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Please 1.'s Biggest failure is to give up
Entrepreneurs did not retreat, the biggest failure is to give up.
Today was brutal, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is good, but most
died in tomorrow night, so everybody do not give up today.
Many people smarter than we are, a lot of effort than we, why do we succeed? Do we
have the wealth, while others do not? Of course not. One important reason is that we
kept going.
I want to tell you that business, do business, in fact very simple. A strong desire to say:
I want to do anything? I want to change anything? Do you want to clear, you always
insist on that.
Why is my motto is "Never give up"? Because it is the
world's biggest failure to give up, give up is the easiest. So I would like to
say that living is victory. The world's most painful is to uphold, but also
insist on the most happy.
I always think that people are in business life. Ago, Shenzhen has a slogan called
"second pioneering" I do not agree with this. There is no way
with the second group of business leaders, as entrepreneurs from the day you have
been in business since.
Internet access in winter, we do not brand the first and second funds can be very small,
the market situation is not very good, we heard the Internet turned to leave. At that
time many people come in, there are many people out. I remember a young man just
entering the company told him I hope that persevered the most difficult time not
giving up. The young man said: "I remember that within 5 years I would
not go." This is five years, they have gone one up in person, and when he
can not hold fast when I told him that I remember he was saying. Now he survives,
regardless of his style of doing things, or his wealth has been very successful.
We say that the Great Wall to build a founder of the Chinese people, the best
companies around the world, so in the most difficult times, we always have to
remember this thing.
I do not know how you define success, but I know how to define failure, that is to
give up. If you give up, you fail; If you have a dream, you do not give up, you always
have hope and opportunity.
People never forget their first day of the dream. Your dream is the world's
greatest things.
Life is an experience. Success depends on how much you have overcome, through a
number of disasters, not achieved any results. I hope so I have seven or eight years old,
I told my grandson that is your grandfather how much my entire life experience, and
not for how much. I think everyone is the same. Life is good, constant effort, do not
give up, we have a chance.
Passion is not worth the short, only lasting passion is to make money.
E-commerce is a new field, the most important thing is always a matter of passion for
the passion you go. E-commerce is not easy to do. Today there are so many people, I
am very pleased. In the network, especially those who survived the last few years,
going through too much.
Never more than lucky with the others. I never thought I fortunate than others. I may
be more than their perseverance in the most difficult times, they are unable to go on, I
can boil a second, two seconds.
I rarely have a closed mind, there are 100 rare thing in a. But some things, I took his
head, and those who feel justified, I must insist in the end.
Alibaba is not how great, how great is not Ma. For a long time, many people do not
optimistic I do not believe that B2B model can make money. But we have been
bullish on the industry, has not changed. In 2002, the Internet bubble burst, many do
B2B trade website have fallen one by one, and finally left Alibaba. The
Internet's winter Ye Hao, bubble period we have, our firm along the way
consistently. Some people are more at night want to try the road, take the same route
up in the morning, not destined to succeed.
2. Concentrate on doing one thing
People should focus on things. Challenges of life will be more people walking, you
change every day, I am afraid for you.
The world is not because you can do, but you do. Li Ka-shing said before,
he's diversified necessarily have one or two always make money only
when they were third. Cheung Kong is his flagship, Cheung Kong he has only today.
This world is not good idea, and only down to earth results. If philosophy is
something quite worthless, the real integration of valuable things that you create
You can now go back to work, can take three thousand a month's wages,
but three years later you still have to find work for such income. We now take only
500 yuan per month salary, if the success of our company, we can not always worry
about the economy!
Alibaba looks like after I do not know, but in the next 3 years to 5 years, we will focus
on the development of our e-commerce company. I think we absolutely can not leave
the center. 10 years of business told me that we can never fashion, not because of
anything up to follow up.
Not enough to enable us to reach distant dream, but people must have to reach far
away dream.
I think we do not get up early catch a late set, I will not Google and Baidu's
shares rose, on the also want to do. Like 45 years ago, I do not believe that message
will change the Internet, do not believe the game will change lives; I do not want my
son to play games, I do not want someone else's son to play games.
I firmly believe that electronic commerce will affect the Chinese economy, China is
the lack of credit system, the lack of network infrastructure construction, it will be a
leapfrog development. The establishment of self, the pursuit of ecstasy. You have your
own personality, but you have to forget their own.
Where your company is not, sometimes your heart where your eyes where more
important. Starbucks is not in New York, Seattle; KFC is not New York, Kentucky
Fried Chicken have in the world. Enterprises in the orientation process, we need to
understand their own products can not go so far, is not able to go that far. To another
place for another product, place new ones, new ones product, this is a great challenge.
Therefore, not necessarily bigger, but he must do. Starbucks coffee sold 23 years,
15,000 stores to open to the world. Must have a unique idea, so you have enough time
again to promote the unique idea.
Business, to really think clearly what you solve problems and create something
unique value.
Concept to today's era can not make money, and it must be turned into
something concrete, even if very small, very specific, very detailed, you will
appreciate. Whatever purpose, must put their plans made it clear that everyone can
From now on, we have to do a great thing. Our B2B Internet service model will bring
about a revolution!
Three or four years I have changed a lot, but I would like to share something that is
more difficult, the more say that I forward. We are very difficult times, you have to
boil and then forward a boil, boil half a day to get through, and survived after the road
to open.
What is the brand and business? I live longer than others. You live people die, you are
the brand, is that simple.
In fact, the determination is not the largest I have great confidence in the Internet, but
I think to do one thing, experience is a success. You to try again, no you can turn
around; However, if you do not do it, like "Think of thousands of road at
night, take the same route up in the morning," the same reason.
If a young man today and you say what he wants, even after three years, said he was
going to do this, and insist on doing, then you must give this young man an
3. Entrepreneurs is to face the difficulties
In times of difficulty, you have to learn to warm your right hand with his left hand.
When you are happy to give someone else happy; when you're not happy,
and they will be happy to give you.
Happy happy is an investment, you would happy to share with others, then others will
one day return to you. To do a job, to do a job like that is a good start.
If you said the first day of business, I have come to enjoy the pain, then you will
become very happy. I do sales in 1992, when I said that business optimism is very
important. Sales ten times ten times zero out, and, indeed is zero, absolutely right on
that, to reward yourself.
Face can not control the changes, the real entrepreneur must know how to use positive
and proactive attitude to embrace. Of course change is often painful, but the
opportunity to adapt to change is often painful to get.
Over the years, I've experienced a lot of pain, so I do not care more pain
later, anyway I am off to a one.
Not they had experienced difficulties, will not overcome the more difficult. To help
him once, hard to help him a second time, people only on their own. You must also
remember that this world is full of love, full of care and concern, he should think of
today, he ran into bad luck thing, more people than he was very unlucky.
How others said, there is no way to do. You have to understand, am I going? What I
can create value to society? Start time, my colleagues may Liuguo Lei, my friends
may Liuguo Lei; but I did not, because the tears to no avail.
I tell myself that I do is, I do is very difficult, very few people do, but I am willing to
try. This is a critical, you crossed the threshold - the most difficult of the dark,
you're likely to see the dawn. The dark before dawn is the most hard to get
The most important and most precious is that a lot of mistakes, and take a lot of
detours, making us more confident in facing the challenges of tomorrow.
Internet companies did not expect others to do so would be painful, I have more than
20 times this pain psychologically prepared, it will not fail. As long as the face of
reality, admit mistakes, there is always a solution.
Entrepreneurs like something from the heart to do these things.
From the start of the day, every day you have to face the difficulties and failures, not
success. The most difficult time I have not yet come, but one day will surely come.
Difficulties can not escape, can not let other people help you to carry. 9 years of
business experience tells me that no difficulty can be your own face. Entrepreneur is
to face difficulties.
Happiness is not a concept, the concept is never a core competitiveness of enterprises.
Any entrepreneur will always make their own smiling faces exposed, it is difficult to
imagine a painful face can give people happiness. So happy is the need to show up,
you should show off your own happiness.
Entrepreneurs are happy, the entrepreneur is a team. Darkness, a man walking is
horrible, but so many people walking hand in hand when it is happy, that is courage.
Entrepreneurs do not start, no, no big, no small, everyone on the same starting line.
4. Scolded them because they love
Others that I speak the tough, more drilling, write a little more sharp. I think that
entrepreneurs do not need to listen to good words, and entrepreneurs need to hear the
real words, this is what I want. We are privately warning that our errors, is our true
If you want to listen to lie, I can tell you it very hypocritical, particularly illusory; but
I believe that all young people, like me, want to listen to the truth.
The world's most difficult is to tell the truth, the easiest way is to tell the
truth, you told them the truth when they will listen. Therefore, every time I always
went to Harvard MBA to criticize some people. Called them as love them, if even
curse when I'm not criticizing do not love them.
Business Education and Training MBA, first off is a man off.
I hope to Alibaba six years experience, six errors, six of the many things to share with
you, I do not want to see a lot of very successful companies today fail tomorrow. See
all entrepreneurs brilliant outsiders, when in fact they pay, Who knows? We have
experienced, we see that only 20% of the glorious side, hard side up to 80%. Since
2056 we came all the way setbacks, there is no glorious past to talk about. Each step
each day, every decision is very difficult. Others view, we develop so quickly this year,
in fact this year we have accumulated five years of experience, and we pay more than
others even more than 10 years.
If there are 100 individual entrepreneurs, of which 95 individuals may fail, then the
remaining five individuals, four individuals that we looked at him was about to fail,
there is a person who is likely to succeed. So failure is that most entrepreneurs will
encounter problems.
I think that entrepreneurs need to know such a state: pain persist, happy to die.
Business process is painful, you have to constantly overcome difficulties one after
another, more successful. Hundred years later, when you die, you will feel very happy:
one's life, I fought, I was happy.
From the first day of business, any entrepreneur should be mentally prepared: a day to
think about their future 10 years, 20 years to face anything. Remember, you encounter
the bad luck thing, in that the difficulties encountered in several decades, only a small
CE0 and a good leader in the display of good times ahead for staff time, must give
them to display what the next disaster. Would like to clear the next disaster, you can
spend the next disaster; thought clearly, every day like a good general will again
5. Entrepreneurial university is the best community college
Entrepreneurs are often pioneers, you learn a lot of knowledge in the MBA may not
be for you to start. Entrepreneurs greatest joy is that the process start to learn, to
Entrepreneurs are often confused because of their business away, when you find out
will not go after the business was. Not too many entrepreneurs the chance to read it
does not matter, afraid of not reading the community.
Sometimes, high academic qualifications, may not sink down and do their own thing,
I think to get a Ph.D. diploma, but the real test of life began. Doctoral graduate
students to do more than three years of simulation problems, graduate more than two
years of undergraduate simulation title.
I read I read was not many entrepreneurs is the best university community college. I
found another degree high school reputation is bigger, if not very spiritual. So I give
you this suggestion, junior high school students are also very good, the key is that we
start university in the community something more than others. But the learning must
be concluded, does not sum up no good.
In fact, I left to start a business from 30-year-old university, I have an idea, spend 10
years to start a business, before returning to school to teach. This has been my dream.
I was a mistake, I venture too simple.
In fact, very difficult business, founded a great business more difficult. You have to
pay is very big. At that time 10 years so easily that I can go back, but in fact this is a
I debate with the Beijing University Professor Zhang Weiying, first of all I admit that
I rather poor level, 95% of the MBA have been removed I opened up, are they not
wrong? How can I drive 95% have been removed? Certainly wrong. Because they
come in to tell you the annual salary of MBA at least 100,000 yuan, one talking all
strategy. Every time you listen to those experts with spoke passionately, MBA, and
then when you do not know where to start.
A few days ago, I organized a number of high-level look at the company's
"History of the sky." This is a very good drama, about a farmers
how to grow gradually into the general's story. Jiang teeth of the beginning
of the hero is almost a bandit, but through continuous learning, practice, not only
learned guerrilla warfare, large-scale operations, mechanized warfare, but also into
their own innovation and become a victorious general. Like with many SMEs,
Alibaba also hope that the same staff as ginger Daya, constantly transforming,
learning, but also innovation, so that enterprises can continue to grow.
Three years ago I sent a colleague to read MBA. I said to him, if you forget after
graduation have learned that you have graduated. If you think everyday also learned
something, then you have not yet graduated. Learning MBA knowledge, but to get out
of the limitations of MBA.
Do not be afraid there is distance between people, the key is to see the distance
between people, have to work hard to see from the goals and direction.
I found the top three university into the community often do not succeed, but 10 or so
people in the community was very successful.
One life is to be a failure and success, the failures and successes are not accidental,
but the accumulation of bits and pieces come at the right time to do the right thing,
with the right people. I was lucky, use many appropriate and very good people. Enter
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