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					          The Shampoo market

          The market figures

     The shampoo market represents a total of 535 million Euro. We are witnessing a slowdown in

its growth (+3% against +6% in 2002).

      This mature market is therefore having to find new springboards for growth in sophistication

and the value of the product.

    The provisional figures (Xerfi, hygiene and toiletries products, August)

    Estimation of shampoo production in 2004: +18% (following a slower growth rhythm
       in 2003 of +12%)

     The penetration rate of the shampoo market is 95%

                                               2 in 1
   8%                                          Anti-dandruff
                                               normal hair
                                               coloured hair
  9%                                           dry hair

                                               fine hair
                                               greasy hair
       10%                                     anti-age

        Division of shampoo sales depending on the different market
                                groups (in %)
 The European market and its individual particularities




                   Europe       France   Germany       Italy   Spain

                    The number of shampoo users in the European
                                  countries (in %)

         With 90% and 91% respectively of users, Great Britain and Germany are the

countries who use the most shampoos.

         Italy on the other hand register the weakest rate with 77% of users

      The evolution of the market

The market characteristics: competition and

                          The shampoo market is characterized by

                its particularly competitive and aggressive


            The hygiene sector and particularly the

  shampoo market remains with a structurally solid

  growth despite a bad consolidation and growing

  consumer price sensibility

The product status evolution

           Originally, shampoo had a basic usage but consumers have vastly changed and evolved

its status and image over the past few years.

           Today, the range of products is more complete, the offer more and more divisional

and the target areas selected more and more specialised. The products are more sophisticated

and valorised by specific ingredients, a frontal approach for the caring aspect and the creation

of a concept. It should respond to the more precise basic needs of the consumer, who is

becoming more and more exigent.

    A mature market supported by innovation
    The market growth in value is therefore linked to the politics of valorisation on all the segments as

     well as the emphasis placed on the technical nature and innovation.

                          EXAMPLES OF INNOVATIONS
                                Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff
                 A shampoo that eliminates dandruff after the first wash and
                     which prevents its re-appearance due to a zinc Pyrithiore
               Establishment of a shampoo specifically orientated for anti-age
                                   capillary care with collagen E
                         Dow Corning HMW 200 non ionic emulsion.
                The integration in the formula of an ingredient which leaves a
                             lasting fragrance of the shampoo on hair.
                         Elsève Solar: After sun renovation shampoo
                Launch of an after sun shampoo which, due to a new Hydralium
                       and UV filter system, protects and repairs dry hair in
    2004/05                                   summer.
           The market is therefore very dynamic and we are witnessing a great number of launches,
     re-launches, the creation of new sub-segmentations and new brands.
            Therefore, during the first six months of 2004, the number of shampoo references
     increased by 5% in comparison with the same period of last year and the line size by 3%.

                                            NEW RANGES

                   Mennen Sport                           Herbal Essences- Procter & Gamble
The creation of a hygiene and caring range (with    The creation of the Herbal Essence mark, range
shampoo, deodorants, shower gels….) which touch     of 8 shampoos based on natural ingredients.
on Olympian values and which are constructed
around the idea of energy, performance.                              Timotei Clear
                                                    Reinforcement of the Timotei range with the
               Vivelle Dop- LaScad                  launch of a menthol anti-dandruff shampoo.
The launch of a complete range of 4 shampoos
Temptation: Defended fruits for normal hair,           Le Petit Marseillais Apaisant aux extrait
Extase rose for long hair, Ginger stimulating for           naturels de tilleul et d’iris bleu
fine hair, Crazy citrus for greasy hair.
                                                         The launch of an anti-itching shampoo.


    Basic needs at the origin of the market
     The first basic needs of consumers are at the origin of the shampoo

      market. The products are used for cleansing, alleviating odours etc.

      The qualities looked for are efficacy, product performance (cleansing,

      purification, regeneration etc.).

More sophisticated needs

                                                  Today, basic needs are not enough for consumers.

                                           They are more and more exigent and are looking for a more

                                           personalized product, adapted to their needs.

                                                 Well being has today become one of the principal

                                       needs of consumers. The products should produce pleasure and

                                       emotion and therefore make reference, most of the time, to


                                                 Colour protection. More and more women are

                                       colouring their hair and are looking for products that preserve

                                       their hair colour.

          Health and Care. Modern day life (stress, pollution, air-

    conditioning, unbalanced diets etc...) damage the hair. Individuals are

    increasingly concerned and turn to products where the “innovation and

    natural technology” composition is important, to protect their hair.

          The distribution circuits

                                                                         The large scale distribution

             8,7                                                 is in full evolution. In 2003, it
                                         mass distribution       realised 87.8% of the shampoo
                                         selectiv distribution
                                         chemists                turnover whereas the other sectors

                                         direct sales
                                                                 were experiencing progression

                         87,8                                    difficulties (selected distribution

                                                                 and chemists, with a respective
 Distribution of the total turnover figure for shampoos
      between the distribution circuits in 2003 (%)
                                                                 evolution of 0 and 0.3 point
Source: Xerfi, Toiletries and hygiene products, August
2003.                                                            compared to 2002) or in recoil (-1

                                                                 for direct sales).

          The players and their brands

          The shampoo market is a very competitive and particularly dynamic market.
L’Oreal Paris is the market leader but the brands are continually fighting to obtain market shares.

          TOP 12 IN VOLUME IN 2003                    TOP 12 IN VALUE IN 2003
           Elsève            15.5%             Elsève             18.1%
          Fructis            10.3%             Fructis            11.4%
        Ultra Doux           8.5%              Ultra Doux         8.2%
        Dop familial         7.3%              Jacques Dessange   7.7%
     Jacques Dessange        6.1%              Head &Shouders     6.5%
          Timotei            4.6%              Dop familial       5.3%
          Palmolive          4.1%              Timotei            4.2%
     Head & Shoulders        3.7%              Dove               3.8%
            Dove             3.7%              Jean Louis David   3.6%
          Organics           3.5%              Organics           3.5%
       Pétrole Hahn          3.3%              Pantène Pro V      3%
       Pantène ProvV         3.1%              Pétrole Hahn       2.9%

     Source: Cosmétique magazine, juin 2003

          The segmentation

           In the face of a consumer need ever more exigent, we are assisting in a hyper
       segmentation of the market which makes it particularly complex.

1.     By sex
We are seeing the appearance of products targeted at men. This segment is in full evolution and

                                             Mennen Sport

                             The creation of a new brand 100% masculine.
                             Mennen communicate on the masculine values
                             of sport and performance.

                                 Elsève Homme Shampooing Doux Re-
                                      Densifieur au régenium XY

                             This shampoo responds to masculine needs
                             linked to hair loss with a product which gives
                             thickness and strength to hair.

                                    Head & Shoulders Pour Homme

                                    Anti-dandruff shampoo for men.

2. By age

          This target is an essential element of the personal offer, notably for the younger
   population who need to be different and yet to be identified as a group.

                                        Mennen Sport

                        Mennen Sport targets the 12-35 age group
                        with a colourful packaging and a
                        communication centred on sport.

                                           Vivelle Dop

                        Vivelle Dop targets the 12-25 age group with
                        packaging of acidulous colours and very
                        modern fragrances.

                             Organics Anti-Age with collagen E

                        For mature hair.

                                   Ptit Dop/ L’Oreal Kids

                        Very young target

3. By use:

      - Individual
      - Family (example:Dop- the family format)

4. By hair characteristics

      4.1. Type of hair

-   normal hair

               Elsève Shampoo Soft Vita-Max
                Fructis Normal hair
                Herbal Essences Equaliser Tonic
               Organics Daily Éclat
               Ultra Doux with natural grapefruit and green tea extracts
               Ultra Doux with hydrating vegetable milk
               Jacques Dessange Tonic Eclat
               Timotei with herbal extracts
               Palmolive Naturals with Aloe essence
               Palmolive Detangle and Brilliance
               Le Petit Marseillais with natural apple and olive leaf extracts

- Dry hair
             Elsève Fortifying Anti Split Ends Nutra-Ceramide
             Fructis Dry and Damaged hair
             H&S Calming Dry Scalp
             Herbal Essences Soft and Silky
             Organics Nutrition Softness
             Ultra Doux with walnut and peach leaf oil
             J. Dessange Extreme Nutra dry and damaged
             JLD Total Repair
             Dove Repair
             Sunsilk Duo Keratin

- Greasy hair
          Elsève Energy Citrus CR
          H&S Citrus Fresh
          Herbal Essences Purifying Freshness
          Ultra Doux Mint
          Timotei with lemon extracts
          Palmolive lemon and vitamins
          Sunsilk Aqua Minerals
          Le Petit Marseillais with natural nettle and lemon extracts

-Greasy    roots and dry ends hair
              Herbal Essences Hydra Regulator
              Fructis greasy roots and dry ends
              Jacques Dessange Soft Clay
              Timotei Equalising with raisin

-All   hair type
              H&S natural menthol
              Timotei with almond extracts
              Organics Express 2 in 1
              Dop egg shampoo
              Pantene Pro V Extreme Softness
              Dove 2 in 1
              Palmolive Natural with green apple and orange extracts

4.2. Other characteristics

- Dry hair with no volume
            Elsève Thickening Volume Non-Stop
            Fructis Fine hair
            H & S Extra Volume
            Herbal Essences Extra Body
            Organics Full Volume
            JLD Volume Express

- Blonde hair
            Ultra Doux camomile for blonde hair
            Timotei with camomile extracts
            John Frieda Blonde Highlight Activating shampoo

-   brunettes
                Timotei Henna
                John Frieda Brilliant Brunette

- Wavy/Curly hair
           Pantene Pro V Perfect Curls
           Sunsilk Aloe Serum for Wavy/Curly hair

-   Coloured hair

              Elsève Colour Care with UV Nutra filter UV
              Fructis Coloured Hair
              Herbal Essences Colour Intense
              J. Dessange Colour Revival
              JLD Colour Guard
              Le Petit Marseillais with olive oil and natural poppy extract
              Timotei with cotton extract
              Ultra Doux Fig and Rose Oil
              Sunsilk Colour Nutrium
              Dove Brilliance Care

-   Mid-length and Long hair
             H&S Smooth and Silky
             Elsève Doux Brilliance Alpha Jojoba
             Ultra Doux 2 in 1 with Vanilla
             Le Petit Marseillais with natural pear and oatmilk extracts
             Fructis Long and Strong

     5. By promise

     - Hydrating shampoos (Dove, Neutralia)

     - Nutritive shampoos (Fructis)

     - Treatment shampoos :

          Anti-dandruff (Head & Shoulders, Elsève Ultra Doux with natural extracts of thyme and

          blue eucalyptus, Herbal Essence, Organics, Timotei Clear, Palmolive…)

          Anti-itching/calming (Le Petit Marsellais)

          Anti-hair-loss (Elsève)

     - Smoothing shampoos (Pantene Pro V)

     - 2 in 1 shampoos (Dop, Dove, Head & Shoulders)

     - Shampoos advertising highlights, brilliance (John Frieda)

     - Anti-age shampoos (Organics)

   Appearance of a new
    segmentation: by season

- Summer:

    Elsève Solar Hydralium and
    UV filter system

    Jacques Dessange (UVA and
    UVB filter, with extracts of
    vegetable and algae vitamins)

- Winter: Wella anti-static

          The general olfactory

                                                         The flowery and fruity notes are very

                                          much present on the shampoo market. Simple and natural,

                                          they give a fresh and soft appeal. Two notions very

                                          important on the shampoo market.

Elsève shampoo for mid-
                                                         The benefits of aromatherapy and
length/long hair with
flowery/fruity notes of banana,
blackberry and jasmine.
                                          essential oils on the scalp intervene more and more in the

                                          olfactory note of the shampoo. The aromatic and

                                          hesperidia notes convey the notions of freshness and

             Le Petit Marseillais Anti-
             Dandruff shampoo – myrtle
             and eucalyptus

  Ultra Doux shampoo with
  lemon/olive oil for dull and dry

                                                                            The fern notes, woodland and

                                                             marine are also very much present; they are

                                                             addressed particularly at the masculine consumer.
                              Elsève Anti-Dandruff shampoo
                              for men

                                                                            The avaricious notes are equally

                                                             present on the market. They convey the notions of

                                                             well-being and exoticism. We find them for

                                                             example in the summer shampoos with sun


Elsève Solar shampoo with a
fondant texture and an
irresistible perfume with
avaricious notes.
                      To each type of shampoo … its own olfactory family

               Anti-dandruff and treatment shampoos
               The notes are above all aromatic (thyme, eucalyptus, mint) but hesperidia
               notes are equally present. These fragrances evoke freshness and
               cleanliness and also the appeasing and caring side of the product. The
               woodland notes are likewise present.

          Greasy hair shampoos
          The notes are above all hesperidia (lemon in particular, grapefruit,
          The green notes (apple, tea) and aromatic are equally present. They
          convey freshness and cleanliness (purifying effect) but also dynamism and

          Dry and dull hair, reparative and nutritional

                     The notes are soft, fruity, flowery but equally avaricious
          (caramel, coconut, vanilla, honey). The hesperidia notes are equally
          present for freshness and cleanliness.

                       Hydrating, soft shampoos

                                             The notes are very cosmetic and evoke softness.
                                  We find therefore, milky, flowery (rose) and fruity (peach,
                                  pear) notes. They evoke cotton, cream, silk, almonds,
                                  vegetable milk.

          Brands and products –
             market positions

Shampoo Softness & Care   Shampooing Pleasure

Shampoo Nature            Shampooing Family

ShampooTechnicity         Shampooing Treatment
                       Shampoo Softness & Care

                                           Hair contains 10% water and as for skin, this quantity is
                                   essential for its health. Whatever the hair type, it needs
                                   hydrating regularly to stay beautiful. In fact, the more the
                                   scalp is hydrated, the better it resists to exterior
                                   aggressiveness (brushing, hair dryers and pollution).
                                           Soft and caring shampoos gently respect the hydration
                                   of the scalp and allow the hair to rediscover its vitality,
                                   strength and brilliance.

                 This type of shampoo is addressed to all hair types. It allows the
      gentle preservation of coloured hair, brings softness and appeasing care with
      anti-dandruff shampoos and also more softness for longer hair.

            Shampoo Softness & Care
                           Their formulas are soft, derma-
                protective, pH neutral and hypo-allergenic

                           This type of shampoo could contain         The brands
                hydrating milk (Dove formulas contains ¼ of             Dove
                hydrating cream) and is often associated to           Neutralia
                softening ingredients such as almonds, vegetable      Ultra doux
                milk and Aloe Vera. The texture is therefore
                creamy, unctuous and calls to mind silk and cotton.
                This particularity is found at the olfactory note
                level which is very cosmetic and soft.

                           The products
              Total Softness shampoo from Neutralia
          Anti-Dandruff and Care shampoo from Neutralia
             Ultra Doux with hydrating vegetable milk
           Dove Moisturising Milk shampoo for dry hair
             Dove 2 in 1 shampoo for all types of hair
                Shampoo Nature

                     Nature is used in numerous ways on the
          shampoo market.

                     This type of shampoo puts forward the
          virtues of natural ingredients on the hair: nourishing,
          fortifying, balancing (notably with citrus fruits for
          greasy hair), hair-lightening, calming (for anti-
          dandruff shampoos with aromatic ingredients)
          reparative ….

                   Shampoo Nature
                       Nature is associated with
            softness and caring but can also be
                                                               The brands
            associated with well-being and pleasure.
                       On an olfactory level, the notes     Palmolive Naturals
            evoke the multiple facets of nature:                  Timotei
            freshness, cleanliness, well-being, exoticism       Ultra doux
            etc.                                            Le Petit Marseillais

                        The products
              Fructis Fortifying Hydra-Smooth
           Palmolive Natural Vitality and Brilliance
            with green apple and orange extracts
          Timotei with raisin extracts (greasy roots
                        and dry ends)
           Ultra Doux with natural grapefruit and
                    green tea extracts
          Le Petit Marseillais appeasing with lemon
                 tree and blue iris extracts
                              Shampoo Pleasure

                                                           This new type of shampoo corresponds

                                                to the new needs of the consumer, searching today

                                                          for pleasure, well-being, a poly-sensorial

                                                      experience. The shampoos offer, therefore,

                                                 fragrances and textures that wake up the senses

                                                    and offer the consumer the chance to dream...

            Shampoos are consequently becoming an experience, an

  agreeable moment for the consumer. The product is appreciated above its

  cleansing characteristics and performances.

                                  Shampooing Plaisir
           Nature is omnipresent to evoke pleasure. It allows the link
between the virtues of natural ingredients (notably herbs and flowers for the
new brand Herbal Essence) and an agreeable perfume.                                 The brands
           The notes trendy and young (notably acidulate and sparkling) are       Herbal Essences
restored with the current flavours (Vivelle).                                         Vivelle

                                         The products
                                  Vivelle Gingembre stimulant
                                     Vivelle Extase de rose
                                    Vivelle Fruits défendus
                                    Vivelle Folie d’agrumes
                Herbal Essences Douceur et brillance (aux extrait d’églantier,
                                     jojoba et thym)
                Herbal Essence Hydra régulateur (aux extraits de bleuet, aloé
                                vera et écorce de cerisier)
 2004/05        Herbal Essence Tonic Equilibre (aux extraits de camomille, aloé
                                     vera et passiflore)
          Shampoo Treatment - Health

                         These shampoos could be anti-dandruff, dry

             scalp relief, hair-loss etc.

                         Their formulas are extremely soft and allow

             for daily washing

                         They are usually associated with aromatic

             notes (Thyme, Eucalyptus, and Mint) to evoke freshness

             and cleanliness and equally the calming side of the

             product or the soft flowery or fruity notes for the

             caring side.

          Shampoo Treatment - Health

                                                              The brands
                                                            Head & Shoulders
                                                              Pétrole Hahn
                                                             Elsève Homme

                           The products
               Pétrole Hahn Force The Original Green
                     Head & Shoulders Classic
          Head & Shoulders Freshness with natural menthol
                  Head & Shoulders Citrus Fresh
                   Elsève Anti-dandruff for Men
2004/05         Elsève Thickening shampoo for Men
                Shampoo Technicity
                     This type of shampoo puts forwards the creativity, the technical
          aspect and the efficacy of the products and their formulas: silicones,
          magnesium salts, vitamins, UV filter systems, purifying agents, concentrated
          essential oils, serums etc.

                     These shampoos reinforce, fortify, repair, protect, revitalise,
          purify, nourish and relax the hair.

                     Specific formulas are appearing to respond to the new
          preoccupations: curly hair, smooth hair, anti-age formula, sun protection,
          shampoo for blonde hair etc.

                  Shampoo Technicity

                                                        The brands
                                                       Pantène Pro V
                       The products
                                                     Jacques Dessanges
             Organics Anti-Age with Collagen E
                                                      Jean Louis David
                   Organics Hydra Purity
                                                        John Frieda
                       Elsève Solar
                 Elsève Intensely Smooth
                  Kéranove Hydra Purity
          Pantene Pro V repair and protective care
                  Sunsilk Volume shampoo
              Sunsilk Aqua Minerals shampoo
                 Sunsilk for Perfect Curls
              Jacques Dessange Active Termo
2004/05        Jean Louis David Total Repair
              John Frieda Highlight Activator
                     Shampoo Family

                     This type of shampoo is targeted at    The brands
          the whole family with an economic price, large       Dop

          bottles and simple olfactory notes, agreeable

          and appreciated by all.

          The offer is not largely segmented and

          responds to the most basic requests. The

          formulas are usually soft and apply to all hair


                       The products
                     DOP Egg Shampoo
                      DOP Soft Vanilla
2004/05            DOP 2 en 1 Soft Almond
          The trends to follow

               The hyper segmentation
                       Consumers are looking for targeted products to
              which they can correspond. The idea of belonging to a
              group and to be, at the same time, different is a strong
              consumer tendency. The segments follow therefore the
              particular strong growth areas:
                - Products for men
                - Products by age section (for example 12-25 years)
                - Products for blondes/brunettes

                         Nature

                          This is a particularly strong axe in the beauty
               hygiene sector. It represents numerous symbols:
               softness, well-being, freshness etc. Consumers
               appreciate natural components and the natural trends
               (products with essential oil bases highlighting quality
               raw materials) seem the most interesting to follow.

             Pleasure and well-being

                      This tendency corresponds to the new
              consumer requests, looking today for pleasure, well
              being; a poly sensorial experience.
                      The shampoo products inspire spa or
              aromatherapy concepts.


    Collection Floressence
   For men shampoo:
          NEW MAN                    34337

   For a particular type of hair:

    - normal hair:
          CLAIRBAL                   34363D
         CLAIRY                      34009B
    - dry hair:
          NUTRI                      34263G

    - greasy hair:
          APPLEMINT                  9483B

   For particular characteristics:

    -coloured hair:
           ACTIFCOLOR                 34032C

    - brunettes:
          ANITA                       34331H

   For particular promises:

    - hydrating shampoo:
          HYDRA                       34021D

    - solar shampoo:
           SOLAR                      34385D

    - anti-dundruff shampoo:
           NO PELL                    34421D
           ANTIPELL                   34342

           This publication is for information purposes only. It is not
exhaustive. This document cannot be used for a publication without
mentionning the origin.

                                                        Marketing Department


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