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					Memorable trip to Taiwan (1)
   ?Taiwan and mainland China in the eyes of every mystical place. I begin
understanding, especially since the start in the travel industry, specialized reception
when the Taiwan compatriots to the mainland, Taiwan is the place I always look
forward. Alishan; Sun Moon Lake; too Lu Court; Palace Museum; Teresa; Taiwan
snacks ;..... and everything, especially when my footsteps tread side of all provinces in
China, Taiwan .. it both strange and familiar, both far away it nearby places even more
spare me on Dream. finally I can go to Taiwan was ...........
   ?I am on Dec. 13, 2007 began a tour that 8 days 7 nights trip in Taiwan every day,
everywhere to experience Taiwan's enthusiasm, beaming smile. Honest
human. Clean the streets. Interesting customs, and can be seen everywhere
considerate and humble, you can see the rules and customs, told me there are like
back-hour home, full of friendly strangers. Now, I recorded in Taiwan, 8 tours, and a
place to share my good friends unforgettable journey.
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   First day of the Hong Kong / Bangkok / Taipei
   Our participation in the team is Zhuhai travel organizations with industry Taipei
International Travel Fair group, a line 17 people, members of the composition of all
the tourist sector and staff, we each do business, so to meet very familiar with, talked
to find that each With individuals like myself are looking forward to beginning the
Taiwan trip. from third countries to Taiwan, really hard, the morning boat from
Zhuhai Jiuzhou Port to Hong Kong to stay in Hong Kong after the transfer airport in
Bangkok, Thailand slightly, all the way Thai Airways flight traveling, to be honest I
have been wondering why Thai Airways plane seat so much, the plane's air
service is so good, including the machine tableware are so fine, fine all
Jiaoren'd like to put home. Why can not the domestic airlines. In short Thai
Airways flight has asked me to feel this trip will be very successful. Arrival at
Bangkok airport transfer spent 3 hours in Bangkok airport, great, full of duty-free
goods, but I think the time off too slow. Finally boarding the dream to the eyes of
Taiwan would, and look forward to. . . .
Flight took off, I have been excited can not sleep, and finally after 2,5 hours of flight,
a flight attendant with a clear notice of the Chinese landed on our flight to Taiwan
Taoyuan should CKS International Airport, accompanied by tour members are
looking out from the windows because the transfer of the reason, time is almost at 11
o'clock, the lights outside the window while only sparse (a light mist that
day) but do not expect mind statement table, out of the plane, do not believe they are
really to Taiwan, until you see the blue sky and white sun flag and the stretch that I
think traditional Chinese in Taiwan at hand. But inside the airport in Taiwan is
disappointed because the huge Hong Kong airport, Bangkok airport open, mapping
out the old airport in Taipei, in my feeling that Hong Kong is an international
metropolis is a new airport, the airport may not be similar in Taipei ratio, but not as
good as even the Bangkok airport, did call we did not expect. All of a sudden we are
like a drop of warm temperatures, it really is like seeing the news of
Taiwan's economic stagnation in recent years, leading to the
airport's small and shabby, with 2 class cities in the mainland airports are.
But the immediate thing that happened to revolutionized the way we feel,
accompanied by Miss Tan Yongyi of baggage when they were hung up a wheel, the
airport handling staff immediately, Miss Tan immediately get a compensation of NT
500 I think if this kind of thing certainly encounter in the mainland do not know what
the results. When will the results. The efficiency of the Taiwan deal with the problem
really worth studying on the mainland.
Exit another one happy thing, then our coaches are brand new 2007 car, but air seat,
the car is very clean, and the Thai Airways flight as with DVD players. Our tour guide
received a 50-old man (the image is not good, he said that he like others Chao Chuan,
experience, and no we behaved, we describe tomorrow), the car was removed 40
minutes took us to the first hotel stay, Hotel opened there 23 years is not time but the
rooms well maintained, with no musty. However, good location, very convenient for
shopping. First the hotel late, and many friends have received the same industry, I also
like to bring Taiwan's buddy Mr. Sun I have a cell phone (number of
Taiwan) has brought a jacket (because to Alishan cold), true was impressive, and
several friends went out to Taiwan a drink a few glasses of roadside shops, before
returning to the hotel at 2 am. However, the development of Taiwan's
television program called I sleep at night. CTV. CTS. Eastern. FTV. Buddhist
Channel. . . . Number of about 70-80 units a bit much, call me by my remote control
has not stopped, exhausted, and looking forward to tomorrow. . . . .

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