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									Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan
in European Gas Supply Security
                                                İBRAHİM ARINÇ* and SÜLEYMAN ELİK**


Energy security has become an
important international issue
amid concerns about supply and
transportation security from the
Caspian region to Europe. An
                                               T       urkmenistan, with the world’s
                                                       fourth largest reserves of natural
                                           gas, is destined to play a crucial role in Eur-
assessment of Turkmenistan’s               asian energy security calculations. Future nat-
natural gas and the transit county         ural gas exports from Turkmenistan to Europe
of Azerbaijan indicates that the
risks of disruption on supply and          will not only bring about some technological
transportation could be minimized.         advancement such as a platform ‘tie-in’ pipe-
With a growing significance of             line connecting two fields in the Turkmen and
global gas demand and trade, gas
security is becoming an increasingly       Azeri sectors but will also stimulate the con-
important and there is a need to           clusion of a long-term contract for building
arrange cooperation between the
                                           the Trans-Caspian Pipeline project and com-
Caspian Sea neighbor countries.
The article examines Turkmenistan          pressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natu-
as a natural gas supplier and              ral gas (LNG) transport options. The equation
Azerbaijan as a transit country
and also clarifies the role of Turkey
                                           of Turkmenistan’s natural gas relations with re-
as an energy hub country in the            gional powers has somewhat changed after the
Eurasian energy environment. The           Turkmen-Russian gas crisis in 2009, which led
authors suggest that the key question
of the Caspian region is not the gas       to new dynamic market relations in the Cas-
extraction itself but its transportation   pian Sea region. Turkmenistan has launched
to markets. Therefore, it examines         a novel energy policy focusing on diversifying
the diversification of Turkmenistan’s
transport options, especially with
China. The research also provides an
energy profile of Turkmenistan and         * Durham University, advisor to the President of Turkish Republic
possible scenarios for Caspian natural     and the Turkish Minister of Energy, isarinc@gmail.com
gas export through Azerbaijan,             ** Lecturer in Politics of the Middle East at Newcastle University
Russia and Turkey.        
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