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Pinyin】 【hǎi shì shèn lóu

Explained】 【mirage: Ha Li, the legendary mirage can exhale into the balcony of the
shape. In fact the atmosphere was reflected in the emergence of natural phenomena.
Analogy illusory without actually existing things.

【Source】 phrase from the "Historical Records Official Book":
"Waterfront Shen (clam) meteorological towers; Hirono natural gas into
the palace. Clouds, mountains and people of all as its accumulation.

【Usage】 joint type; as subject, object, attribute; with derogatory

【Example】 Ba Jin's "Spring" 28: "She
knows they will not take ~ to deceive her."

【Synonym】 castles in the air, non-existent, illusory mirage in the desert

Xiehouyu】 【Great Gobi grimace - mirage

【】 Pacific, a city of riddles

Calm sea, river river, lake, snow, or the Gobi desert in places, occasionally in the air
or "underground" appears tall towers, enclosing walls, trees and
other visions, called a mirage. China Shandong Penglai sea often occurs mirage, the
ancients attributed to the genus mirage dragon, breathing becomes towers enclosing
walls, hence the name.

Mirage not only at sea, the desert generation, occasionally seen on the asphalt road.
Mirage is a light in the vertical direction of the gas density in different, after the result
of refraction. Mirage of many types, according to the position it appears the position
relative to the original, can be divided into the mirage, mirage, and the side under the
mirage; according to its original symmetry and can be divided into positive mirage,
lateral mirage, Shun mirage and anti-mirage; can be classified according to color and
non-color color mirage mirage and so on.

Mirage has two characteristics: first, repeated in the same location, such as Alaska,
and often occur over the mirage; Second, the time appears consistent, like a mirage in
Penglai in China each year, mainly to 5,6 months, Russia Azim mirage near Lensk
often occur in the spring, while the United States mirage in Alaska generally in the
June 20 to 20 days after emergence.

Since ancient times, mirage of concern to the people of the world. In Western
mythology, mirage portrayed as the devil incarnate, is the specter of death and
misfortune. Put the ancient Chinese as a wonderland mirage, Emperor Han Wudi who
led the search of people to Penglai fairyland, Penglai has repeatedly sent to search for
a panacea. Modern science has made a mirage for most correct interpretation of that
mirage objects on Earth by atmospheric refraction of light reflected from the virtual
image formed by the so-called mirage is the optical illusion.

Mirage and the location and geophysical conditions, and where at a given time is
closely related to meteorological features. Temperature distribution is most unusual
weather conditions for the formation of mirage.

Take for instance the formation of summer mirage. Scorching sun in summer in the
desert, sand is blazing hot, because the specific heat of sand is small, the temperature
rising fast, the sand in the vicinity of the lower air temperature rises very high, while
the upper air temperature is still low, thus forming a temperature abnormal
distribution, due to thermal expansion and contraction, close to the hot sand of the
lower air density and the upper cold air density, the refractive index of air is so small
and upper large lower. When distant objects the reflected light higher, more dense air
from the upper into the lower when compared with sparse continued refraction of air,
its angle of incidence increases, increases to equal the critical angle of total reflection
occurs, then, if the reverse were looked forward to reflect light, you will see under the

Asphalt road surface due to the color depth in the hot summer sun absorption capacity,
the same will be formed over the upper surface of air cooling, density, and lower air
heat, density of distribution, it will form under the mirage.

Occurred in the desert, "Mirage" is the sun met the emergence
of different densities of air refraction phenomenon. The desert during the day the sun
baked sand, sand surface temperature increased rapidly. As the air heat transfer
performance is poor, in the absence of wind, vertical temperature difference over the
desert very significant, the next hot on the cold, upper air density, the lower air
density low. When the sun from the air layer into the high density and low density of
air layer, the speed of light changed, through the refraction of light, they put away the
Oasis show up in people's eyes. The surface of the sea or river, sometimes
happen, "Mirage" phenomenon.

A mirage is an optical illusion, is the light reflected from objects on Earth by
atmospheric refraction and the formation of a false image. Mirage mirage short,
according to physics, mirage is due to different air layers have different densities,
while the density of light at different air it has a different refractive index. Is due to
warm sea air and cold air high above the density difference between, on the refraction
of light generated. Mirage and the location and geophysical conditions, and where at a
given time is closely related to meteorological features. Temperature distribution is
most unusual weather conditions for the formation of mirage. Historical records,
"Records ? Fengshan book": "Since Wei, Xuan, Yan
Zhao, makes the sea seeking emperors, Yingzhou. This three-mountain who, in the Bo
Hai in its transmission to people is not far, and to suffer, then lead ship wind away.
cover to those who have tasted, all immortal and Myths in turn, all the things animals
do white, and gold and silver for the palace. not arrived and she looks like clouds; and
that the three anti-Habitat underwater mountain ; Pro of the wind to frequently lead to,
eventually monensin to. "

Song Shen Kuo in the "Meng Xi Bi Tan," writes in:
"pe sea, clouds from time to time, such as palaces, and Taiwan view, city
battlement, figures, chariots, crowns, distinctly visible, that the" mirage.
"Or say "Jiao Mirage of gas, as" suspect otherwise
have. Ouyang Wen-chung has been ambassador to Shuo, Guo Gaotang, relays homes
in the night of ghosts and spirits from over the air, traveling the Voice of 11 people
and livestock can be identified, said that even details of its This is not a discipline.
asked the Department elders, saying: 'Twenty years ago to try day in a
county, is also distinctly see the people.' natives, too, said the
"mirage", and pe have seen roughly similar. "

Lin Jing Song Dynasty people, "Mirage said," The full text
more than 100 words, is the best essay describing a mirage.

Lu Yung-Ming "Shu Yuan Notes": "Mirage of gas
towers, said the days of official book, its to far from the truth. Or mirage as the large
clams, on so-called pheasant into the sea as the mirage is too. Or that of the snake. the
sea there is the more solid this thing. However, coastal land, perhaps a saw-like
towers of. but Dengzhou mirage, the World preacher, suspected that the mirage caused
by gas. Suzhang Gong sequence Mirage, stating that his taste for the spring and
summer poems , Lunar New Year does not appear in public and pray in the temple of
Poseidon, tomorrow see Yan. is another prayer that can then carry on non-mirage gas.

Qing     Liu     Xianting     "Guang        Yang     miscellanies":
"Laiyang Dong Qiao says: Dengzhou mirage, not only the shape of Magic
Diange balcony, day see hundreds of ships, Jing battle thick, and there is gold drum.
Are of, off into the water. Others but know yourself , Chongzhen three years, Qiao
went to pe, prefect Xiao small scale fish, fitness Menli reported mirage. cover the
customs, the event will be drumming Mirage officials have reported. Xiao Rate of
view of the boy to see the North outside the long hill suddenly point which, however,
such as gates. the water out from the inside, are above the boiling, Broken Hill in two.
from Chen to resume it until afternoon. others but know yourself, those involved in
marine clouds, try looking from the sea shore, some floor view of people such as
those seen on shore. "Pu Shan City: Huan Shan Shan City," the
arrogance of the high wall, with Gen 67, the castle actually carry on
"(" Lonely "Juan Liu), described as" the
mountain mirage ", and mirage similar.
[Edit this section] the formation of a mirage
In the quiet calm of the sea voyage, or at the beach lookout, often see the sky
brimming distant ships, islands, or enclosing walls of towers of the image; in the
desert who travel sometimes suddenly found that there is a remote desert lake , Lake
branches swaying and fascination. But when the wind together, these images suddenly
disappeared. So this is an illusion, known as a mirage, or the mirage. Mirage diagram

Why would such a phenomenon? To answer this question, must start talking about the
refraction of light.

When the light density of the homogeneous medium at the same time within the light
of the speed of change, it is a straight line direction, but when the light obliquely from
this medium into another of different density of the medium, the speed of light will
occur changes to the direction of twists and turns have taken place, a phenomenon
called refraction. When you use a straight bar tilt into the water, you can see in the
underwater section of the bar with its exposed part of the water seems broken in
general, and this is reflected by the percent of light, some people have used devices
that make light from the water projects to the water and air at the interface, you can
see the light at the junction of the surface of two parts: the part of the reflection into
the water, part of the refraction into the air to go. If the water that turned the mirror so
that the interface to invest some of the light is more inclined, then the light refraction
in the air will become more even more powerful. When the light toward the interface
shown below left hand when the light was all reflected into the water, no refracted
into the air to light up. This phenomenon is called total reflection.

The air itself is not a homogeneous medium, in general, its density is decreasing with
the increase of height, the height of the higher density of smaller. When light passes
through air layers of different heights will always cause some reflection, but
refraction phenomenon has been used in our daily lives, so do not feel any different.

But when the air temperature anomalies in the vertical change, and will lead to
generally different refraction and total reflection, which will produce the phenomenon
of mirage. As the air density unusual circumstances are different type of mirage
appears different.

In summer, daytime humidity is low water, especially cold water flows through the
sea, the water temperature lower, the lower the air by the water temperature lower, the
lower temperature of the air by the impact of the cold air over the top, appears on the
next cold and warm anomaly ( under normal circumstances is warm on the cool, the
average increase for each 100 meters, the temperature decreased about 0.6 ℃).
Lower air pressure already high because of relatively high density, coupled with the
cold temperature is lower than the upper, density is particularly large, so close on the
thin air layer under the significant differences in abnormal.

If our ship under the eastern horizon, generally can not see it. If, under the close on
the air this time difference is too thin, the light from the ship first be refracted into the
density of gas gradually dilute the gas, and total reflection occurs at the top, then
turned back to the lower density of gas in to; after this curved line, and finally our
eyes, we can see it's like. Because people always feel things like the visual
direction from the straight line, so we have seen ships image is raising a lot more than
physical, so is called the mirage.

China's Bohai Sea Islands in a temple in the summer, daytime low water
temperature, air density, density will appear on the ground significantly dilute the
differences in the Bohai Sea south of Penglai County (also known as the ancient
Dengzhou), you can often see the Temple Islands Mirage. Song time of Shen Kuo, in
his name Achillea "Meng Xi Bi Tan," where there is such

"Pe sea clouds from time to time, such as the palace station concept, the
city battlement people, traveling crowns, distinctly evident to everyone."

This is what he saw on Penglai is mirage. At 11 o'clock on May 22, 1933
or so, the Qingdao sea (outside the mouth of Jiaozhou Bay) bamboo fork has been
found on the island is mirage, 1:00 Hongchuan the city, many people go to watch.
1975 in Guangdong Province, near the sea, there have been a continuation of the last
6 hours are mirage.

Not only in summer can be seen on the sea is mirage, sometimes in the river can be
seen, for example, on Aug. 2, 1934 in Nantong near the surface of the river appeared.
That cool day when the air, weather is hot in the afternoon, suddenly found the
Yangtze River over the balcony of the enclosing walls and trees brimming houses, all
of mirage more than 20 years long. About half an hour later, heading east, suddenly
disappeared. Then there three mountains, sky, middle mountain, much like incense;
they separated for half an hour, until all are gone.

In the desert during the day was sunny hot sand, close to the sand layer temperature
increases very fast. As the air are not good at heat transfer, so no wind, the air on the
lower heat exchange between the minimum of tension, the temperature of heat on a
cold vertical significant difference, and lead to lower air density than their upper small
anomalies. In this case, if the front of a tree, it grows in a relatively wet place, then tilt
down from the tree projection of light, as is the density of the air layer into the density
of the air layer, will occur refraction. Refracted light to the ground close to the heat
and thin air layer, the occurrence of total reflection, light it from near the ground
density of the gas reflected back to the top of a dense gas in the past. Thus, after a
downward bending of light downward sag, the tree image sent to the
person's eyes, appeared in the reflection of a tree.

As the reflection in the kind of following, it is also known under the mirage. This
reflection is very easy for people to waterside shade the illusion that the distance must
be a lake. Those who have traveled in the desert who had a similar experience great.
Filming "board Shishapangma" a photographer, walking in the
midst of a vast dry grasslands, have already seen a mirage under the current, he ran
towards the direction mirage, like the Kap Shui cooking rice. When he went there and
saw what no water, only to find that on the mirage of when. This is because, like dry
grass and sand, can be fierce sun heat wave, the density of the air layer increases from
the bottom, and thus is under the mirage.

No matter what kind of mirage, only a very weak wind no wind or weather conditions
occur. When the wind together, causing a stir on the lower air mixture, the difference
between the lower air density decreases, there is nothing unusual light refraction and
total reflection, then all of the mirage disappeared immediately.

All in all, this is interesting, it is scientific.
[Edit this section] where the most likely to see a mirage?
Data show that Long Island is the most frequent area mirage appeared, especially
among the seven in August after the rain.

Long Island, Li said the temple Islands, also known as Long Hill Islands, from 32
islands, island land area of 56 square kilometers, sea area of 8700 square kilometers, a
coastline of 146 kilometers, is the only island county in Shandong Province, Yantai
City, under the . The county town of 8, Township 2, 4.5 million people. County is
located in Long Island south.

East Asia monsoon area Long Island is a continental climate, characterized by a
Dongnuanxialiang annual average temperature of 11.9 ℃, frost-free period 243 days.
County forest coverage 53.2%, the unique geographical location and favorable natural
conditions to become migratory birds must pass through each year through more than
200 species of migratory birds, many millions, to enjoy birds,
"Inn" in the world , is listed as National Nature Reserve.

Long Island known as the Temple in the Chinese territory Islands (ancient name
Salmonella Island), referred to as Long Island, located between the Shandong
Peninsula and Liaodong Peninsula, Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea intersect, is the only island
county in Shandong Province, a total of 32 islands, The total area of 56 square
kilometers. Total length of 146 km coastline, the resident population of 45,000.

Long Island is China's four Holford, we have the "Matsu protect
the sea," "Eight Immortals", "Till the
Sea", "Jingwei" four major myths and folklore
characters. To Long Island to eat one hundred kinds of seafood, live fisherman white
picket fence, tour the island shore scenery, shopping and Heart specialty
entertainment folk customs. Long Island's mountains, "Wuling
Shilihualang beauty", Long Island, the sea, "the charming
scenery of Lijiang River sides." "East China Sea, blessed water,
fertile fish fertilizer, Nanhai Na Xiang Shan village show results" and
"Yellow Sea No. Silver Sail DAY from the Bohai falling clouds
Boats" is the most simple fairy mirror fisherman, the most uninhibited and
most true The most vivid portrayal of life.

Long Island is China's four Holford, we have the "Chinese
abalone, scallops, seaweed village" in the world. Long Island is
China's Hawaii, the "National Nature Reserve, national scenic
areas, national forest parks, provincial nature reserves and provincial geological park
seals" of the title. Long Island is a primitive, natural, without the labor
process, and unique travel virgin. Here an island with a strange island, a scene with a
scene of Korea, formed by sea erosion of various odd reef rocks, plain quiet,
exquisitely carved.

Long Island Tourism Bureau in 2003 created a "sea mountains",
"well-off fisherman", "Fishermen Cruise",
and focus on brand management, integration and the tourism resources, and create a
green, safe and healthy travel destination, especially Nafu yingxiangjie stone Matsu
island people of our folk culture in a magnificent wonderful work.

Sea Spirit Mountain

In the moist sea, inlaid with a group of jewel-like islands of green such as Dai, which
is recognized worldwide as the "sea mountains" in the beautiful
archipelago - Temple Islands, also known as Long Island, Long Island, briefly
enjoying one of the Liaodong Peninsula and Shandong Peninsula between the Bohai
Strait, and the ancient city of pe (Penglai) across the sea. According to
"Historical Records" record, not speech of Emperor journey,
stop at the Penglai Danya Xiema mountain side, looking sea Spirit Mountain, begging
for longevity. This means that Long Island Spirit Mountain, Tang has said:
"Juventa sea with Spirit Mountain, mountain in the void between
the ....", Piaomiao Su Sung's great writer who had worked on a
long hill overlooking the islands not help praised:" also true fairy house!
"" Journey to the West "," Flowers in the
Mirror "and other myth novels to portray a fantasy here, Piao Miao,
detached mundane world of paradise.
[Edit this section] on the mirage of historical records
Shen Kuo

Dengzhou the sea, when there are clouds, such as palaces, and Taiwan view, city
battlement, figures, chariots, crowns, distinctly visible, that the mirage. Or said:
"Jiao Mirage of gas, as" suspect otherwise have. Ouyang
Wen-chung has been ambassador to Shuo, Guo Gaotang, relays homes in the night of
ghosts and spirits from over the air, traveling the Voice of 11 people and livestock can
be identified, said its very detailed, this is not a discipline. Asked the Department
elders, goes: twenty years ago to try day in a county, is also distinctly see the people.
Natives, too, said the mirage, and pe have seen roughly similar.

Your answer

In Dengzhou sea, clouds and the air sometimes appear, like the palace bedroom,
Taiwan Pavilion landscape, the city wall battlement, figures, chariots, floor roof cover,
(are) clearly visible to it (this picture) is called "sea City. "
Some say: "(This is) a dragon breathing formed." (I) suspect not.
Ouyang Wen-chung has Shuo to the ambassador, passed Gaotang, Posthouse the
houses in the night of ghosts and spirits from the sky and heard through, traveling the
sound people and livestock, are all can tell. He said that the very detailed and not
detailed excerpts here. Asked the local elderly, said: "Twenty years ago,
passing through the county during the day, you can clearly see persons and
things." Locals also call this (kind of scene) as a
"mirage." Generally seen with the same pe.

Hill City


Huan Shan Mountain City, one of the famous eup also, however, see different
constant for several years. Sun Gongzai Yu and colleagues in drinking upstairs to find
that there are isolated hills arched tower, high insertion Qing Ming, the same care
alarmed, no such study in the monastery near. At any rate, see dozens of palaces,
green glazed tile fly Ikara, Gordon began the mountain city. However, soon after, the
arrogance of the high wall, with Gen 67, the castle actually carry on. If the person in
House, Church if the person, if Square were a vivid picture, to hundreds of millions of
dollars. Suddenly strong wind, dust and vast natural gas, the city only vaguely.
Subsequently given was clear and the wind, a Ceuta there, but dangerous one, direct
dauntless. Building 5, casement are wide open; line with 5:00 Ming Chu, outside the
building heavens. Layer index, the higher the floor, then clearly diminished. Number
to the eighth floor, the Conference such as the star point. Also on it, then sadly misty,
not carry on account of their level. The upstairs people contacts Xie Xie, or with, or
stand, different shape. Over time, the building gradually lower, showing that its top;
then gradually usual floor; it gradually, such as high house; mortal such as boxing,
such as beans, then not visible. Also we learn that early entrants, see the mountains
densely City restaurants, and the world no other, also known as "ghost
city" cloud.

Your answer

Huan Mountain "Mountain City", is Zichuan Eight counties in a
scene, but often does not occur for several years. (One day) Sun Yu-year son and his
friends in the upstairs drinking the same industry, suddenly saw there was a solitary
hill pagoda stands up, towering sky-line, (two) You see me, I see you, but also
surprise and confusion, thinking that there is no Buddhist temple near ah. Before long,
(they) see the dozens of palaces, tile is green, high roof tilt This is a wake up to the
original (there) "Mountain City" has. Not long, (also appeared)
high wall, (on top of that) was concave and convex shape of the short wall, stretching
67 years, turned out to be a town. Pavilion of the city are like the (construction), there
are like halls of the (construction), there are like residents of the (construction), are
clearly presented in front of a few too few of them. Sudden strong wind blowing,
blowing the dust like a very large, blurred images of the city was. After a while, the
wind stopped, the sky Seimei, the previous picture all disappeared, leaving only a tall,
direct contact with the sky and the Milky Way, (each floor) has five rooms, the
windows are open, there are five places where bright It was the sky outside the

One layer at a few points up, the higher the room, highlights of the smaller; count to
the eighth floor, bright stars so that only small; beyond it becomes dark, and may be
absent, blind to its level . (Lower) of people coming and going upstairs, the dry matter
of all, there are relying on (bars), there are standing, posture varies. After some time,
gradually low floor down, you can see the roof of the; Gradually, they become the
same as with normal building; Gradually, it became a high cottage; suddenly shrunk
to the size of a fist, ( further reduced) as the size of beans, and finally disappear. I
heard people getting up early hurry to see the hill people, markets and shops, with the
situation on earth is no difference between, so people would not call it "
ghost city. "
[Edit this paragraph] how to distinguish the desert mirage or a real scene?
A mirage is an optical phenomenon. Sandy or rocky surface rising hot air, making the
light refraction occurs, and thus a mirage. Mirage will occur off the coast about 6
miles (9.6 km) of desert, make 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) outside or beyond the objects
seem to move. Make land navigation very difficult, because the environment in the
mirage, the natural features have become blurring. Mirage makes a person difficult to
identify distant objects, but also make the outline of distant vision blurred and you
feel as if surrounded by a water, but that piece out of some of the region looks like the
high water The "island." Mirage will also enable you to identify
targets, estimate range, become very difficult to find personnel. However, if you go to
a higher point above the desert floor 10 feet (3 meters) (3 1 / 3 meters), you can avoid
the hot air close to the surface to overcome the mirage illusion. In short, if slightly
adjust the height of wait and see, mirage phenomenon will disappear, or it will change
the appearance and height.

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