Motivated by fdjerue7eeu


   Woke up this morning, Shuoshuo not very happy, depression said to me,
"Mom, I want to cry." I knew that he is nervous to kindergarten,
so sit down and hold him in bed for a while, he soon stable the emotions.
   "Do you know under what circumstances, a man will do his wife driving
a car door?" Grin on his face child father said to me. What circumstances?
"The first car is a new, second wife is the new." Ha.
   ?Slowly get up, serve children up, drink (a glass of water morning and said to
detox), then their wash, day head bubble up so take off the clothes and wash after
dinner. At this time, her mother also do a breakfast. Adults and children to eat after the
kindergarten to go, the go to work. My child and father had been free in the morning
also can take time.
   Sit no longer crowded bus, suddenly reminded of a friend, just divorced female
friend, she was test Beijing MBA. Feel their lives a little fall, motivated as far away
from the more. But, really, or prefer to degeneration. "Middle-aged woman,
how to progress it, do dark dawn, dawn and then be dark, catch up on the manuscript
to work, tired smile, hard to dry. Motivated just how bleak." Innovative
ideas to heart, then you can Kuankuan. However, when the ground can be laid-back
school is also not a bad idea Oh.
   Divorce, the most heard is the inquiry, why? In fact, today the main reason for
divorce, or because a third party, my friends were spared. Can make money, not
nagging, tolerance he condones his still can not keep his heart.
"We've never quarreled with him," marriage must
never quarrel is not normal. Even if no external force, maybe this marriage will still
die a natural death. They have been together 7 years, arrived but an occasional
temptation. Can only say that fate has to do time. True to have from time to stand up
and walk. Many people divorce, the focus to work, often the best results. Because, no
worries. Friends to consider whether to sell a house, car or not to sell. Because
carrying too many memories there. Told her to sell it for? The house is being
appreciated. Haha, this is the difference between youth and middle age.
"Waved his hand, do not take a cloud." This is the feeling of


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