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Science and Technology
         High School
  in Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia
          Mission Statement
 The primary mission of the Academy is to develop
 problem solving concepts, tools, skills, and attitudes
   which can be used and replicated anywhere in the
      world. The Academy will use state-of-the-art
technologies and biocycling systems to make sure that
  students acquire practical and hands-on experience.
    Furthermore, the Academy will be committed to
 address critical issues such as leadership, citizenship,
     patriotism, character, scholarship, cooperation,
          recreation, service, thrift, and safety.
   Location of Yeha Academy
           Principal Contact Person
Dr. Getachew Tikubet
Senior Scientist, International Centre
    for Insect Physiology and Ecology
    (ICIPE), Ethiopia, and Adjunct
    Professor, Department of
    Biological Sciences, California
    State University, Stanislaus
Telephone: 000 251-551073
FAX: 000 251-1-615249
Mailing Address:
    PO Box 3893
    Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA
        Other Contact Persons
• Dr. Edward Lamie, Professor, Computer Science
  Department, CSU Stanislaus, email:
• Dr. Wayne Pierce, Professor and Chair,
  Department of Biological Sciences, CSU
  Stanislaus, email:
• Dr. Donald Johnson, Adjunct Professor of Public
  Health, Nursing Department, CSU Stanislaus,
• Web site hosted by California State
  University, Stanislaus
• Temporary URL:
• Email list for all interested parties
     Sister High Schools in
    Central California, USA


             Objectives - 1 of 2
• To educate, train and       • In collaboration with other
  develop talented young        renowned educational
  Ethiopians who will           institutions, the school
  contribute to the             will organize student
  development of their          exchange and competition
  country                       programs
• To develop a dynamic
  prototype model for the
  future educational system
             Objectives - 2 of 2
• On the basis of academic      • The model set-up will be
  merits the school will          replicated in different
  award scholarships to           regions in order to
  outstanding students in         contribute to the overall
  different regions               development of the
• Participation and               Nation.
  contributions in research,
  technology transfer and
  information exchange with
  private, national, regional
  and international
Unique Nature of Yeha Academy
• Private and self-supporting
• Service to the community
• Provide serious consideration for
  disadvantaged students
• Students work to support themselves and
  the school
                   Projected Enrollment

  Third Year

Second Year

  First Year

               0      200   400      600   800   1000
      Project Description - 1 of 3
•   Highly qualified personnel
•   Adequate space and modern facilities
•   Instructional labs and support equipment
•   Well stocked library with Internet access
•   Network access in classrooms
•   Health services for students
    Project Description - 2 of 3
• Well-equipped conference hall
• Highly selective student admission
• Scholarships provided to outstanding
• Financial assistance for disadvantaged and
  low income students
• Exchange programs with other institutions
    Project Description - 3 of 3
• Biofarm model for restorative development
• International standard evaluation system
                    Note: Please send
                    comments or suggestions in
                    support of this initiative to: