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Article is taken from sneezing
Work for so many years after graduation, I know three friends graduated from
Tsinghua University. 3 all of them are about the same size.
The first one is I am a female junior high school student husband, like me, university
assigned to the state-owned factory. First to the workshop practice, listen to people
say that is only counting on high, often with the leading reason, Nao Yixian. The
leadership of the factory began to cherish and also points from his naughty for a while.
Finally, the estimate is the leader getting mad, so he has been training in the following,
talk about things on the transferred branch.
Work in a factory for a few years, the students had not naughty. Novel in the unit all
day watching something, doing things, is not a take a ride, and lazy heart
impermanence. Later, the unit which entered students in the unit's
leadership, so they took him as a negative example.
"Do not like that man! Also Tsinghua yet."
Later, when I left the factory, the man still plant it.
The second friend, is the honored person in my career. I entered from the layman to
professional software company, a first step, he is my interviewer.
He Tsinghua graduate school majoring in radio. After graduation, his diverted to make
the software.
Tsinghua graduates have a good advantage is that all people will think
you're smart. Whether you are learning the radio, or other. People will
think you do not have any problems. So, for him, as long as not pork, learn other
high-tech, not an easy task?
In the past, I changed from machinery to the IT industry went to great lengths.
Sometimes, I wonder: If I graduated from Tsinghua University, is not it more easier.
However, through him, I could feel the weight of Tsinghua University in the Chinese
mind. One time, traveling with him, stay hotel. Register with us.
Take ID cards, he has no intention to bag to retain a school license with Tsinghua out.
Just now also face stiff waiters, shining eyes flew up.
"Tsinghua ah"
Even we feel very face. Peach's attendant laugh if that was about the
university entrance exam she had a son, her son also test Tsinghua.
After six months we worked together, one day, he resigned and left. He went away,
and asked me to not a new company. I say for the time being not consider walking. He
said: have the opportunity to re-contact.
Years later, listening to friends talk about. He was getting along fine, buy a car buy a
house and a happy family.
The third friend, I call him w it.
w is also my colleagues, my colleagues, but this is: I entered the company's
development department, he was preparing to leave from the company's
sales department. You know, somewhat sympathetic.
Tsinghua University, he is the computer. But honestly, the level of his computer, from
a professional point of view, really flattered.
His departure from the company, would like to open a company to do their own
software development. Let me also occupied. I think he is ignorant, too hung up. So,
gently decline the. He said nothing, pulled two people to set up first on the company.
The company's chairman and CEO, he did one.
May be taken into account their qualifications was not enough, the company officially
opened, he went to Tsinghua University to learn the office certification. In the
learning process, he discovered: perhaps engage in IT training, or good. This thing is
very simple and promising.
Later, he said to me: he spent 7,000 yuan to buy a certificate of authentication back
office. After returning from Beijing, he decided to not do the software company,
engaged in training.
Now look at IT training is on fire, and can be ten years ago, not much training.
No teacher, he washed himself at the front. On one occasion, he engaged in a excel
seminar, I went. Talked about half of the time, stuck, say the following, some people
say he was wrong.
At that time, the sweat ah! I blush for him. But he does without blinking an eye, the
heart does not jump. Wrong? Acknowledged it wants to, to laugh it off. Really, I had
to sweat for him to squeeze.
Training company, is opening up this stumbling. Business well, he and the staff at
Computer City Zanji, barely stay down.
Three years ago, we at Microsoft to meet a new recommendation. It turned out his
company, now has become one of the leading local training. Many multinational gold
certified training agency.
He told me about his new direction: with the collaboration of a network of university
colleges, business booming.
Words, the full confidence and could not conceal the pride.
Today, I read an online news, says there is an entrance examination called the four
students Zhaoqing Hu, Fudan University, Peking University, Beihang, how many
people dream of college he had admitted. However, the fourth college entrance
examination, he still has not admitted to Tsinghua.
He said: "I just respect Tsinghua University, it is the best university in my
The child was very ill.
I suddenly, the thought of my three friends, Tsinghua University. Are Tsinghua
graduates, age is about the same size. After graduation may be three, out of a very
different way.
I am a simple analysis of, the following of some enlightenment:
【1】 University is a starting point, not a person's end;
Even if you are admitted to Tsinghua, the future still has a long way to go. Tsinghua
University is not the only option for success in life, even to one person, nor is the
right choice.
Tsinghua may be suitable for some people, but definitely not for everyone;
Now the 12-year compulsory education, the success of one's life are betting
that the university entrance exam above. This is really crazy!
【2】 I'm Born to use.
Do not blind competition. Competition, there are a variety of competitive strategy
This is a competitive era, however, does not mean, in everything, everybody
Weaponry each other, life and death.
Currently the biggest problem in school education is examination-oriented education,
the assumptions and premises, have great threats of:
The college you better your future more secure.
Exam-oriented education does not tell you this truth: a good competition, there must
be good competition.
If you are three times as Ma as college entrance exam to university people, you do not
read Tsinghua doom is lucky in life.
I once saw in a forum a user said: Dalian Shide's Xu Ming, read what bad
schools. I read it a good school, but also not make much money.
People who complain, never thought of: the community of values with the assumption
that the set of school values, is not the same.
A reading of rotten schools Xu Ming, can become billionaires, while a reading of
good schools, but may feel resentment to society, about the outcome.
Examination of a test with the idea of waiting for the distribution of high-income
mental models, can not really understand all this.
Society needs is to create wealth, not the candidates who will.
【3】 era heroes
What kind of qualifications it enough?
Education, sometimes just a place to stand. Good use of it, and give you opportunities.
Use bad it is obstacles.
We need to get rid of the degree of superstition.
If you are 30 years of reform and opening up, a sign of success figure out the
qualifications listed, you will find: never read books, to Tsinghua University graduate,
10 million successful road, roads lead to Rome. School to learn things, life can be
learned. Life can be learned, not necessarily the school.
I have some real grass-roots friends.
A couple, 10 years ago, from the pendulum newsstands, to now, their opened a
What they did not read the book, but, as life enrichment, self-confidence. Their own
business sense, do not lose any of the highly educated MBA students read.
We live in an era of great changes. Among them, full of opportunities. If there is no
real limit, the maximum limit, or in themselves.
In the final analysis, whether it is not because of the changes made life force, or that
people should live meaningful changes.
What kind of life choice, I believe the future looks like. Is not how many books you
read, what kind of qualifications, but what you begin to take action.
Choose a better way to go, had to wait for a better life than the good luck from heaven,
which is more hope?
Speaking of blind competition, there is a case in point.
The end of last semester, teachers in the overall quality of reporting on his son, that
son to strengthen the sense of competition.
I understand the implication of the teacher: his son every night of the operation, only
do 11. The remaining work will not be carried on by my signature bin. Others can be
done at night 1-2 students point. How you can not complete it.
But I want to say is: so many of the exercises every day, in the end to teach the kids
what? This is not really hard to learn, just devastated.
It is unbearable, so I gave her son out of an idea. I want to teach my son a number of
competitive strategy: not worth doing, is not worth doing right. So, simply do not do
leave it.
Son does not want to do, because they do not complete the operation, to conduct
points deduction. What can schools have converted to scores, it is talented.
I told the son: "deduction on the button bar. Scores did not physically
At first, his son was very perturbed. However, the fact that, less work, and his
learning better.
I told his son: "You put those low-quality duplicate of the title cut do not
do, only do you not sure of. All in all, 11 points before the end."
"Any time, study, or work, not just a hard thing, talk about ways to be
strategic. Blind-competitive practices, it is not wise."
Teachers, are probably well-intentioned. However, good intentions are not necessarily
good results: 4-5 hours per day operation, does not mean that effect, but an education
slack. Teachers need to improve their quality of ah!
School education is now competitive strategy is to Zheng Yanxia: knew was wrong.
Can we still do it. This blind and crazy way of education, it is fear.
However, I think, even so, we can still choose to change.
I want to say his son is:
"Our future is really long. You can not put the body is now overdrawn. You
learn in school a lot of knowledge, the future is irrelevant. You at this stage, the most
important is to learn the habit of a reasonable allocation of time , a good exercise. you
learn a strategy to gradually learn, spend more time on matters of interest, more books,
and much discussion with my father to discuss. In this way, good enough. "
"Do not test all day long for the terrible fix. Yes, we are going to college.
However, this does not prevent us earlier to this problem: the University, we do? We
can not rely on reading has been read on it? Sooner aware of this problem better, we
can rightly see themselves, we should strive to, but not blindly in every aspect of the
effort. This world is not versatile. What we need is to find the binding sites
themselves and the community, to play to their strengths most vividly. "

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