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					Men ... women ...
Sometimes really doubt that men and women really can live Mody ...
Although the facts have been many, many, many people can be life together, but this
thing to me how so slim? ! ~
Oh ~ ~ never-ending conflicts occur is really annoying ~ ~ ~ ~
Do not know how recently, and always fight, and every man around ...
Gas always seems too smooth, Oh, I'm sorry the gods ~ ~
This week is not bad, off work early every day, but always a man after work yesterday,
Sun God to help me waiting for him, I did not and so on, by himself went to visit Hua
The result is that bought the clothes do not say more than 500, also bought a pile of
grain and flour ~ ~ that is very healthy, can regulate bodily ~ ~
But ... to go home for a drink, really hard to drink TMD ah ~ ~ ~ ~ dead loss
How much spent the day yesterday? They did not fully estimate the number of the ~ ~,
and Wei Zhu said, almost, to one month's wages are spent ~ ~
I do not know how I, and he said something I mind, Oh, but the mind? I do not
know ...
Always remember a lot of things, find themselves growing up really getting weak ...
If the former, simply an Kaopu point, like point, I dare to try to contact, but now,
before the fear of the wolf scared the tiger, has been missing for many ~ ~
If the former, no matter what I come out capable of, let alone a little middle of the
night to find him, even if I have no problem running away from home ~ ~
Why counseling, why so counseling
Quarrels are not willing to be noisy, is not willing to explain, not afraid of chanting
misunderstood, anyway have such a
Oh, suddenly understanding N years ago, mixing special ball, let it be, it seems that
everything has do not care about the same but in fact it is so mind ...
I have changed? ~ Ha ha, get it ... you do not know
What is lazy? Or what? You do not want to hear me shout, do not want to fight,
everything comes naturally it ~ ~
Someday heard that two people live together, travel together
In fact, should not you say I love you, and then he said I love you, which together
Should be two people walked, natural married, had a natural life on the ~ ~
I always find that if individuals can not get life, and Oh, how I long for such a fact of
life ~ ~
Needless to say too much, as long as you can with calm, with the face of something,
there are happy to share, that's enough ~ ~
Maybe I'm old, less passion, a lot of things have faded ...
Never again call me in the street who love you, who are no more 24-hour personal
service, who called every day to find me no more, or better a little plain, so that after
the endless things always have memories ~ ~
Speaking of trust, I really do not know who I can trust, I really was not even believe
the people themselves.
Oh, I only know one thinks, with the happy, the more together, not happy, they
separated, nothing to say ..
I was without a sense of security and love can not afford it, and fear hurt ~ ~
Can not think of so many solemn words, because I am not the kind of person who can
be serious ...
I too do not attach importance to the Why? Always think that the more useless ~ ~
who did what, we all looked at, can understand ~ ~
Say that I am strong and courageous HS, bones have an Unyielding the effort, Oh, the
eyes of others, I was a person does not need care, do not need people in pain, I was
very strong, I was very brave, I am very Niubi! ! !
Time will tell everything, is the YG six years ago left me the only word, huh, huh, I
like ~ ~
But prove what? ~ As is missed, just like ah ~ ~ ah ~ ~ past tense, like have become
"was" ah ~ ~
Wrote more there for? ~ ~ ~ 2012 came to understand more, how can like? ~
Let us cherish it ~ ~ treasure can now meet, but also embracing the day ~ ~
Enjoy it ... no matter what our future ~ ~