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First, the six characteristics of human immature

People do not because you are older and mature, not because of your age, small and
immature, as long as you face the challenge again and again, again and again, you can
gradually overcome the maturity to succeed. ,
Do not want to pay, not the original waiting, give up, never give up are successful,
winners never give up!

(A) immediately to return, the poor state of mind
(1) each get a chance to see the opportunities they are always difficult, always say no!
(2) always want to get rich by no means easy to get something valuable, valuable
things never make you easy to get, the Olympic champion is the overnight success of
it? They are just people in the race was definitely on the results of their training just
everything! "Rich Dad Business School," said the lottery in the
United States where over one million, five years of their lives not as good as before.

(B) does not self-
(1) do not want to change their old way of thinking
The most fundamental difference between people thinking the difference is, we want
to be successful, we must first change our way of thinking, and then change our
behavior, do one thing you light to see the difficulties, you can not even success
without thinking, you will become it does not become a miracle? The old way of
thinking: they were asked to return, the poor state of mind, give up difficulties,
persistent strength is invincible! Old behavior: watching TV, drinking, silly
entertainment, playing cards, chess,
(2) like to talk behind other people,
We call such people idlers, and so do not say we do not listen to pass, even if your
argument is a good thing you did not!
(3) often complain that the negative behavior
People can not be perfect, more or less shortcomings, as long as not a matter of
principle, we see the good side, more importantly, you can not always see the faults of
others, even if your complaint is right, You do not complain, because winners never
complain, complain about those who never succeed!
(4) refusing to learn, refused to change
The twenty-first century, the world's three most prominent special startled
are: speed, variable, crisis, our response is: learning to change business, you learn
faster, the faster you change, you are also successful In fact, the sooner the
competitiveness of enterprises today is the talent competition, talent competition is the
learning ability of the competition. Now is the era of Dances with Wolves, you want
to succeed, you must first become a wolf! Now the rich, another five - ten years 80%
will go bankrupt, you want to succeed, you must learn
Learning to change = Success
(C) are often swayed by emotion
The tragedy of the world, how much, how many can not tolerate the fear is occurring
between people, some people experience something really angry, help feeling angry
Five factors in the success of the first major factor is the ability to control their
emotions, the second largest is health, the third is time management, financial
management Fourth, Fifth, good interpersonal

Handle the relationship of the three tips:
1, concern for others than about himself,
2, three no more than three, that is, not blame, do not complain or criticize and praise,
more praise, more inclusive,
3, is a good listener, good at communication! Learned ignorance and indifference than

(D) do not want to learn, self-righteous, there is no zero mentality
China's national quality difference between developed countries, and
magnesium and Japan five years
The first indicator is the engineers, doctors proportion
The second is the ratio of national investment in education,
The third is the national investment in learning time, those who do not study people
who are self-righteous, self-righteous people are all very difficult to succeed
To learn to go through four stages:
Do not learn: No friends and I do not know
Learned one thing: I do not know already aware of
Re-learning phase; aware of the known
The most mature stage: not confidant aware of
So the mentality of zero is important for everyone, a sponge, such as not to use water
Jigan, can not absorb a lot of water, who is zeroing the sooner the better, who would
be more able to succeed.

(E) to judge things by intuition, not based on facts
We live in a lot of people say do not judge the facts, but by intuition: I thought. . . I
think. . . .
(F) do not rely on faith to do things, by hide
Life for myself, not for anyone else alive, other people's mouth long in
other people's body, how other people would like to say on how to say, you
can stop, no one would mistake for their guidance and take responsibility, but in
reality many teacher is a good man,
Side of the world's population is 5%, while 95%, 5% of the successful
people have been without success before the crazy idiot who called the radio and even
in the presence of mad inventors carried to a mental hospital to
Because we do not want too many people with the same life, so we are willing to
lonely, lonely, people to laugh!
Ye Sun 2 selling donkey story. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Second, people battle over the Ten immature

     ?1, remove the mask of false positive
Action learning is not only a day to read to the meeting;
Only rhetoric, I want action ...... I ......, there would be no;
Know they can not, know that he is very important, just do not do it, that can not
mean that do not know!
The biggest secret of success is action, action, action,,, would like to wish the dead,
do people do not die, followed by taking action to feel natural.
     ?2 out of the cycle of life
(1) outside bullied, murderous family back home, this is a inept performance;
(2) people blame smb. Wrongly you, you have to tenfold retaliation.
     ?3, often choose to avoid
Difficult not to find ways to overcome difficulties, but escape
Lincoln said: You avoid the difficulties today, tomorrow you will encounter,
You want to leave you a comfortable environment and way of thinking, as a
comfortable environment will make you unwilling to change,
If you do not want to change you will be changed!
After the first bitter sweet, bitter is sweet; first after the bitter sweet, sweet is bitter.
Busy music you are young, you are old and no music!
If the result is happy, you have to endure all sorts of immediate suffering; if the result
is painful, you should strive to avoid the immediate pleasure!
Today, what kind of books you see what kind of tape to listen to and what kind of
people together, they decided after five years you're going kind of person.
     ?4, throw away your fantasy, set up your dreams
Naive, unrealistic fantasy that, deep in my heart's deepest desire is to
dream, the dream can be realized, human achievements are all the dreams come true
result, many of our lives is no dream , a person will ever have a dream after the
advance and progress, he is no matter how others look.

   ?5, Do not change the power produced a shred of doubt
The reason why we failed, not rich, because we thought not rich, you want to succeed,
must change, as long as you progress a little each day, month, year, five years later,
you will be much change what?
   ?6, not to enrich the life of your brain trivia
We all have these four things:
Not urgent

A class of things: an important emergency, do today, immediately to complete the
emergency is not important, you have to put down!
B type things: an important non-emergency, you must establish proper procedures, as
unimportant trivia is not urgent, you take it immediately kicked out of our living area!

Send you a word: everyone used to cultivate productive, we want to experience, time
and money spent on top of the most productive, our habits should be to increase our
assets, not liabilities.

    ?7, do not ignore the passage of time
Many people say; Oh, I was two years old before I thirties, the world's
most precious asset is time, and many poor people are wasting their time, you have to
have the efficiency of manual development of tomorrow every night to do, so you can
save 2-3 hours per day, one week you 5-7 days more than others.
    ?8, do not have to dare to face the failure of escapism
Not your incompetence, you do not own grief, "Business
School" wrote: We are a traditional school, family education, too much
emphasis on the failure, in fact, many prominent figures in the world have committed
numerous errors, you must not be afraid to make mistakes, you make error more, you
will be successful, winners are able to accept their own failures and mistakes clean up
the mess, they see problems as challenges.

     ?9, in the lazy destroyed before you destroy the lazy
Were not successful for three reasons: the fear of success instinct, lazy, bad habits
Lazy: lazy thinking, behavior lazy, when we stay away from the lazy, when we stay
away from fear, when we change bad habits, we stay away from poverty, from the
     ?10, refrain from self-centered
Concerned about others than about themselves, you only help others to succeed you
can succeed, when we encounter problems, you must tackle three aspects to consider,
first of all you have to stand in someone else's position, then the thing itself,
and finally is yourself!

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