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					Miracle - Jamie Dimon
Jamie Dimon: go its own way, so to speak performance
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Jamie Dimon is really like in-law: the waves of the global financial crisis, JP Morgan
Chase is the U.S. none of the four major banks in each quarter loss of only one;
second-quarter investment banking revenue to record highs; Obama the Government
has been asked to him on account of financial policy.
Surgery, specializing
JP Morgan has always been known for the investment banking business.
"Despite the economic downturn, we still get 27 billion dollars in profits
and a record of nearly 28 billion U.S. dollars in revenue." JP Morgan chief
executive Jamie Dimon talking about second quarter earnings call that the first half of
this year The overall record investment banking revenue.
This seemed so in three or four years ago, the out-dated. JPMorgan Chase was in the
retail banking business as almost nothing. In 2005, JP Morgan Chase's net
profit was 84.8 billion U.S. dollars, over the same period, Citigroup's profit
of 24.6 billion U.S. dollars, Bank of America to 16.465 billion U.S. dollars.
Dimon JP Morgan Chase has just sat the top spot, the analysts used to think, Dimon
JP Morgan Chase will be brought into the retail banking business, M-Zone, relying on
acquisitions to access resources outside the retail market will be Damon's
first choice. Facts Ming Daimeng remain strong as the traditional investment banking
business. Ongoing turmoil in global financial industry background, investment
banking business JP Morgan also appeared higher under adverse economic
Of course, the same quarterly release two other banks have held up quite well, Bank
of America profit 3.2 billion the second quarter, Citigroup second quarter profit 4.3
billion U.S. dollars. But not the sale of quality assets bring a huge one-time revenue,
the two banks are losing billions of dollars is expected. Perhaps the real JP Morgan
Chase is not mixed with water to produce a report.
Pointing with the industry clout
Sub-prime crisis, so the global banking industry reshuffle. In the UK
"Banker" magazine has recently released a list of the industry
last year, only the fourth column of JP Morgan Chase to become the
world's most powerful banks.
JP Morgan Securities served as president of the William King product recall in the
second half of 2006 decided that the key to the phone. In mid-October 2006, William
King holiday is Rwanda. One night, Jamie Dimon called him an emergency call.
Dimon said: "you got to stare at sub-prime mortgage! We want to sell a
number of positions. This thing could be nothing, I've seen
"Wall Street Journal" analysis, in the sub-prime crisis, who is
the winner who is less loss. From July 2007 the sub-prime crisis began the second
quarter of this year, Morgan's high-risk leveraged loans secured debt
warrants and the loss of only 50 million, while Citigroup, Merrill Lynch and Bank of
America lost 33 billion, respectively, 260 million and 9 billion U.S. dollars.
Gengrang Jamie Dimon disdain for the industry, the crisis JP Morgan Chase has also
been assumed by many financial "holding stability" work.
Directly or indirectly in the United States Government's behest, Bear
Stearns JP Morgan Chase have completed, Chicago, First Bank, Bank of New York,
Washington Mutual Bank acquisition.
Now JP Morgan Chase has become the largest U.S. credit card issuer. Jamie Dimon
said: "In fact, we do not expect credit card services will receive any profits
this year. However, the crisis Jie Shu Yi Dan, we believe that quality of service
delivery, award scheme and to improve infrastructure, continued investment will
allow us to become one of the nation's best credit card company.
Washington has the right words
Jamie Dimon, head of JP Morgan Chase has always been willing to make a public
speech, did not shy about it will be controversial.
16, his credit card issued by the U.S. government made new regulations severely
He saw the "Troubled Asset Relief Program" (Tarp) is called
"Tarp baby" and a symbol of shame for "The Scarlet
He also "The Wall Street Journal," the author writes,
"We should avoid the regulatory body set up in order to have multiple
regulatory temptation. 34 different agencies to monitor the same problem is not
Damon's radical views, Obama does not seem to think that disobedient.
Oba Ma Banzai and Damon so at first also to do with Wall Street heavyweight troops,
but with the deepening of financial reform, Obama needs more and find advice and
support on Wall Street. March 11 this year, Dimon suddenly invited to the White
House, White House officials took the opportunity to consult banks and the market
bailout package.
July 20, JP Morgan Chase first time in the board meeting held in Washington, special
guest at the White House chief of staff Emanuel. Jamie Dimon is now visiting
Washington to adjust the frequency from twice a year, twice a week. Analysts said
Damon, "to lobby regulators and regain confidence in the
I wish you love intertwined. Jamie Dimon, the financial crisis, the precipitating role of
life experiences out of Wall Street king, destined to the President of the United States
of America sitting pontificating.

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