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Chapter embarrassing! First met ~ ~ ~
2007/06/19 15:50
Kim Heechul and Han Geng's first meeting, strictly speaking, is a disorder
- a serious disorder, confusion completely derailed.
In this world, Golden Greek Che is the most intolerable thing out of his control, he
has used everything entirely by himself led the development of complications hate all
the variables will have trouble getting out of control would make him feel insecure - -
except that one thing, one that he totally can not control but must be something in the
Therefore, he saw that the staff who have come to the Chinese boy, the boy looked at
his eyes look directly at the Heimou but not with a bang, the first thought is
troublesome, the second idea is that big trouble comes, The third idea is a very big
trouble came to me, and the fourth idea is to flash immediately. . . . . .
- Unfortunately, he was too late.
In the wire it? Say so to save? What is China to the Han Geng, after living with you,
with little more than you care about? Even if the account of this finished! ? You got
paid to eat cooked rice? - Hard stare at the rush to leave a few words on leaving Han
Geng and his staff left 大眼瞪小眼 backs, Kim Heechul can not wait for his
laser-eyes, in going through that guy's back open 10 transparent holes, then
buried his mysterious murder Gangwon the field the way fertile land.
When he finally control the urge to manage the expression, and then look back to that
unknown why the boy on his smile, the eyes will immediately become the X-ray
scanning techniques - Well, I have big eyes, no nose, I did not quite, not face I am
beautiful. . . . . . Call Han Geng is not it? Even the name was I loud.
In his stern gaze discerning such and such so that the whole looked Han Geng, when
behind the sudden hug him a staggered to fall in the Han Geng front of nearly half a
body cast to the position, completely vulnerable extreme position - looked up I saw
Han Geng millionth of a second slower to grab his hand did not rigid in his head
where the top three centimeters.
Kim Heechul Han Geng determine their eyes in seeing the innocent smile, not just
when faced with their polite smile - although that fleeting smile, though he
immediately came forward expressions of concern to lift up their .
Kim Heechul and Han Geng their hands Paidiao jumped, turned and uttered a roar,
"Ah, the West, would like to die? Zhengyun Hao!" Behind
already empty, the culprit is found immediately after the accident in order to escape
the speed of Leopard, the disappearance of free film without leaving a trace, only a
few trees outside the window the poor bird was almost beyond human limits of this
terrible roaring sound scared fly the danger zone immediately.
All but a split occurred, Kim Heechul actually feel instantly aging a decade, the year
he once again too good soft- hearted repentance is not ruthless enough in the first time
Zheng Yunhao trouble nipped in the bud, and then gradually grew in his grow into a
loving hug on people to do when the big trouble is not faced up to hard fist attack
exterminated, and finally led to his first meeting today in a foreign kid in front of lost
face consequences.
However, if because of this embarrassing stories to tell on that shameful shame, it is
not SM Kim Heechul princess adult, he calmly hands pat the face, immediately
returned to normal expression, dignified in the face of Han Geng, meaning he and
hook hook instructions own path, anyway have said South Korea would certainly not
agile, speak the same language simply to avoid a dialogue.
Han Geng was slow to react for a shot, pull up your big suitcase, that is said to want
the future to be and their own living but prosopis shunned the boy.
So if two people back to quarters, then the next thing might be another round of the
situation - however - all the things that are bad at the top of this, however.
Kim Heechul passed out!
Kim hit the first faint hope Che! !
Kim Heechul was hit head passed out the door! ! !
Kim Heechul was gold in the head and forced open the door hit passed out! ! ! !
Kim was running for Zheng Yunhao Greek Chol Kim lookout force open the doors in
the hit first passed out! ! ! ! !
When he woke up again, when has his own bed in the dormitory - Zheng Yunhao hard
with a straight face in the room, wringing confession Montreal Red, gold in the
kitchen he was too busy sweating to please attend to the mirror, Han Geng what? Han
Geng holding a boiled egg on his forehead on the elimination of the two
men's evidence, and serious expression of worry, eyes looming innocent
Kim Heechul, Zheng Yunhao, Kim and Han Geng in the cohabitation of four living on
that in the confusion began.
This directly led to later start of a long period of time, lived in the same two people
under one roof, "turning a blind eye, owe respect and ice."
Chapter II dogfight! Table for four. . . . . .
2007/06/19 15:51

Although not his debut, the Greek Che had to do some radio shows, variety shows,
will take part in the recording, but also the older generation of the televisi

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