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If Sydney's vibrant new city with the characteristics of the United States,
then Melbourne is experienced and reserved, has a nostalgic style of the United
Kingdom. Melbourne is a very unique city. It is generally believed that it is very
serious, regardless of its antique buildings, or people's clothing behavior,
all seem impressed. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, near Port Phillip Bay. Jena
River crosses the urban area, is beloved darling of Melbourne, as well as the
provisions of the river were allowed to live on both sides, are not permitted to build
houses to keep the river landscape. In this way, Melbourne, Sydney, the show features
different from the other, in the most bustling city, not far away, you can reach the river
grass. This is a unique spectacle, probably only able to see in Melbourne.

Melbourne is an immigrant city. As the gold rush and World War II immigrants to
Melbourne's streets filled with exotic delights, Turkey Street, Greek Street,
Vietnam Street, Chinatown, etc., unless you are in one, or you must not understand
the broad mind of Melbourne.

Melbourne's charm, not just the natural landscape. She is known for the
cultural life, organizes poetry readings, experimental theater, art museum exhibitions,
Broadway theater, ballet, String show, jazz and rock band performances and other
projects. Melbourne organizes various sports competitions, mainly Melbourne Cup,
Australian Open, the World Formula racing, RIDCURL professional surfing and so on.
As early as 1956 Olympic Games held in Melbourne on the success.

Melbourne is Australia's education center, a collection of more than
Australia's renowned institutions of higher learning, including the
prestigious University of Melbourne.

In addition, here are the best in Australia private high school, such as Kerry
Melbourne Grammar School, Melbourne Shengmaikeer Grammar School, Melbourne,
Cui Trinity Grammar School, etc., have been trained many outstanding students in the

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