; Misunderstanding ★ ★ insurance
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Misunderstanding ★ ★ insurance


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									Misunderstanding ★ ★ insurance
Around us, often met with some misunderstanding of commercial insurance, and
some errors are still very popular, representative. For these typical misunderstanding,
we must learn to identify and avoid.
Beware of insurance, "Five Misunderstandings"
As insurance consumer experience and limited knowledge, people often buy
insurance in the process of "going astray", the following list of
some to purchase life insurance on the common sense of some erroneous behavior and,
to everyone's publicity department.
Misunderstanding 1: Paul not only to adults to protect children
[Typical case]: near the beginning of a father for his son excitedly Wang organized
two insurance policies, one for health care insurance, an education savings, insurance,
pay premiums of more than 4000 yuan a year would require a total money. Wang
came to work in institutions, income of less than 2000 yuan a month, his wife for a
private company, took the work of speech soon after pregnancy, so this is the
premium of the husband and wife is not a small amount. Wang said, I earn much, my
wife and I run no insurance, but no matter how hard the day grievances of the children,
so he give the child to buy the insurance.
[Press Comments]: the child is of course important, but Wang is doing is not science,
it is actually a misunderstanding. Every home is a baby now, afraid of insults to the
children, so the child is just born, they rush to the child to do this the insurance that
the insurance. Insurance is of course the children do a good thing, but it is understood,
because the concept of economic conditions or reasons, many parents themselves do
not have insurance, but my mind was thinking of would let a child run insurance,
which went into misunderstanding the.
We know that each of the pillars of the family, parents, once they are due to accidents,
illness or other incapacity, loss of income when the family will suffer. Therefore,
home insurance has a principle: that after the first adult children, the first after the
other members of the economic pillars.
If it would let a child on the insurance, then the parents of untoward event, the
children no one paid the premium on the child's insurance policy to the
time it may be only a natural death, and also talk about how to protect? Therefore,
only the parents as an economic pillar of peace, health, family and children can give a
guarantee, parents and the child is the greatest source of protection.
Misunderstanding 2: buying insurance as savings and investment
[Typical case]: "My principle is that young to earn money to save money,
to the old that is my 'security'." Mr. Wu, a business
manager for foreign trade companies, more than 20 million annual salary, but also the
mortgage, keep a car , raising children, ... ... on spending close to 10 thousand yuan.
Wife is a full-time wife. According to Mr. Wu said he is now a little savings, are to
invest, he, his wife and children no Office of Insurance: "I mainly feel that
the insurance is not much practical significance, purely on consumer goods, after all, a
very small chance of accident should not happen to us; pension, and education, that
for similar savings, not any meaningless. "
[Press Comments]: Mr. Wu's ideas represent the views of many people, but
this is a typical misconception. In fact, insurance is to protect the most important role
in function, the economy is not very well-off people, the insurance settlement in case
of misfortune, sudden interruption of economic income sources; while for the rich, the
role of insurance is mainly to preserve its already have property. If a serious illness
will cost you 100 thousand yuan, even if your money is no problem. But if you cover
the important disease risk, may only cost a few thousand dollars can solve this
In particular, some pure protection insurance, such as accident insurance and term life
insurance, are "Hua Xiaoqian, doing big things," a few hundred
or thousand dollars a year or so into the premium, you can exchange for the protection
of tens of million limit.
And now many types of insurance savings, are equipped with premium exemption,
that is, when the death of the insured for any accidental injury or total disability, you
can not continue to pay premiums, can still enjoy the security, such as The
children's education, insurance, insurance companies, once the parents of
accident insurance, unable to pay premiums, but the child's share of the
insurance can continue to be valid, which shows a unique role in safeguarding the
insurance, and other education savings, fund investment can not achieve such a
Remember that in terms of relative savings, insurance can cost less for greater
protection, if the insurance when the accident occurred, the insurance protection
available is far in excess of your premium invested.
Misunderstanding 3: do not buy insurance to protect investment
[Typical case]: "I just bought an insurance policy, can be cost-effective,
and pay for 20 years, pay 8040 yuan a year, every three years to refund 9,000
yuan ... ..." Ms. Wu likes to friends about their financial management
experience, this time to her friend just bought his insurance. Ms. Wu said she did not
previously bought any insurance, but now conditions are good, the hands of more than
money, they also want to buy insurance, to when the investment.
[Press Comments]: Leaving aside the merits or demerits of insurance products, Ms.
Wu's this concept is wrong. Though there are many insurance products,
savings and protection with dual function, but more important, the most unique or
support functions. People insured should pay more attention to the role of protection.
If you only focus on insurance, investment function, must favor savings and
investment in the insurance category, the expense of personal accident insurance,
health insurance and other inputs, which is the insurance market immaturity.
But as Ms. Wu, like many people are not willing to insure consumer protection class
of pure insurance, and more willing to buy some of the return type of product. In fact,
the general consumer insurance, the premium is not high, but the effect is very strong
protection, of course, only possible because the insurance accident occurs, not sure, so
many people think is no good, do not want insurance. But you know, insurance is to
prevent accidents in case of insurance, accident insurance, really play to the protection,
the role of emergency and make up for losses. When in arranging home insurance, be
sure to protect the class basis of arrangements of insurance, then consider investing in
insurance-based financial management.
Mistakes 4: buy more will certainly pay much more
[Typical case]: business, Ms. recent fall accidents, resulting in fractures, spent more
than 4,000 yuan medical expenses. Although the mobility, but she thought I had had
three hospital insurance medical expenses insurance, the amount is about 5,000 yuan
in mind somewhat of "barely disguised pleasure," meaning,
thinking through the insurance claim for reimbursement of medical expenses, the
accident but can make their own "make document a little
money", it is in an unexpected harvest.
[Press Comments]: However, the business women that "wishful
thinking" This is just playing soon. The three insurers are required to face
her original certificate issued by medical expenses, the business women on the bodice.
In fact, here is rooted in clear understanding of business, Ms. no principle of all
insurance claims are different. If an accident disability or death, if multiple copies of
the appropriate insurance, insurance claims is not the conflict. But the medical
expenses insurance as a compensation-type insurance, apply the principle of
compensation, that is within the limits of the amount of insurance, insurance
companies, the actual expenditures by the insured payment of medical expenses
insurance. In other words, no matter how much your home insurance companies in the
number of copies of medical expenses insurance, and the final total amount of
insurance can not exceed the actual expenditure of medical expenses.
However, there is always insured a misunderstanding, that if the number of insurance
companies in medical expenses insurance, dangerous condition, the various insurance
companies should be within the limits of its insurance payment insurance.
If so, it inevitably happens: the insured because the insurance companies, many more
interested in over-treatment, the longer length of stay, medical expenses to spend
more, which means profits will be more. In fact, there is indeed such a moral hazard.
Thus, in terms of various insurance companies, medical costs are clearly required to
obtain the original certificate as a prerequisite for compensation for medical expenses,
copy or other charges shall not be admissible evidence.
Meanwhile, property insurance, like home insurance is so, the amount is not always
better, because the real claims, the insurance is based on the actual value of the
property and losses to determine the amount of compensation. Therefore, the insured,
if more than the actual value of the property insured amount is only a waste of
Misunderstanding 5: With commercial insurance, social security, do not
[Case]: "Our unit has been handed to me 'four risk of a
payments' to protect the very comprehensive, I will not need to go out and
buy a commercial insurance." Ms Fung is a typical young white-collar,
good income The company provides benefits not bad, life looks very protected.
[Press Comments]: Miss Feng fact into a Misunderstanding. Commercial insurance
and various types of state compulsory social insurance function is not the same,
commercial insurance can be used as a supplement to the national social security
protection, there is no between the role of each alternative.
Commercial insurance coverage by the insured person consultation with insurance
companies, different insurance contract, different types of insurance, the insured
suffered the scope and level of protection is different, but the general coverage of
social insurance predetermined by the state, the risk of relatively narrow scope of
protection, security level is relatively low. This is the nature of its social security
decisions. Through comparison between the two can be found, social security
protection of a person is usually the minimum standard of living and health care
requirements, and different types of commercial insurance can guarantee that a person
in the event of various difficulties, can be appropriate, the amount of more high
compensation. Major diseases such as commercial insurance, you can make up the
basic social security in the catastrophic health care protection for the drug, amount
and other support efforts of the inadequate.

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