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12 minutes 50 questions
A numerical reasoning, graphical subject, as well as primary computing topics
South of the students believe that IQ must be very easy to get

Another is the tendency personality test
Positive hook up you think you are the kind of person, a number of adjectives
Do you think that you hook up the negative in the eyes of others is what kind of
person, a number of adjectives

Through the character of adjectives to make you fill out to three character curve
This can know that your personality is not suited to the job requirements
Therefore, the logic might character curve of intelligence testing is more important
than the point

Maersk has just been accepted as a work experience only one year younger brother, I
hope this article for those who wish to enter Maersk friends help ... ...
First of all, let me introduce myself: little brother graduated last year, Shanghai
Jiaotong University, later graduating to blue in a sole proprietorship engaged in R
& D Italian, English 6, the computer 3.
After seeing advertisements Maersk, little brother will be ready to make trouble,
because people in the industry know that this is the world's shipping
industry boss, Qingdao, one of the best well-known foreign companies, very lucky,
they gave me the opportunity of a written examination, the next is ready to , interview,
wait, continue to prepare the first round of the pain cycle is written, first EQ test, two
pages, not limited to time, mainly other people own their own evaluation and
assessment of others; then 10 minutes 50 questions IQ test;
The second round is the English translation and English Translation of two articles,
timed 30 minutes, then the department head interviews in English, about 15 minutes;
The third round is the department manager interview, is a Danish foreigners, mainly
English, ask questions, about 15 minutes;
The fourth round of interviews in charge of human resources, filling an entry form for
approval, and then mess with the Chinese ask the question, about half an hour;
I went the whole process a total of three Liuting, after each interview will give you an
answer the next day, the ratio is probably out of hundreds of resumes, 50 people the
first round, then 10, last 2, the final lucky younger brother to the end (although 51job
is written above the number of people move, they told me as long as the real one)
The whole process, in the final round before the fact, I have not worried that they will
be eliminated, because the beginning is not the job I applied for, they think I am fit,
let me face over this. Daoshi the final round, I thought had field staff assessment is
only a result but also out ... ...
Hope you Shidishimei success! ! !
Maersk written
   To participate in a moment, allegedly written giant hard, wages are not
high-Maersk's written. Really can be fun, this may be the Japanese foreign
boss, because I think the Japanese people who have employees are demanding. If after
the written test, and had to by the three interviews, the final will be chosen.
   Interview scene, a group of people come here especially from the start to be
notified quickly to the toilet, one would want to test a half hours. Also be sure to
notify the phone silent or off. Management personnel have sat down and asked if we
know the job interview, actually 70% of people do not know, then she introduced the
10 minutes, for all that interest on the job can not leave, of course, I am not interested,
But her questions is actually very interested to see to stay. This time there is a
person's cell phone rang, it was cynical in his department, as in school, like
when scolded by the teacher.
   Written in four areas: English resume fill 15 minutes, in English translation 15
minutes, test 50 questions 12 minutes, PI test unlimited.
   Is very strict, she said began to pick up a pen, that was flew stop to stop, or will be
requested from the examination room.
   The first two fill a casual look that's just not come to this.
   By the third session, she began the speaker, to and fro said n times, that she would
not let hair down the beginning can not read the papers. But the situation got under, or
a woman, should be done immediately turned to see her, and a blame again, and her
ferocious to say: go! Not to say it? Can not be opened to see, just did not know I
asked you, you nodded to say it. The woman then left. Here are a lot of people smile,
because I think this is simply to treat students as Well, but the woman is also very
much like a primary school A, but although she did not mind long, but it does not
need such a strong attitude, right?
          And then they start now, topic had no more than some simple calculation,
graphic arrangement, with the civil service exam is similar to suddenly not interested
in doing about 40 questions on the time, I thought I only started to be a three 10
questions that any confidential. Haha,
Then the PI I do not know is valid and, on a sheet of paper, title could not see, see a
bunch of personal evaluation of the following options, almost all hook up, the same as
the treatment of psychological tests. Took two minutes. We seem to have tired of
sitting there, and quickly hook complete all ran away.
          Forget that this company had previously been written and can not go, she
would thrust you out, as if to say, if the last written out too, and could not be you.

Maersk Maersk interviewing skills, to see if the students have experienced the use of
the interview which interview techniques: In the morning students from Eastern and
carpool to go, just let taxi drivers going round and round, opened more than an hour to
the art hotels, Road
The block is not the case is actually fare 59 yuan! ! Mad. Also almost late.
And then went in document.
Two parts.
The first part of the personality test, 2. The first page is selected from a bunch of
words in someone else's opinion of you. Can be selected.
The second page is selected from a bunch of words on their own evaluation of your
own. Can be selected. This part of the total of 10 minutes.
The second part of 12 minutes to do 50 questions.
A math problem, to find regularity, common sense questions, graphics, questions and
logical reasoning questions and so on.
Colleges to sit and find endless as long as individuals have the -.- b
Then ended. Together with a bunch of people sitting by the House of 55 Road 71
Road, and turn back to school.
Written test and a bunch of people still have to go with more fun ah. Coachman with a
bunch of people together to chat in the car. Zambia ah. Maersk if I got the interview, I
must go, Hang Lung contempt KPMG. I'm going to step outside the office
of KPMG kicks
Chance to let this put me in the written test out the company refused. Hum.
However, the subject of full metamorphosis of Maersk, the difficulty quite a big span,
I can not make a lot of math problems at first glance do not do the skip
The. Some of my classmates are doing a problem if a question is basically do not
come around 40 items stuffed.
Jiang Zi.
Maersk written questions
PartI, Directions: In this part, please translate the following passage into
chinese. (15 minutes)

The old conditions of travel and the new conditions of most travel of today
are exactly opposite. For in old travel, as on horseback or on foot, you
saw the contry while you travelled. Many of tyour stopping places were for
rest, or because night had fallen, and you could see nothing at night.Under
the old system, therefore, a wise traveller might keep moving from day to
day, slowly, indeed, but seeing something all the time, and learning what the
country wasthrough which he passed by talk with the people. But in the new
system, he is shut up with his party and a good many other parties in a tight
bus with glass windows, and whirled on through dust if it is dusty, or if it
is rainy, under arrangements which make it impossible to talk with the people
of the country, and almost impossible to see what that country is.

PartII, Directions: In this part, please translate following sentences into
English. (10minutes)
1) Can you tell me how to spell your name, please?
2) I am sorry, I do not know what you mean.
3) Let us confirm our agreement point
4) Please clarify this point.
5) I can not make a decision immediately.
PartIII, Directions: For this part, lease kindly answeer below question in full
sentences of English. (15minutes)

Whats your greatest success or a situation where you exceeded your own expecta-
tions? Why?

PartIV, Directons: please translate the international trade glossary into
chinese with appropriate description. (Optional)

1 Sailing Schedule
2 Purchasing Commission

Maersk Interview (change)
First of all, most students are interested in (Maersk Logistics) Company's
document questions. Maersk and participants each candidate taking the ratio of
1:1000, a high attrition rate for those who have access to Maersk as a myth. As the
entrant who do not do any preparation, not to use prepared in English, they do not
answer questions like "Why should enter our" or
"what is your specialty," the issue, so of widespread
"alternative" document, or to attract a large number of questions
participants. Such questions are certainly not open to the public, the papers on the spot
to recover, said that the questions MAERSK use every year, so in strict confidence.

The questions did the students said the written test of character is divided into two
parts and quick quizzes. The so-called personality test, that is, from the good,
determined, passionate, courageous, lonely, passionate words such as describe the
character tick, respectively, meet your friends for their assessment and evaluation of
your words. Can not think of some commendatory words do pick on certain agreed
that the Company's option based on your personal development into the
computer to produce graphs, from which a person can see the development potential
and long-term competitiveness. The second is fast quizzes to require 12 minutes to
answer 50 questions, but these topics are the most simple intelligence test questions,
such as "2,4,8,16 a series of numbers, by how much the next
rule" similar topic, even a child would do, the key is a matter of time, the
12 minutes up to make a few Road, the purpose of course is to examine your reaction

Maersk Logistics, the world's top ranking logistics company, every
recruitment need through gesture and interviews and so on. His gesture is said to have
the test bank questions for each exam candidates will be pumping. Even just take a
written examination came back to share with you. Document examination questions in
two parts, personality problems and logic problems. Title character is basically the
problem of talent evaluation, both sides of a sheet of paper, different topics, options
are the same! Therefore candidates must be careful! Does not require any skill, there
is no good or bad, as long as the honest answer on the line. Poor me, look at problems
not careful ah, it's a bad answer. Topic is so positive subject:
"You are what the eyes of others?" And then a lot of adjectives.
Negative questions: Options or the heap of adjectives! Exactly the same! Is entitled:
"You want what?" Distinguish between the two questions well,
ah, must be careful that is! Logical question seems tired iq title and a calculation, but
also reasoning, questions of great, 10 minutes, impossible! Maersk's
recruitment system is based on Quad and type your answer, the type of your talent and
ability to determine your suitability for the company. Or phrase, do not care how
much you answer questions and techniques is to measure you based on their
suitability. In general, careful is the key, no other preparation.

MAERSK written examination consists of two parts: logic (part of the subject similar
to the gre / gmat) and personality tests, the test for the Chinese. Logic test for 12
minutes, required to do more problems as far as possible, guarantee the correct rate.
Of course, few people within the prescribed time, all the questions. Personality tests
easier. In addition, the tests need to add a pre-application form.
Only through written tests, interviews may have.
Interviews generally have three: one of your colleagues after the second plane is
department manager, on three sides is the manager. Of course, each branch may vary
according to circumstances.
The interview will involve a number of professional issues, will be tested in
accordance with conventional English.
Maersk MISE training within a well known, but places are limited.

MAERSK test in the most important is the personality test, that is, you do
"Do you think other people say about you" and
"How do you evaluate the" two parts. Most people would
choose to do this when the words that seem more attractive, such as lively, integrity,
honesty and what's commendatory term. If you are very sorry that you
choose the faster the game is basically a (of course not absolute). If you can choose
the time to consider a little more, (it is the release of "Do you think other
people say about you" and "How do you evaluate
the" exam when there is a time lag, and columns where the content is
exactly the same options, the general second second choice of words and the first time
about) what the election mean, rebellious, like a personality for their own derogatory
term, Congratulations, you written the most important hurdle you have passed the
other three parts as long as no a big mistake, you can groan basically a job interview,
and I forgot to say that as long as pass a written, MAERSK interview just a mere
formality, not to be nervous, as long as you do not suck too stupid, usually over, and
then beautiful in its office machines like living every day life. Ha ha! Also in the
MAERSK, the United States to do the customer service line and the LCL is the most
tired, the other also can, as long as you are careful enough, whatever.

IQ test questions, as if a total of 50 questions, it is EASY to do more than 40 title sure
is right (in fact, I have to sit halo car to Shenzhen, and should not do more), it is
apparent IQ questions difficulty or small. I think as long as the title character before
and after the test did not contradict other people's opinion of you (request)
less the election more on the line. I do of the actual situation. Then back to
Guangzhou, then the second week of notice, notice on the phone the first round of
interviews in English, about 56 minutes, may feel okay on the notice to the interview.
Then they take more than two hours by car to Shenzhen, where he was going to ask an
HR question about ten minutes, and then she said she did not ask the question, while
another person to interview me. Then a little girl (I think she is not young, she said
last year that Maersk's) to interview me about 15 minutes. HR is not doing,
and asked a very non-professional colleagues may be later. For this 30 minutes I spent
two or three hundred Tai Yuen. Two days later they received a phone call, notice to the
final interview. The ride to the Lo Wu Railway Station, then take bus number 12, too
trapped in the car fell asleep, as long as the results of the two stations sit Merlin
terminus of the bus. Only further confusing the back seat. Go to another one, said HR
once again IQ test question, subject difficult than the first number, I guess only do so
on the 35 questions. (These tests like the correct rate and the number of employees
with the information after a little bit into the relationship). 56 minutes after the test
finished, HR managers will notice there is an interview I. Chinese people come, they
tormented by his English four minutes later. Then call the next day on salary. Caesar
HR Maersk really big, attitudes and other HR of all enterprises are different,
especially impatient, especially bad. All about wages, and asked clearly are angry that
so many of your question, ye? Seems like can not inquire into that. See above that
Maersk bad attitude, I fully agree. Maersk's wages are not high, middle
level is slightly higher in the same industry. Worse than I expected, placing. I
estimated that 700 yuan in Shenzhen rent 250 + Hydro + food + transportation 600
300 yuan = 1852 yuan. This should be a basic living expenses. SO SAD. Go or not
good? !

On the written test, aptitude section is very important. Maersk's work style
is very tough, so try to select the response to self-confidence, cheerful, outgoing,
strong, so the word perfection. Then the people around you think we should turn the
election, and as far as possible small selection is the best, choose some insignificant,
such as "at ease" ah, "stable" ah so. the
interview must be clear, ask what the direct answer, then do explain; but also pay
attention to the relevant the information to their advantage to provide as much as
possible out, even if people did not ask to.
Owner to pay is itself a fixed standard, you will catch a high excess, he would not
agree. Welfare, MAERSK have Social Security, Medicare, and housing subsidies (if
outside the account will be directly sent to you monthly wage). Interview questions is
nothing more than their own assessment, career aspirations, and to leave this job
because, you think you are and how well candidates work.

But candidates still a little say in this together
The beginning is a logical and personality tests, a bit like the administrative ability
test, I flew up to the students of the written test as well.
2 examination paper, a 12-minute, subject simple ah. I did not finish first, mainly due
to more than 5 minutes early as a few people into finished chatting, arguing dead, I
shouted to them: SHUT UP! The second examination paper, I relaxed, about 9
minutes done it.
Hu fill in all the personality test, 1 minutes complete.
Said to pass the written test is OK, more importantly, PI.
A few days later that one side is SEALAND and LOG, there is the MANAGER
FINANCE surface, a pass mad McCain, asked what problems are forgotten, but the
interview process and circulated on the Internet much the same. Be confident, very
Surface over, asked me what the three MANAGER, I said, how to pronounce
MAERSK, when the MANAGER LOG only say, oh, did not test speaking ~ I
introduce myself, they asked some questions on what the end ~
Then the next side is the department head, I SEALAND, is the OPS and CUS of
TEAMLEADER surface, they are NICE, but the problem very carefully, I quilt cover
half an hour.
After a few days, that is, to talk contract MANAGER small room, and SALARY.
Our company is very stable and rarely recruit people. Recruit me to quit because of
one person away.
Great pressure of work, something relatively trivial, just rest for an hour at noon.
I'm new, so every day, early to late withdrawal, the general does not require
overtime. Sundays do not work overtime on weekends.
General If overtime at night more than eight points, beat the fare (50 or less) and
dinner expenses (50 or less) can all be reimbursed.

Also, I think our attitude can, at least I was doing when the phone LOCAL SERVICE
attitudes are very polite. Only some customers, particularly large customers, said a
bad attitude.
We do not slow the speed of pulling the bill of lading.
As for the upstairs of a number of attacks that our attitude is not good, I think
sometimes may be too much work, manpower was not enough, I often ring with two
landline, cell phone ring, one of another plane also prompted a phone call come.
Another reason is that most of our business is done FOB, customers do not need too
worry about the source.
PS: If the shipping company's size, strength,, MAERSK really is the
biggest, both the number of cabinet or the number of vessels, and annual shipments.

Maersk, which I still like it, do not look at academic certificate, but only capacity.
And every Friday to speak English all day, in fact, more of this work written in
English, a computer, a telephone and can be. Actually did not think it was written off
after a high score. The way to enter Maersk would be a miracle, 1000 will resume
taking a personal investment. Except of course the kind of low-level jobs. It is the
start the phone interview in English, when after a further notice and written test will
brush for most people, I think it was nothing, who would Chuaizhe two copies of a
four, a graduate certificate. Calves are not afraid of the tiger is really the beginning of
body. Written test is simple, give you two pieces of paper, above all adjectives to
describe personality, what smart, decisive and so on. Other people want you to hook a
piece of paper on your expectations, one should you hook your own evaluation. Two
adjectives are similar. Do not think you pick a good pick on the line, he will use your
hook to be a thing in the computer capacity and development of your value curve.
These exams are several sets of absolute confidentiality. Each time the same thing.
Some people had a treasure knot, Philips, DELL's not always been that it
questions the pen. There is also a test is to do your problem in 12 minutes, the title of
all primary school mathematics, and English synonyms, logical reasoning, is simple to
see your accuracy, if a total of 60 of the question. I also answered 40 questions on the
time. Unexpected surprise after a later call to let me test once, that was last sea
transport department, the trick is that the logistics company, gave me over, and the
Internet check the following information, I discovered that Maersk is the
world's shipping section a giant. I was only poor English, feel better now,
the first interview is a TEAM MANAGER, just fine on my impression is that the
English problem, a good start, then I use English to describe their own strengths and
weaknesses, I feel confused , Chinese say I do not know, let alone in English?
Muttered a few words. Not retest after such notice, lost

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