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Although long known Lonely Planet backpacker's Bible is universal,
although the book is also always double the brick blocks look like the various
versions of Lonely Planet, but still will not be bought, mainly not read the big inside
part. From this point will be more apparent from Lonely Planet backpacker hand their
unique style with their maverick.
Often is to put a Lonely Planet book if evaluation of its taste as a symbol. See the
original has been a regrettable issue of the Chinese version of Lonely Planet.
Fortunately, the company announced some time ago in China Lonely Planet, publisher
of life SDX Joint Publishing published the Chinese version of Lonely Planet, the first
published description of the national stage will have Australia, Germany and the
United Kingdom. This undoubtedly shows that the fast growth of China's
international tourism industry are interested in, but also by the more popular
Lonely Planet publishing company in 1973 by the traveler Tony Wheeler and
Maureen Wheeler couples create. Then just graduated from London Business School
in London, Tony and Maureen park love at first sight, and soon married. The normal
track of life, they should find a stable job and worked fits family life. However, the
two restless young people are unwilling to fall into the life of this cliche, they plan at
the time looked like a fantastic honeymoon is the trip completely changed their life
They bought a cheap old cars driving along the Balkans, across the Eurasian continent,
the way tourism. Arrived in Afghanistan, they sold the car, change train, bus, rickshaw,
boat, on the road spend an average of 6 dollars per day. 9 months later, they by
Singapore, Indonesia, across the seas to Sydney, Australia. This trip was marvelous
way, people are busy snooping, want to ask for advice, so the newlyweds
overwhelmed. Finally, they want to, it is better to write a book to teach people their
own books about travel. So the kitchen table in his travel notes will be finishing a
book, published his first travel guide. In this way, they are from a hobby to create his
own business.
Today, Lonely Planet has developed into a publishing company in Melbourne,
London and San Francisco three offices, employs more than 400 multinational
corporations. Founder Tony Wheeler is "The New York Times"
as "the most influential people on the trip," and
"Lonely Planet Travel Guide Series" is also known as Travelers,
"Travel Bible." In 2005, the authority of the brand agency
Brand Channel's annual "Asia Pacific's most
influential brand" competition, Lonely Planet ranked fifth, behind
Samsung, Sony, Toyota and LG after. Lonely Planet travel guide series of the current
global annual sales of nearly 6.5 million.
When Tony Wheeler and Maureen Wheeler started publishing his first book, ready to
set up publishing company. Them in a small restaurant in a row to a dozen names, and
then Tony Wheeler Matthew Moore to sing out the song "spaceship
long" in the lyrics, "once we travel (once while traveling),
across the sky Yeomans Fox planets alone (Lonely Planet) seize my vision.
"though Maureen remind Tony to sing into the wrong Lovely Planet
Lonely Planet, Lonely Planet, but still feel Tony is a better name.
If the name is a unique guide Lonely Planet backpacker travel ass way line, then the
fox run the planet alone is bound to let more people who love looking at its office to a
richer, fuller spiritual home.
  ?Lonely Planet many people referred to as LP, but it and the network wife (LaoPo)
short LP is the same. Although both the rational and emotional level is not residential.

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