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									Merchants tell us what
Reporter: Professor Kong, we have the right to separate the two Merchants, personal
stock system and modern enterprise reform, Merchants Bank will draw on the modern
trade association, Shanxi "phase" and the modern credit,
"officials and businessmen with Victoria" Inheritance and
discarded, the decline of the historical lessons Merchants topics such as a
conversation, then you learn Merchants on how the spirit, learn to talk about the view
of previous experience.
Hole: Merchants spirit is the core meaning of Commercial Culture, I still think that
the spirit Merchants can be summarized in four sentences: "re-establishing
themselves in the life business, the values of justice and benefit integrity, hard work,
entrepreneurial spirit, the same boat coordination of thinking. "
We first look at re-establishing themselves in the life business. Shanxi from the Song
and Yuan dynasties, gradually formed a kind of folk-business concept, namely,
"business-financing, utilization observe this," the Founding
thinking, which is obtained through the business of money, buy property and then buy
land, then to the land lease and usury, business for income, business income
developing its commercial and financial industry as the starting point to establish the
value of business cycle and proliferation process. This accompanied with the
traditional ethics of life, is the commercial development of the ideological foundation
of Shanxi.
Second, the values of justice and benefit integrity. Shanxi merchants all over the
country people with the same effect by Confucius and Mencius, advocating faith, in
its re-establishing themselves in the entrepreneurial business ideas under the guidance
of the "righteousness" and "profit" issue,
has a unique understanding and practice, advocating "gentlemen love Choi,
a proper way. " Shanxi's success is built on the basis of good
The third is the pioneering spirit of hard struggle. Shanxi is located in the Loess
Plateau, poor natural conditions. The exchanges in the "Tea Horse
Road" of the Shanxi merchants, traders tea in Fujian, Hunan, sales in the
desert north, thousands of miles, through desert, desert, then head in the sun in
summer, winter snow and ice is food, "hungry workers sick , Kou insect
thief wolf, Japan and as partners ", year after year to go from commercial
purposes, in particular business in Xinjiang, Mongolia, Russia, Japan, Shanxi
merchants, but needs to overcome language barriers and living habits, etc., without
hard work Entrepreneurship is hard to rule the roost in the business.
Whether a business or a society, there can be no development in the spirit of
innovation. Merchants sense of innovation, innovation and the resulting contribution
to the history of striking, including business and financial institutions, innovation,
system innovation, business innovation, business and financial tools to innovation and
the business and financial concepts, theoretical innovation . Such as human capital
system and the separation of ownership and bank bills of exchange, transfer and
settlement, traveler's checks and so early in the West. Therefore, the
success factors in the Shanxi Natural factors, including the innovative, including.
Coordination of the last sentence is called thinking the same boat. Shanxi merchants
believe in "polite way of making money," the parties attach
importance to social harmony, especially in dealings with the industry while
maintaining fair competition, while maintaining mutual support and care.
Reporter: Many people would like the Shanxi Merchants phenomenon has the same
compound, only the appreciation value, no value was. This, how do you think?
Kong: Research to understand the Merchants, it is important to guide our practice
today. From today's practice, in the abstract about Merchants meaningful.
Economic and social development continuity, modernization is a historical process of
modernization in China is no doubt the development of foreign forces penetrated the
impact but we can not deny China's internal development factors in old
Businessmen to the core of the business enterprise system management, and at that
time was very complete and advanced. Today, we need to Merchants in the
decision-making, leadership, supervision, control, management mechanism and its
internal and external environment of the coordination, with contemporary economics,
sociology and management, behavior science, Xinli Xue Xue Ke combined together,
etc., for research, of today's enterprise management will be very high
At present, China formally joined the World Trade Organization, is facing a new
round of reform and opening up. In order to do a good job of reform and opening,
they must have a world vision. This world view, not only should have a realistic scope,
but also of historical depth. Only a better understanding of the historical aspects of the
environment, we can seize the initiative to deepen the reform to solve
today's new situation and new problems. Merchants are not indulging in
our study their former glory and praise the performance, nor to indulge in historical
detail complicated, but realistic predecessor's success or failure, to the
practical realities, to guide today's practice.

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