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					MONASH About Monash University
MONASH About Monash University
  ?Melbourne, Victoria, Australia's Monash University, the school in 1958,
as the best comprehensive university five-star representative, is one of
Australia's eight school members of the Group, is Australia's top
universities. Has Australia's largest IT Academy and Institute of
Technology, is a small number of successful separation of the two subjects typical of a
large number of Australian universities to measure the field strength standards.
Monash's Business School is also a major factor in its dominating Australia:
Monash University, MIB, MBA and marketing professional is the area of education in
Australian university business model.
?Monash University has 10 faculties:
?Art and Design College of Engineering College of Business School of Education
?Information Technology School of Nursing College of Health Sciences College of
?College of Pharmacy

  Monash's distinguished, not only because of its programs is excellent,
more importantly, as an international university, Monash University, paid great
attention to providing flexible courses to help students who really achieved in the
shortest possible time the most valuable degree.
  Monash University is a truly international university: There are six campuses in
Melbourne headquarters; in South Africa, Malaysia has become the school; research
center in the global total of 75 Moreover, it had the Americas, Asia, Africa, the Middle
East, Europe, more than 110 research centers established a global research networks
and exchanges.
  In the latest Times ranking of world universities, there are five institutions in
Australia into the top 50, broke the past the United States, Britain, Canada, the three
pillars of education, hegemony. Which ranked 27 Monash University in Australia has
been very noticeable in many institutions. Monash University relies on its many years
of consistently good in the academic fields of academic style, outstanding research
achievements in Australia and the world occupy the position of education pioneer.
  Monash University, a total of more than 53,000 students, more than 14,000
international students from more than 100 countries and regions. 4982 school staff,
2,423 teaching teachers. Existing 220,000 alumni around the world, Gillen Singapore
International Medical University, Australia, Victoria Island Supreme Court, Telstra
chief information officer in charge, President of the Australian airlines, the current
Minister of Finance of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore Exchange chief executive
officials here have left their mark on youth.