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Monash University, Australia
Chinese name: English name of Monash University: MONASH UNIVERSITY
Melbourne area school Date: 1961
School Description:
?Monash University is Australia's largest universities, renowned in the
world, and cross-disciplinary research and academic advantages. Monash University
is widely recognized as the most "international" university, not
only because of its number of overseas students, as well as its teaching and research
work in the global planning. Seven campuses in Melbourne, Australia, and Kuala
Lumpur in Malaysia and South Africa also has campuses. Campus as follows:
Berwick, test Feld, Clayton, Gippsland, Pakeweier, Pannisula, South Africa, Malaysia
School Code: AUU11
Location: south-east of Melbourne
Education: foundation, undergraduate, graduate, master's and doctoral
Entry requirements: IELTS score of students applying for admission need not be less
than 6.5
Courses: language courses, preparatory courses, undergraduate courses, postgraduate
courses, Masters and PhD programs
Create professional Business: accounting, banking and finance, financial management,
agricultural economics, business administration, international trade, economic, MBA,
industrial relations, business computers, hotel management, travel and tourism.
Computing / Computer Information: Computer science, computer systems analysis,
electronic messaging, business computers, computer electronics engineering.
Education: early childhood / elementary / secondary education, special education,
English language teaching (TESOL) educational psychology, education, research and
Engineering: chemical, civil, electrical / computer, materials, mechanical, industrial,
structural, environmental, water conservancy and traffic engineering.
Science: biological, psychological, applied psychology, behavioral science,
environmental science, applied science.
Law: Law, Justice Studies.
Medical: Psychological Medicine, fertility, disease-free science, Venereology,
epidemiology and biostatistics, microbiology, occupational health, nursing, midwifery,
public health, pharmacy
University library facilities and services, the third in Australia, providing more than
2.3 million more than 18,000 volumes of books and periodicals. Meanwhile, the
school provides 24-hour library system and computer centers. School accommodation
are also many options for students, such as school buildings, campus apartments,
student hostels, private apartments and host families. School boys, girls and men and
women sharing dormitory building, as well as single and shared apartments for
students to choose. School dormitories have a reading room and computer shops,
restaurant and laundry service. Apartment also offers fully furnished kitchen and.
University also banks, bookstores, fitness centers, art galleries, religious centers,
health services, legal aid centers, employment agencies and other facilities to provide
students with the help of as much as possible. Schools pick up arrangements for
international students. Students will first be arranged into temporary quarters, and
then help arrange for the school dormitory. Or directly arranged for the local
people's home, costs less than living in the school.
Tuition: ~ 27,000 Australian dollars each year ranging from 10,000 Australian dollars.
Monash University scholarships.
Schedule: every year in March, July admission.
School Website: