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					Little Miss on insurance (meaning universal insurance coverage)
?Little Miss on insurance (meaning universal insurance coverage)
Universal life insurance, is now selling a very hot product, it may be because of
weight gain by the customer to protect the concept of light, sometimes the insurance
company only pure product as a universal risk-free, stable and long-term investment
products, of course, This sounds right. But I think that the main function is universal
life insurance product to protect.
  ?Universal life insurance has two main functions. One is the financial one is to
?"Universal life insurance", as its name. Life insurance
companies in the most basic products, the role of life insurance is death insurance
cover or Peifu multiplied by a ratio of the sum insured, generally whole life
(dividends or dividends), term life insurance. Choose to buy life insurance products in
general is very simple, life is very simple and clear terms, it is difficult to design
much of the "flower head", the majority of life insurance
products in the terms on which Chule exclusion, waiting period, no dividend Wai
different from other basic , claims are also very simple, death or damages, basically
do not have claims disputes. Customers pick a good basic price as long as no major
problem. However, the number of customers buying insurance for the amount of life
insurance protection to how long is a big problem.
Certain aspects of that life after death to protect the loss of income and family
responsibilities, etc., so changes in income, changes in age, financial status of the
different (for example, loans to buy a house just) life insurance needs will be the size
of the impact. These changes are sometimes slow, sometimes sudden, and flexible.
Purchase of traditional life insurance, then obviously difficult to fit their needs and
flexible to change their level of protection. And universal life insurance have this
feature, you can change at any time according to their own life insurance needs of the
level of protection, such as revenue growth, or just bought a house Qiandai very large
amount of this time can be suitably increased their coverage, or in that no particular
need to reduce the sum insured when appropriate. Also I think 还有 universal life
insurance an advantage is that we can pre-set future some years of high insurance
amount, then the future will arrive Zai insured's age, high section, you can
Genju Requirements Selected Shihou Yongyouzhexie high sum insured, if that does
not require you to choose to lower the sum insured is why I think this is because of
the advantages of universal insurance, according to people's instinct is
certainly want to think that their risk increases, the amount of the purchase of high
security protection (such as deterioration of physical condition, suffering from serious
illness, etc. And this time they will not agree to cover insurance, universal life
insurance to buy is the sum insured can be pre-set high, when in the future that do not
reduce the insured amount, indirectly, to increase the risk of increasing the insured
amount when the purpose. universal life insurance also a feature that consumer life
insurance term life insurance and return of your election, I think that
consumer-oriented life insurance is a good choice, but many people may not present
to accept the concept of consumption, then I suggest you can buy universal life
insurance, as long as you set the sum insured will remain unchanged, he is a whole
life, if the sum insured pick low to a certain extent, he would be tantamount to a term
life insurance, a consumer-based insurance. And I think life insurance protection to
protect the revenue in fact disappeared or 60 years old on it However, if the purchase
of term life insurance, and if the protection period is too long to buy term life
insurance is because no dividends can not fight inflation, short-term occurrence of
40,50-year-old will be encountered when buying life insurance to buy insurance
coverage limitations and physical examination, the fee increases , refused insurance
coverage issues, there is no such universal issues.
So sum up, buy life insurance protection, universal life insurance is your best choice.
Finally, in this statement, I said only for reference, if any mistakes, you look at me a
kindly forgive me.
If I am wrong, it may Replies that you can e-mail, QQ, telephone point out, but do not
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