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Manufacturing logistics solutions
(Fourth Programme)
The core competitiveness of the manufacturing sector is the product design,
manufacturing and sales. The face of increasingly fierce market competition, in
addition to use in the procurement, and production areas to strengthen management of
lower costs, increase sales efforts and other factors, lower sales and logistics sectors
and capital goods stocks occupation, scientific management and mobilization of
logistics resources to product sales substantially lower costs and other logistics
companies to become an important issue to consider: how to get "the third
profit source"
On the one hand with the third party logistics industry to enhance strategic
cooperation, the other company itself through the use of fourth party logistics services,
strengthen management and supervision of logistics providers, to obtain maximum
reduction of logistics costs. Party logistics services is the core of advanced electronic
systems and logistics management solutions.
Manufacturing industry now faces mainly sales logistics management, general in the
country has a national distribution center (NDC), many parts of the distribution center
(RDC) and mainline transportation logistics management needs.
Manufacturing logistics demand
1, real-time warehouse inventory management
Manufacturing enterprises generally have a number of NDC and RDC, the sales
process to ensure the logistics, information flow, capital flow of accurate, timely, clear,
must be real-time remote warehouse inventory management.
2, strong sales support
Sales of both traditional marketing channels, but also direct marketing, such as
supermarkets, shops, etc. There are a variety of ways, logistics systems and
management to meet the needs of diversity.
3, with the company's ERP / CRM / financial management software
General manufacturing companies have adopted ERP / CRM and other software to
enhance the management capacity of enterprises as an integral part of management,
logistics system with ERP / CRM system seamlessly.

4, the control of the entire process of logistics
Sales logistics process manufacturing enterprises, including marketing plans, product
factory, pull positions, NDC Management (Operations Center), warehousing,
transportation lines, RDC management, distribution and statistical inquiry, damaged
goods back, the whole process of customer feedback, so Sales logistics solutions
should include the entire process of continuous operation, control, query, tracking
5, customer service functions with customer
In addition to manufacturing its own use of system management, logistics,
manufacturing enterprises of customers (distributors) also need systematic
understanding of the logistics status of goods, also hope Zaigaixitong in processing
orders, and account,
6, the logistics of manufacturing enterprises should be a strong sales statistics, query,
data mining
Distribution Logistics System manufacturers can not simply of statistics, query, but
also from the complicated statistics in accordance with modern management and
analysis methods for data mining, decision-making available to the scientific
enterprise, accurate analysis of the data and conclusions.
7, sub-supplier of logistics management
Manufacturing companies involved in the sale of the logistics supplier to many of the
points, distributor / dealer and branch management, so the logistics system must have
a strong KPI management.

Manufacturing logistics solutions
Manufacturing logistics solutions for manufacturing companies using fourth party
logistics service management of the entire process of logistics activities can help
business managers timely, accurate and comprehensive grasp of marketing logistics
information, customer relationship management, financial statistics and other
information, the enterprise "customer-centric" logistics service
system, management of business logistics suppliers to reduce inventory costs, and 公
司 ERP / CRM systems seamlessly, to track the entire process of logistics services, to
Barbara as business sales logistics firm to achieve backing.
Fourth Party Logistics Services program is a professional logistics service company,
according to the characteristics of manufacturing their own product sales, the use of
advanced electronic information systems and logistics management experience,
development of logistics service mode. Fourth Party Logistics Services companies
and work closely together to complete the business of logistics management
"Logistics Star" package is a modern logistics management
ideas and technology by the combination of a product of the design data using a
standard interface technology, by the client, WEB and end of the flexible use of
means, thus ensuring the entire logistics logistics solution with good stability,
openness, can be growth, integration and other advantages, the enterprise can ensure
the ERP / CRM and other information systems seamlessly.
Manufacturing logistics solutions to off-site storage (RDC) for the management of the
core, using Warehouse Management System (WMS) to build its management
structure, integrated transportation management (TMS), order management (OMS),
etc., can be applied to sales of all manufacturing enterprises Careful management of
1, application architecture

2 Features
1), customers and sub-supplier management
These functions are mainly the purchasing department and sales departments. Sales
information is available for credit rating, price and marketing policy agreement,
receivable management, procurement departments can use these data points for the
side of the selection, purchase price / volume analysis, payables management.
2) the internal management of off-site storage
Including order management, warehouse information, shipping management, account
management, statistical reporting, monitoring alarm functions, support for ordering,
receiving, storage, picking, shipping, replenishment, inventory part of the warehouse
3), freight management
For the realization of the choice of the carrier by the main / distribution point for
management, the rate determined, transportation routes arrangement, vehicle
scheduling, cargo load handling capabilities.
4), financial statistics
Through accurate records of each transaction activity related to open the accounts list.
Implemented features include: general ledger management, cash management, fixed
asset management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc..
5), tracking, early warning and KPI management
Through multiple channels for customers to learn more about the latest status of
implementation of orders and history. Customers can see the entire treatment process
Zai in order what the status of implementation in Xia; system Ke Yi Ge Zhong custom
alarm type, such as the durability of goods Qi, goods optimum Kucun, Dang
Daodayushe critical value, the system will take the initiative to alert the operator, it is
beneficial for the timely handling of exceptions in order to reduce the pressure on
customer service; system offers a range of Key Performance Indicators
KPI's statements, such as warehouse utilization, goods damaged rate,
perfect order rate, vehicle space / volume utilization, etc., so as to assess the
performance of logistics activities provide a quantitative basis.
3, the program features
1), uses distributed database technology, while achieving a warehouse and operations
center outside the real-time data synchronization, synchronization of cycles set by the
2), the system supports multi-company, multi-warehouse, multi-sectoral operations
3), providing online order management
4), automated storage spaces suggest that the choice of these storage spaces according
to a predefined storage policy decision to support multiple packaging units
5), according to the product code, batch number, supplier code of goods
comprehensive tracking and query
6), can generate product labels, pallet labels, container labels and other barcode labels
7), to support multiple types of delivery methods, such as batch control, FIFO, LIFO,
emergency shipments
8), the list can be shipped to the delivery of transport vehicles to provide optimal
9), the transaction can be recorded on the storage of a comprehensive audit and
10), support the current mainstream ERP system interface, custom interface according
to need