Lovers telepathy Meditation Retreat

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					Lovers telepathy Meditation Retreat
Lovers telepathy Meditation Retreat
   Love, roses, candlelight, romantic but superficial; group of rice, clubbing, K songs,
and enjoy only in the material. We might as well try to enjoy the unique spiritual
program - lovers Meditation Retreat, set aside earthly troubles, a pleasant taste of the
physical and psychological journey of the heart feeling love for the inner experience
of romance! For couples, parents and children, close friends and other private joint
exercises Oh!
Energy. We believe that the Retreat will create a magical energy; Similarly, we believe
that love is a kind of energy. Therefore, the aim of keeping the practice in the double,
you can feel the powerful energy of the intersection, accumulation, so as to achieve
the best effect of self-cultivation.
Telepathy. When training retreats focus, eliminate mundane affairs, most sensitive
soul. If not love, but love in my heart flow, the legendary love each other,
"telepathy," will also now manifestation.
Beautiful. Double learning go hand in hand, with his power, more beautiful, or display
the aim of keeping more difficult.
Trust. Exercise the most basic conditions of double Retreat is one of mutual trust.
Even between the couple, this is a most precious asset in life.
Harmony. The harmony of physical understanding, will form a harmonious
understanding of everyday life, which is the aim of keeping promises.
Attractive. Across the plain trivial time, through close physical contact, re-let the
other know their own bodies and minds, double Retreat Let us review the state of
thinking without interference between each other crazy intense family love, attraction
index soared.
Strengthen love. Double retreats help to stimulate internal organs, improve the
body's sensitivity to more powerful expression of love. The increase in
Thanksgiving Index, love charm, hormone secretion way call, the couple retreats will
have a more wonderful to experience!

Welcome to the spiritual home of wealth circle
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