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									CIDB Green Card Program


   Industrial Training Committee

        3rd December 2005
    CIDB Green Card Program
 Requirement by Law under CIDB Act ; All
  ‘Construction Workers’ need to have a
  CIDB Green card before they can be
  allowed to enter ‘Construction Sites’
 The Law requires employers to ‘train the
  employees and provide appropriate personel
  protective equipment’
      CIDB Green Card Program
   This is not just limited to Civil Engineering
    Students. But ALL (ME, EE, EP and IT) students
    because the definition of construction workers and
    construction sites are very wide
   How to Get a Green Card : -
    – Apply for the Green Card Registration to CIDB
    – Undergo a ‘Safety and Health Induction Course for
      Construction Workers’
    – The above will be coordinated by the College
   The Green Card must be kept with you all the
    times within the ‘construction’ sites. Without
    which you wont be allow to enter the sites.
      CIDB Green Card Program
   Green Card Registration Procedures: -
    – Complete the UPP1 Form (get the form from
      Admin office)
    – Identity Card (IC) Size Color Picture
    – Certified photocopy of your Identity Card /
    – RM50 Money Order / Bank Draft / Company
      Cheque payable to ‘Lembaga Pembangunan
      Industri Pembinaan Malaysia (LPPIM)’. This is
      processing fee charged by CIDB
    – All the above MUST be submitted by Friday (23rd
      December 2005) to your respective IT advisor.
      CIDB Green Card Program
   The Safety and Health Induction Course: -
    – This is a half a day course
    – The 1st session will be conducted at the end of
    – The grouping will be published by mid January
    – The cost of this course will be taken up by
      CIDB Green Card Program
   Benefits of the Green Card Program : -
    – Obtain a Green Card without which you wont
      be allowed to enter the sites
    – Awareness on the ‘Occupational Safety and
      Health’ Issues … Free Course
    – Insurance Under ‘Skim Takaful’. Automatically
      activated when a person has the greencard.
      Coverage 24 hours anywhere in the world. Also
      covers limited hospitalization cost
    – A SIRIM approved CIDB safety helmet given
Thank You

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