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Shopping at the bookstore 2 hours, finally got his wish to buy their favorite books,
bought a total of 6, but under the original capital, eat instant noodles for several
Dayton does not matter, and was very happy. Original budget is 3, and Han
Han's         "triple      door",       "an     essay
on" and "Business English" program, but really did
not change quickly, to the bookstore, they see nothing good, nothing to buy home,
fortunately they did not take too money, only 200 Ocean, also did not bring too much
loss is significant, or will my reckless personality changed all fiction. Retained only
three books in the "triple gate", the other two did not buy it,
replaced the "Art of War", "speech at Beijing
University" "MBA Key Analysis of" "five
minutes to see through you" and a workplace novel, remember the name
unclear, as if called "Du Lala," or "La la
Ji", and are very popular book. In fact, I also need some "ups
and downs 2", but the bags have been overwhelmed, really I am afraid to
go to buy a home.
   On the subway could not help, come up with "triple gate&q uot;
carefully read. This book, I finally found, it is like, this is Han Han's first
film, is famous for. When I saw the QQ reading esteem by so many people, she also
picked up great interest in it, really glad now after reading his eyes, no indulgence.
Bitter, ironic and humorous tone, let me laugh with admiration around the two girls
had been talking to me from time to time to cast a strange look, as if, like watching
comedy, reading my music, her music both are Zixiang up. I like his writing style that
does not, it should be a lot of people like, but I regret that - too much focus on his
writing style and language, and in the story structure, plot on without much attraction
Department, only a very general campus novel, and even such a novel, when you read
the following, in addition to "Music", the really do not know
what he wrote about, but it will still be your favorite This is wonderful. Started
reading when I think of the Russian poet Pushkin, the same critical tone, the same
bitter irony, but the difference is that Pushkin's poetry, after you laugh, can
drive a man made course enlightening, while Han is the lack of such things, lack of
internal things, like the novel Lolli City of words "either Daya, or Vulgar,
indecent impressive in the middle is very painful." Apart from the likes of
Han himself and his work, placed a lot of hope, hope in future work, while the humor
into something more thoughtful to make sublimation.
   Sometimes laughter is tired of things, when I read the "triple
gate" is deepened when this tired heart. So, put aside his reading an article
entitled "lecture at Beijing University." After seeing it, feeling
really read some of the more books - the article discussing why the culture of 5,000
years of Chinese history up and down, but still far behind in history and our European
countries, much of this proposition, not good discussion, speakers erudite, 100 pairs
of Chinese dynasties from the various schools authoritarian point of view about the
principle of such interest, such as harm principle, that is, freedom and equality are the
basic principles of development and progress of the times and the basic conditions - I
can not use their If the idea expressed the entire article, I want to say is this book
really good read after the benefit, many lack the knowledge to make up for the
"world view" of the proposition, with a new layer of
understanding, the whole about the book are humanistic ideas of things, when I read
the whole post, will write articles book review.

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