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					MBA too odd characteristics, advantages
MBA exam training the first brand
  ?Founded in 1999, too odd MBA schools have been taking nearly ten thousand
participants, each of the past five years, Beijing University, Tsinghua University and
other schools to admit students who are more than 100. The students, MBA and MBA
colleges set a realistic, pragmatic and responsible good image, is reliable, enjoy
extensive recognition and reputation.
Super faculty
  ?Too strange meta strongest country in Beijing and even the faculty, they are
engaged in MBA teaching for many years, has extensive teaching experience, some of
them many years of participation in propositions, some marking group leader,
experienced, effective counseling is a proven teacher lineup.
Science, the right counseling strategies
  ?Counseling strategy is too odd modern education theory and the combination of
ancient Chinese wisdom. It is taken from "borrowing on it was almost
one" in a sense. To "All for candidates to all
candidates" for its mission; to high (high quality teachers), strong
(intensity of the curriculum more), hard (due to increase difficulty), quasi (accurate
information) for the four principles of teaching; take four three-stage counseling
program that is based on enhancement-mode test, Chuan Jiang four, and this is
certainly a philosophical - concrete (foundation, strengthening), the negative - abstract
(test mode), double negation - abstract specific (Chuan Jiang) in three stages. We call
this concept is too odd school counseling strategies, MBA entrance examinations in
recent years, proved too odd mode in the normal review and increase the difficulty of
sitting the appropriate strength of the counseling strategies for correctness; too
singular achievements of students, has fully proved the correctness of this strategy.
Full range of services throughout
An excellent teaching environment: an amphitheater, multi-media teaching facilities,
equipped with air conditioning.
2, the authority's internal information in a timely manner: too strange to
write in-house data collection, sorting, printing, also devoted a lot of efforts,
circulation of information is too odd number of well-prepared.
Authority: Instructor class notes carefully written so that students do not need to
spend a lot of time taking notes, you can pay attention in class, understand the essence
of the content teachers teach;
Overall: very odd in person to collect a lot of internal information, and conduct
careful screening, lectures on selected topics within the strict supervision, the selected
data outline a comprehensive coverage of all test centers, and each subject may give
candidates some help;
Quantity: too much information will odd timely, accurate and delivered to the hands
of students so that students can most effectively use their data;
Specialty: Internal fine too odd notes, each of them very specific, very odd teachers in
the teaching practice for many years, to students in need, continues to introduce new,
exclusive data preparation, such as Chen Jian teacher "math 12 topics
"" Ten magic mathematical problem solving, "and so
3, the class teacher and counselor system:
Too odd a fixed class teacher system, with full-time math, English instructor, students
in the classroom at any time to solve difficult problems encountered.
4, timely and comprehensive pro forma information:
Odd too will all the MBA entrance exam in time to the latest information (outline,
review the information, materials, registration, examination dynamic, exam,
Kaofenchaxun, interviews, transfers, etc.) through the class, printing the internal data
transfer is too strange site to the students.
5, the network advantages:
Too odd network platform for each participant to provide a web-based learning
opportunities, students can make up for some reason fails to attend through the
network of regret, but also through repeated listening online classroom weak chapters,
the "teacher" go home extra lessons.
Details are: very odd MBA Network

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