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1: what means to death you, my love.
2: The cashier said: no change, and find you two plastic bags it!
3: My strengths are: I am handsome; but my weakness is: I am handsome, is not
4: What is happiness? Happiness is a cat fish, dog meat, Altman played little monster!
5: people install Office, I had to install experience.
6: I am a fat person, not a yokel.
7: Taiwan will not recover, I am on the 1st, but four!
8: If the sun does not come out, I will not go to work; If you come out, I will continue
to sleep!
9: maddened snails.
10: wake up every morning to be read through the "Forbes" rich
list, if the above is not my name, I went off to work.
11: On the money does not hurt feelings, the best damn money.
12: I curse your buying instant noodles without seasoning packets.
13: Accounting, said: "Let you be late paychecks, I have no
14: You see I have been powdering it?
15: Although your body spray the cologne, but I can still vaguely smell smelt scum.
16: My name is Rain, a small land called Run.
17: Could you Yangzhou fried rice one, more chopped green onion, a little salt, extra
1 egg, packed away.
18: I once took to the streets, a group of girls stopped me, they said I am, I do not
recognize, they hit me and said I am.
19: both house has rot, faces an uncertain future.
20: drinking a cup of Sanlu to the party.
21: The most mysterious of the sector: the departments concerned.
22: It is undeniable that hinder human mosaic is this century's biggest
obstacle to progress of nude art!
23: I have only two things in this life will not be: this is not, it will not.
24: others have their background, and I could.
25: the ideal meat, cabbage life.
26: white horse which had ah ... you die! Did you lose the prince not to see me.
27: When your mother is not at you to throw the man into the placenta and nurturing?
28: Do not dried shrimp.
29: I am an angel, and not go back to heaven is the reason.
30: But your mother your father cousin?
31: because of who you like hanging QQ, coax her two hours a day, will soon be the
32: too many liars, fools obviously not enough.
33: I am killing spines on the road cut across the river climbing tower Longyou Jiang
Wen Xing for your princess.
34: I am from Heng Dao to the day laughing, laughing, after I went to sleep.
35: Your cell phone is much cheaper than.
36: the road is long Come, let us fight it.
37: A side of my life there have B side, S side of your life are there B side.
38: Never treat, shrimp not!
39: Failure is not terrible, the key to success is not to see his mother.
40: Now the quality of the students did too! Over copy raw footage, even use cut!
41: free to learn Feng Shui, the tomb after death can be considered a good account to
make up for the lifetime of regret can not afford good housing.
42: Sao easy to hide out, difficult to control the dark base.

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2009-06-25 15:24 | (Category: Default Category)
1, women bear in mind: must eat tasty fun good sleep well, if exhausted, and there is
tantamount to another woman to spend the money, tantamount to living room,
sleeping Wins, husband, boyfriend, bubble Wins, The folk also children.
2, not to coquettish shaking, the world moving on to YD
3, so many people despise me, you think you are?
4, just like a pregnant pregnant long period of time before people see it.
5, if you can not give you the woman to wear the wedding dress, so please do stop
you untie the hands of her coat button!
6, I do not like only a woman on a bed many times, but like many women, and only
the last bed.
7, asked, can a misery, like the group of eunuchs on the Brothel ...
8, long a bun-like, please do not blame the dog to follow ...
9, afraid of the tiger as the enemy, afraid of pigs as teammates!
10, no health insurance and life insurance, Samaritan after dark, do not ...
11, you can not make everyone happy, because not all are the people!
12, successful women are not afraid of shame!
13, the girl from the virgin to the woman only once and the success of boys become
men need from the Virgin repeated temper. !
14, a friend today you must flee, please dry the white Niu.
15, the two debates on children, one child said: One day is the day! One child said:
the 1st is the day!
16, men have young gold, I cut down the legs, and even pieces of copper are also not
find it!
17, the last bound to be an animal lover ... you do not speak her today, tomorrow, she
let other people speak!
18, give me a ship of a woman, I can call myself exhausted, people die!
19, could you give me two dollars, said stainless steel darts, this is my eight assassins
certificate ...
20, A comparative study of wine and the sky ... sky wrote: Rolling your mother, I am
so busy, you got the time to reason, to look up the weather to go ...
21, the spring I put corn buried in the earth, to fall I'll harvest a lot of corn.
Spring, I put my wife buried in the earth, to fall ... I'll be shot!

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