Mourning by fdjerue7eeu


If I can, I want to write my remorse and sorrow for the child monarch, for their own.
Hall〔2〕forgotten inside the shack in the remote is the way in silence and emptiness.
Time flies, I
Son Jun, relied on her escape from the silent and empty, is full year. Things are so
unlucky, I re-arrived,
It happens only in this empty house. This is still broken windows, so the window of
the semi-dry acacia trees and the old purple
Vine, so the window of the square table, this defeated the wall, such Kaobi the
Banchuang. Lying in bed late at night, alone,
As I have not and cohabitation before Zijun general, the time over the past year have
all been eliminated, all has not been, I do not
There was the house from breaking out in the alley created a hopeful omen of a small
Not only that. A year ago, this silence and emptiness is not so often look forward to
his mouth; look forward to sub-
Jun arrival. Anxiety in the long-awaited, one heard the high-end shoes touch the brick
road of clear sharp sound, how to make me
Suddenly to life, ha! Vortex with a smile then I saw the pale, round face, pale, thin
Bibo, a section of cloth
Pattern of the Shan Zi, dress color was xuan. She also brought out at the semi-dry to
the acacia trees of the new leaves, so I saw, there hung
Vertical Division of Labor on the iron like a room and a bedroom Zibai the vine
But now, only silence and emptiness remains, it will never come again sub-Jun, and
never, never land! ... ...

Zijun not break my house, I see nothing. Bored in the middle, grabbed a book,
Science or literature Ye Hao, anyway, like everything; to watch to watch Now they
feel, has turned
More than a dozen pages, but not remember what the book said. Just outside the ear is
divided soul, seemed to have heard outside the gate
Carry out all dealings sound, from which there are sub-Jun, and tapping at my
chamber to gradually close, - but, they then gradually
Slim, and finally disappeared in the other steps in the sound of Zada. I hate that sound
like Zijun wear cloth shoes clog the long course
〔3〕 son, I hate it too much like the sound of Zijun shoes often wear new shoes
cream paint on the adjacent homes in the small things!

What Does She turned the car? Could she was knocked down by a tram Why? ... ...
I have to take a hat to see her, but her uncle called me to have face to face.
And then the sound of her shoes recently, and a step ring to step out to greet them,
they have gone through Wisteria shed, the face
The smiling dimples. Her home in her Shuzi not be bullied around; my heart Ning
posts, and quietly look at each
Films, the break room will be gradually filled with my voice, talk about family
dictatorship, about to break old habits, talk about gender equality
And so on Ibsen, about Tagore, on Shelley 〔4〕 ... .... She was always smiling nod,
the two eyes filled with childlike
The curious gloss. Fixed on a copper plate on the wall of the Shelley bust is cut down
from the magazine, is his
As the most beautiful one. When I pointed out to her to see, she only cursory look, we
bowed our heads, seemed embarrassed.
These places would probably not Tuojin Zijun the shackles of old ideas - I started to
think, it would be better for a snow
Lay drowned in the sea as a memorial to the strike or Ibsen; but finally did not change,
it is now even this one did not know
Went there.
"I am my own, none of them interfere with my rights!"
This is our communication for half a year, but also about her here's uncle
and father at home, she was silent thought for a moment
After the clear and resolute manner, quiet to say the words out. For the time being I
have to tell it my opinions, I
Of life experience, my shortcomings, few cover up; she is fully aware of the. These
words are shaking my soul,
After many days, also made the ears ring, but could not tell the ecstasy, the Chinese
women, not as world-weary family said
Like that can not be applied, in the near future, we have to see the glorious dawn of.
Take her out, as usual, is the phase from more than 10 feet away; a rule is something
that old catfish to face another tight posts in the dirty
Windows on, and even the tip of the nose are extruded a small plane; to the outer
court, as usual, is shining in the windows of that
Face of small things,

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