiting, fever, and    and bacterial infections such         few bandage changes.
greyhounds retire, most will         even seizures. Your foster        as Staphylococcus and e. coli         Most greyhounds can
need basic care such as              may have been given a fecal       (Alabama Rot). Most of these          return to normal activity
vitamin supplements and              test already, but not all worms   conditions will clear up given        levels within 6 months or
grooming. Others may                 will show up initially.           enough time, a healthy diet,          less.
require wound management,            Watching your foster dog for      and sometime, a course of             Something all of our
physical therapy, post-              any of the symptoms above is      antibiotics. The dandruff may         hounds can benefit from is
surgical care, and                   an essential part of their        linger longer. After all, it didn’t   swim-therapy. Getting
medications. The essential           healthy transition.               appear over night. Even               exercise in a warm pool is
key to a healthy transition                                            though store bought kibble            ideal from broken legs.
from track to home is the care                                         has most of the essential             Swimming gives the dog a
given by the foster family. By                                         vitamins and minerals (and            chance to stretch and
knowing the problems that                                              even some other natural               strengthen the surrounding
might occur as the dog                                                 supplements) the fish oil or          muscles without putting any
moves from track to house,                                             flax seed oil will speed the          weight on the injured leg.
the foster family actively                                             process. Fish oil capsules            Water therapy is also terrific
ensures a successful re-                                               can be bought at most local           for any deep contusions
homing experience.                                                     pharmacies although to                and post surgical bruising.
                                                                       ensure the purity of the              Once our hounds enter
Before your foster dog arrives                                         flaxseed oil, it is best to           retirement they are
at your house, they already                                            purchase this from a natural          entrusted to our care. They
                                       This is NOT a vet-approved
been bathed, vaccinated,                    Elizabethan collar!        food store where it is found in       may no longer need to be
spayed or neutered, had nails                                          the refrigerated section.             athletes, but they still need
trimmed and teeth cleaned,                                                                                   their health. Seeing your
and given a flea/tick and            DIGESTION                         We used to believe that               foster off to their new
heartworm preventative.              Switching from a track diet of    bathing a dog frequently              forever-home is fulfilling
While dogs are usually quick         raw meat and vegetables to        would exacerbate certain skin         because you have helped
to recover from surgery, there       the lower-protein kibble can      conditions like dandruff.             them through all of the
will be some basic post-             present some initial              There are two types of                hurdles of that transition.
surgical steps to follow. It is      challenges for your foster        dandruff: oily and dry. Either
also at this time that most          dog’s digestion system.           can benefit from several
veterinarians will prescribe a       Some mild gas and diarrhea        warm baths using Tea Tree                ~ Editor’s Note:
course of strong antibiotic.         are expected. Moving the          Oil or Oatmeal dog
                                     dog slowly from his track diet    shampoos. Be sure to use                Christy and Sander Cohen
Life on the racetrack is                                                                                       have been an integral part
                                     to a home-diet is one way to      shampoo specifically for                of the success of Gold
physically and mentally              offset the tendency to gastric    dogs, as they are PH                    Coast Greyhound
stressful. And stress in a           distress. The best natural        balanced to the neutral PH of           Adoptions-Orlando. Freely
greyhound, just like humans,         treatment for diarrhea is         canine skin.                            giving of their time and
often translates into health         100% pure canned pumpkin.                                                 expertise, they have
problems. One of the most            This is also a good time to                                               provided a safe haven for
                                                                       BROKEN HOCKS                            many of our fosters moving
significant effects of stress is     add some other helpful            The most common career                  from track to forever home.
on the immune system. A              supplements to improve your       ending injury for a racing              As Christy and Sander and
stressed body leads to               foster’s health. Missing          greyhound is a broken hock              their fur-gang return to
lowered immune function,             Link™ is a good supplement                                                Michigan, our hearts and
which can manifest as skin           and comes in a variety of                                                 prayers are with them! As
ailments or other infections by      formulas. SynoviG3™, a                                                    are the thank-roos from the
parasites or fungus.                 high-octane glucosamine &                                                 many dogs they have
                                     chondrontine formula, comes                                               sheltered. God speed as
PARASITES                            in both powder and chewy                                                  you begin another journey
Parasites include fleas, ticks,                                                                                of your life together! You
                                     bites for added convenience.
                                                                                                               will be greytly missed by all
and worms. Diarrhea is one
                                                                                                               of us.
of the most obvious                  SKIN
symptoms of parasitic                Supplements such as Omega
invasion. If your foster

                                                   The Greyhound Herald
                                             Amazing Greys :                    From a different perspective
                                                 Paddington Riemer-walsh (as transcribed by David Riemer)

                                                As a former racer and               shadow. I like being the big       The cats are pretty cool.
                                           foster Greyhound, my real life           brother in the house.              The boys lay around and
                                                                                                                       don't mind Faye and I at all.
                                           did not begin until I found my
                                                                                                                       In fact, we've even touched
                                                                                    That's another thing. I'm
     Paddington                            forever-home. Sure, I thought
                                                                                    learning that being the big
                                                                                                                       noses a number of times.
                                           my life had begun when I was
    Riemer-Walsh                           a puppy back in Texas, but it
                                                                                    brother in the house doesn't
                                                                                                                       The girls, however, that's a
                                                                                                                       different story. They're all
                                                                                    mean that I'm in charge of
                                           would take a trip to Florida, an                                            snobby and think that
                                                                                    the house. For a little while, I
                                           injury to my leg, and two guys                                              because they can disappear
                                                                                    thought I'd have these two
                                                                                                                       into this little room under the
                                           from New Jersey, Will and                guys wrapped around my toe
                                                                                                                       staircase and do their
   Paddington is a three-                  David, to teach me what a real           (I don't have fingers, after
                                                                                                                       business, their business
   year old male fawn.                     life really is.                          all). Seems our two dads
                                                                                                                       doesn't stink. Actually, it
   Faye is a red brindle                                                            had other plans. Now, I'm
                                                                                                                       doesn't. That's the strange
   female who is nearly                    As far as Greyhounds are                 just testing the waters every
                                                                                                                       thing. God help us if our two
   five. The article has                   concerned, I think I have it             once in a while. I figured,
                                                                                                                       dads get a similar cat-type
   been transcribed by one                 made. We live in a two-story             hey, they're guys. I'm a guy.
   of their two dads, David
                                                                                                                       contraption for the backyard
                                                                                    We'll do guy things. I've
   Riemer. Together they                   home just behind the Magic                                                  that scoops up after us
                                                                                    since learned; these aren't
   live in their forever-                  Kingdom® Park, where we can                                                 automatically when we're
                                                                                    your everyday, run-of-the-mill
   home in Windermere,                     see the fireworks every night                                               done.
                                                                                    guys like you find around the
   Florida.                                above the Walt Disney World®             racetrack. They don't spit on
                                           Resort. I say "we" because I'm           the ground or smoke, and
                                           now not the only Greyhound in            absolutely everything in our
                                                                                    home has a place.
                                           the house. I like it this way.
                                           My adopted sister Faye arrived           Talk about neat-freaks! Faye
                                           the day after I first did and            has a habit of taking clothes
                                           we've been inseparable since.            and toys, and leaving them
                                           Did you know that stairs are             about the house. Sometimes,
                                           relatively easy once you get             she'll take them back to her        Paddington relaxing with
          "Dogs are our link to            the hang of it? My dad put my            bed with her. I don't know          Dad David, Sister Faye, &
paradise. They don't know evil                                                                                          his feline sibs
                                           front feet on a tread two steps          why, but apparently she's not
  or jealousy or discontent. To            up and then put my back feet             alone in this habit. I wonder
 sit with a dog on a hillside on           just one tread up. It was a little
  a glorious afternoon is to be                                                     if there's a Greyhound
                                           awkward for me, but I guess
     back in Eden, where doing             that was the point. You see,             support group she can go to,       We're all learning how to get
    nothing was not boring -- it           standing like this, not only did I       like "Klepto-Grey-niacs            along in our new
                   was peace. "            look stupid, but when he                 Anonymous" or something.           environment. Everyday
                 -- Milan Kundera          rocked me forward, I had no                                                 when we go out for our walk,
                                           choice but to step up (or fall on        We live with four cats and         we meet someone new, see
                                           my nose). A few times doing              four mice. Of course, I didn't     something new, or smell
                                           this, and I got the hang of it!          know one could keep mice           something new. I'm
                                                                                    inside. I mean, why would          absolutely certain I haven't
                                           Going down them was an all                                                  sniffed every blade of grass,
                                                                                    you? The cats don't seem to
                                           together different story. My                                                every tree, every utility box
                                                                                    care much about these mice         or pole.
                                           legs aren't exactly built for this
                                           kind of thing, but I make do.            Perhaps these cats come
                                                                                    from a different planet or         There's a greyt big world out
                                           My dad used to stand in front
                                                                                                                       there, and now, our two
                                           of me and encourage me down              aren't really cats at all.
Contribute articles and pictures to this                                                                               dads, the cats, the mice,
newsletter:                                the steps, tugging a little at my        Though, it sure feels like it      Faye, and I (well, maybe not
            Articles: Only MS Word or      collar. Now, I'm such a pro at           when I get swatted across
            Publisher files accepted                                                                                   the mice) look at life from a
                                           this, he can barely hang on to           the nose.                          different perspective.
            Pictures: jpeg or gif format
            only                           my collar. My sister Faye was
Send to:                                   terrified at going up or down
             the stairs, but now she's my
      Call 407-760-1484 for ad rates
          Beverly McCartt, Editor

                                    The Greyhound Herald
 Thar’ she blows!!! HURRICANE SEASON 2005
      Beverly MCCartt
                                 pet. Should you become           overlooked. Due to downed            Animal Disaster Kit
                                 separated, you will need to      power lines, flooding, and road
     Hurricane season 2005                                                                                    Leash &/or harness
                                 prove ownership before           blockages, you may not be to
is here – are you ready?                                                                                      Secure Pet ID tags
                                 being reunited. For smaller      get to the vets’, and will need
Preparing for hurricane                                                                                       Pet Food (dry &
                                 pets, have travel carriers at    to administer initial medical
season means more than                                                                                    canned)
                                 the ready. Clearly mark the      care. In addition to first aid
just a generator or stocking                                                                                  Bottled Water
                                 pet’s name, age, and your        supplies, be sure to have
up on ice. It means putting                                                                                   Food & Water
                                 veterinarian’s information on    amply stock of your pet’s daily
together a workable plan for                                                                              Bowls
                                 the crate itself. Waterproof     medications, vitamins, and
the safety of you and your                                                                                    Medications
                                 Sharpies are an essential        supplements. If need be, ask
entire clan – including your                                                                                  Vitamins &
                                 part of any hurricane kit!       the vet for additional
pets.                                                                                                     Supplements
                                                                  medication as a back stock. If
 First step: plan your           Since travel crates for larger                                               In a Ziplock bag,
                                                                  you plan to evacuate, be sure
evacuation as if your area       pets are usually out of the                                              place;
                                                                  to ask your vet for an additional
will be in the path of a         question, make sure you                                                      Veterinarian
                                                                  prescription if necessary. For
hurricane. Well in advance       have non-slip (martingale)                                               records
                                                                  nonprescription medications,
of the storm, you should         collars and leads for your                                                   Vaccination papers
                                                                  determine what is absolutely
already have made                sighthound. If you’re                                                        Adoption and ID
                                                                  necessary and what the pet
arrangements for you and         heading to a shelter,                                                    papers
                                                                  can possible do without for
your pet – this means either     muzzles are a good idea -                                                    Emergency
                                                                  several days.
finding out if your area has     for the safety of your pet and                                           /Contact numbers
pet-friendly shelters and what   others! And of course, the       During the hurricanes last                  Cat litter with pan &
restrictions (size, type,        creature comforts of home –      season, we walked the dogs              scraper
number, etc) may be in           plenty of food & potable         between feeder bands. While                 Manual can opener
place. Under no                  water, treats, blankets &        this relieved them (literally) and          First Aid Kit
circumstances should your        beds, toys, and a squawker.      eased everyone’s cabin fever,               Pet Toys
pet be left behind to fend for                                    it also meant coming home                   Blankets
                                  Plan on at least three to
itself.                                                           with some wet hounds. If you                Trash bags (small
                                 seven days worth of food
                                                                  want to protect your pet from           ones for walking, larger
If you prefer not to go to a     supplies. During the
                                                                  the elements, consider a                size for clean up)
shelter, make reservations at    hurricanes last year, we had
                                                                  waterproof raincoat and some
a pet-friendly hotel in a safe   four dogs in residence –
                                                                  booties. The booties will also
area are a good alternative.     three big boys and one
                                                                  help protect your pet from
Luckily as more Americans        medium female. We
                                                                  fallen debris, broken glass, etc.    No one really knows what
come to see their pets as        determined about one and a                                            this hurricane season holds
                                                                  that may be scattered around
vital members of the family      half gallons of water per day                                         in store for Florida. Being
                                                                  the route. As always, keep ID
unit, businesses are starting    per animal. This doesn’t                                              fully prepared, however,
                                                                  on your pet at all times and         simply means being better
to make accommodations for       mean that your pets will
                                                                  make sure you use a strong,          equipped to handle
our pets. On the other hand,     necessarily drink all that
                                                                  sturdy leash and non-slip collar     anything unforeseen
if you plan to hunker down       water, but what you should
                                                                  when walking.                        because we have already
with family members, make        consider as an ample                                                  taken the steps to deal with
sure they know the pets are      potable water supply for your    During hurricane season, we          what we can control.
coming along!                    furkids. We froze the gallon     face numerous power outages.          -- For items in a Pet First Aid kit,
                                 jugs and used them to            If you don’t have a generator to     see page 8
 Keep vaccinations current.
                                 maintain the temperatures in     run fans, consider getting a pet
Store adoption, identity
                                 the freezer, pulling them out    cooling coat for your grey or
certifications, and all                                                                                  The word greyhound is
                                 as needed.                       remember to “water them                believed to stem from
vaccination papers in a
                                                                  down” several times a day to           the Anglo-Saxon words
waterproof, secure Ziplock       A pet medical kit is another
                                                                  help them maintain their core          meaning 'first grade of
bag. Put secure ID tags on       essential that is often                                                 hounds'.
                                                                  body temperature.
all pets – and make sure you
have pictures of you & your

                                        The Greyhound Herald
                                      Funny Bones - Dog Haiku
    Canine Aquatic
                                                                                    I am your best friend,
 Rehabilitation & Fitness             - Written by Stephen D. Marsh.   Author       Now, always, and especially
                                      of two books of Dog Haiku: Dog Daze:          When you are eating.
                                      Haiku Channeled From Two Mixed
   Swim Therapy                       Breeds, and Red, White & Blue Dog
   Range of Motion Exercise           Haiku, Patriotic Haiku Channeled from         The food you gave me
   Therapeutic Massage                Two American Mixed Breeds                     Is not like what you eat
   Canine Sports Therapy                                                            Hmph - I will not touch it.
   Fun Swim Time                      My owners' mood is
                                      Romantic--I lie near their                    I love my master;
                                      Feet. I fart a big one.                       Thus I perfume myself with
   4965 Palmetto Avenue
   Winter Park, FL 32789                                                            This long-rotten squirrel.
   407-628-1476                       Today I sniffed
                                                                                    The cat is not all                     In moving mirror
                                      Many dog behinds- I celebrate                                                        I see another dog; Nose
   407-760-1484                       by kissing your face.
                                                                                    Bad. She fills the litter box
                                                                                                                          to nose. ARRGH! I’m wet!                                                                  With Tootsie Rolls.

By Appointment Only

                                        Forever Grey: Tales from Home
                                        BRENDEN                                      Brenden's picture made it into
                                                                                     the Celebrating Greyhounds
                                        He's the best and certainly                  2005 Calendar! He's in
                                                                                     January 2005 with our other                 In England, The
                                        named appropriately, my buddy!                                                           Forest Laws of 1014
                                                                                     grey Zoe and he's also in the
                                        He's such a mama's boy. He                                                               stated that only
                                                                                     Jan 2006 with his favorite toy
                                        never ceases to make us laugh                monkey!                                     noblemen could own
                                        each and every day. He and I                                                             and hunt with
                                        have bonded like no other.                   ~ excerpted from an email from              greyhounds.
                                                                                     Rick & Kathy Harrison who
                                        He and I took obedience classes              adopted Brenden through
                                        last spring, an all greyhound                Greyhound Adoptions of Greater
                                        group! He charmed the instructor             Rochester (NY), one of our
                                                                                     partner-groups. Brenden was
                                        and learned a lot in the 8 weeks.            fostered by Bev McCartt.
                                        He walks and heels so well. He
                                        goes down so fast on the down
Pillow fight between Brenden and
his foster brother, Harley McCartt.     command. He is just so good.
            Harley lost.                He is such a joy to walk. We
                                        never had problems with him as
    Photography by Bev McCartt
                                        far as separation anxiety at all or
                                        any destructive behavior.

                                        He has the funniest sounding
                                        howls or roos and he is the most
                                        affectionate grey I've known. His
                                        coat has become so rich, full and
                                        soft! My husband and I are both                   Brenden relaxing in his wade
      “Until one has loved an           adoption reps and he goes on all                  pool on a warm Rochester NY
   animal, a part of one’s soul         of our home visits and he exhibits                summer day. Is retirement
       remains unawakened.”             the best behavior. He still of                    greyt or what??
              __ Anatole France         course, gets so excited when
                                        visitors come to the door, he                     Photography by Kathy Harrison
                                        thinks they are all there to visit
                                        him! But after a few minutes of
                                        excessive sniffing, licking and
                                        butt nudging, all is well.

                                     The Greyhound Herald                                         water moccasins. Talk
                                                                                                  with people at the park.
                                                                                                  Speak with the park
                                                                                                  ranger. Find out if any
                                                                                                  dogs have ever been
                                                                                                  endangered at the park.
GreytDays:         Fun in the Sun                                                                 But besides the gators,
                                                                                                  there are other potential
    ERIKA COX                                                                                     hazards in Florida lakes.
                                                                                                  Most lakes in Central
                                                                                                  Florida are spring-fed.
      With summer upon us,         Of strong consideration           comfortable in this new      But some are not. These
 many of us want to visit          needs to be your control          environment.                 are considered “still”
 places where we can have          over your greyhound.                                           lakes, which means there
 some fun with our furkids.        Many dog parks are                If you plan on spending      is no underlying current.
 Social outings with our dogs      leash-optional – meaning          any time outdoors, be        These lakes breed
 are good for them and us – as     that most dogs need to            sure to check with your      amoebas that can enter
 long as we all follow the rules   be responsive to voice            vet about heatstroke and     your dog through the ear
 and some common sense             control. Some                     sunburn. Yes, dogs can       canal or the nasal
 advice.                           greyhounds will bolt,             suffer from both –           passages. Some of
                                   ignoring voice commands           especially dog with a lot    these bacterias can
 Florida abounds with pet-         and you will find yourself        of white fur or light fawn   cause problems ranging
 friendly parks, beaches,          spending most of the              coloring. Typically, most    from ear infections to
 business establishments, and      time chasing a 45-mph             infant sunscreens will       neurological impairments.
 even outdoor dining! Going        pup!                              work well for a dog – they   If you have any questions
 places and having fun is a                                          are usually very gentle      about the body of water
 great way to bond with your       Be sure your dog has              and mild, as well as         in which your pup will
 dog and teach them vital          proper and secure ID              being hypoallergenic.        swim, contact the Orange
 socialization skills.             before turning them loose         Sunscreens developed         County or Florida
                                   in the park. Keep your            especially for dogs are      Environmental offices.
 Greyhounds, in particular, are    eye on your dog - and be          usually available through
 pack animals and used to          ready to step in should           doggy boutiques, natural     Most parks with
 hanging out with their own        there be any canine               food stores, and online.     swimming for dogs also
 kind. If your dog is small-       disagreements.                    Most dog parks in Florida    offer outdoor “rinse-off”
 animal friendly, you can give                                       provide ample shady          areas. Be sure to utilize
 them a chance to reconnect                                          spots where your dog         these – nothing worse
 to and play with a canine pack                                      (and you) can seek           than a muddy grey
 by visiting a local dog park.                                       refuge from the sun!         lounging on the backseat!
                                                                                                  And if you know your
 There are several common-                                           Be sure to provide your      grey will want to wade
 sense considerations prior to                                       dog with plenty of water     about, you may want to
 taking your dog on a social                                         during their visit . Most    just keep some old beach
 outing. First, visit the park –                                     parks provide drinking       towels stashed in the
 without your dog. Walk the          Cooling off at Lake             fountains, but you may       trunk of your car!
 perimeter, ensuring that the        Baldwin. Fleet Peeples          wish to carry bottled
                                     Park, Winter Park FL                                         Summertime in Florida
 fences are completely secure                                        water to ensure fresh,
 (no holes, no downed areas                                          clean water is available.    does not have to mean
 hidden in brush, trails are       If you and your pet have                                       staying in the air
 cleared of debris). Watch         never been to a dog park,         Some parks include lakes     conditioning. Plan your
 people as they enter and          consider going at off-            and other watering holes     outings carefully and
 leave the park – are they         peak hours. Midday                for the dogs. While this     consciously, but most all,
 ensuring the gates are fully      during the week is                may seem like lots of fun    have FUN! It’s SUMMER!
 closed and locked? What           usually a quieter time for        – and it can be, for your
 types of gates are used to        your initial visit. Peak          dog – there are still some
 secure the area? Most dog         times are Monday                  precautions to take.
 parks use “doggy air-gates”       through Friday in the             First, make sure your dog      Foster Dogs @
 which means the initial gate      early morning or late             knows how to swim. If            Dog Parks
 opens to an enclosure space       afternoon until dark.             your dog goes into the
 that, through another gate,       Weekends are always               water, keep your eye on      GCGA foster dogs
 provides access to the park.      busy.                             him. Make sure they
                                                                                                  are not permitted at
                                                                     don’t swim out too far or
                                                                                                  any off-leash dog
 Read the posted rules and         Since the initial visit can       for too long.
 regulations carefully. Does       be very stressful for the                                      park or dog beach.
 the park provide doggy            novice visitor (human and         Second, if the swimming      GCGA foster dogs
 pooper-scooper or doggy           canine), going when the           area is a natural lake, be   MUST be leashed for
 toilet stations? Are people       park is not busy helps            aware of the threat of       all social outings!
 picking up after their pets?      both of you to be more            alligators and water

                                         Barbara Rainey                             FIRST AID                     FOR PETS
Gold Coast Greyhound                          Photography
                                                                                This listing is by no means complete. When putting
Adoptions of Orlando,                                                           together your kit, consider your pets’ needs as well as
                                                                                anticipating what MIGHT be needed:
        Inc.                                                                                Triple strength antibiotic ointment
                                                                                            Hydrogen Peroxide
                                                                                            Activated Charcoal
                                                                                            Bandaging items: waterproof tape, 4x4 sterile
                                                                                            pads, vet-wrap
                                                                                            Bandage scissors
                                                                                            90% isopropyl alcohol
                                             (407) 277-6580                                 Q-tips
    2426 Euston Road                                     Cotton balls
                                                                                            Rectal thermometer
   Winter Park, FL 32789                                                                    K-Y gel
                                                                                            Syrup of ipecac
                                                                                            Low-dose Benedryl (check with your vet first!)
          PHONE:                                                                            Eye dropper (to dispense liquid medications)
       (407) 797-6380                                                                       Rescue Remedy™
                                        The Greyhound is the only                           Red Cross Pet First Aid Book
                                        breed of dog mentioned in the           Store these items in a waterproof, clearly marked
                                        Bible - Proverbs 30: 29-31.             container.
info@goldcoastgrey                                         Some Florida Dog Parks & Beaches
                                            Fleet Peeples Dog Park, South                         Ft. DeSoto State Park – St.
                                            Lakemont Avenue, Winter Park, FL                      Petersburg
                                            – on Lake Baldwin                                     Davis Island Dog Beach – Tampa
                                            Paw Park in Historic Sanford – on                     Cape San Blas - Panhandle area
                                            17-92                                                 near Panama City
                                            Downey Park, 10107 Flowers                            Lovers Key State Park – dogs
                                            Avenue, Orlando                                       allowed off leash
                                            Greenwood Urban Wetlands, corner                      Ft Myers Beach – dogs should be
                                            of Mills & Anderson, Orlando.                         leashed especially during holidays
   We’re on the Web!                        Please follow leash ordinances                        and during season (Thanksgiving
                                            West Orange Dog Park, Marshall                        through Easter)
          See us at:                        Farms Road, Orlando                                   Honeymoon Island State Park -
                                            Oviedo Riverwalk, Oviedo                              Dunedin, FL
  www.goldcoastgrey                         Dog Wood Park, Gainesville &                         Jacksonville - Entrance fee                   Contact State Parks for leash regulations

501( c ) (3), non-profit organization
2426 Euston Road
Winter Park FL

                                             FRIENDS OF GOLD COAST GREYHOUNDS


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