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					Listen to Tan Dun's Water Music

   Listen to Tan Dun's Water Music is a wonderful treat. Especially in the
west of Hunan Province that performance, memory is especially deep.
Which jars of water from western Hunan, the musicians perform their magic,
presenting all sorts of wonderful tone and mood. Beautiful melody, a rhythm, is
clearly from the pathway along the western Hunan Jiang Liu.
   That a mysterious and ancient waters of the simple birth and feelings, the music of
the network picked up, hanging in our view, is so classic and feel that it can breath.
   Every strand of music filled the air, water in the infiltration of every heart.
   With skillful and dexterous finger Tan dancing, people deeply immersed in this
scene: Western mountains and rivers in the rolling, let's love and admire
you so, Western Village Village Village of the original simplicity, so the situation you
have single clock. Western white clouds, Cang Ye, Trail, Yan Shu, all the sentences
into the music and image in a musical highlight in front of us. Western's
spring, waterfall, The river, lakes, it is your melody, poetry and meaning.
   In the blue sky, you use the Western mind listening to a gesture by the ejection of
each sound, the emotions and the ups and downs of life are woven into an small
stream music through history and reality.
   At the moment, there is clear water is tap with, gurgling streams through endless
years of wilderness, you feel that Western people the unique hard-working, honest,
part in the thick atmosphere, you feel the Western people stay in the life in the solemn
and pure heart.
   An cheerful streams in the original and ancient mountain, as seen in a smart and
happy spirits faint fragrance of the earth surrounded by a splash in the water of the
girls who come, sweet girl singing to the dawn dressed as a Western Unique landscape
rippling over your music.
   Pieces have ceased, and the only water rhyme.
   The acoustic sounds of nature such as clouds and stretch, such as birds crisp Qinren
hearts. Sound of water to penetrate the soul, melting strange and distant. Melodious
music of the water in a deep understanding of talk, form of life in a transparent crystal
   You use the romantic Seine river Zuiguo French, you use the Mississippi River
water Zuiguo bold Americans. But, you have a birth of water close to and love, but
music is the universal language, a combination of both can be heard: playing in the
water laughing and Masterpieces Pieces from the other side of deep space, such as the
oriole sings Lili came, people touch a deep thinking, a human force and the
personality traits of sublimation.
   A drop of water you use light, which reflects the nation's suffering and
vicissitudes of life; you use a CSC's gentle, charming and tender singing
women; you with a river of water content, rippling can not forget that customs
Hometown ; you use sea water of broad mind, a devout prayer to heaven to bring
well-being for the common people.
   So, climb over the 5000 Love Xia Wenming murmuring stream dust, moisture,
"bridges, water, people," Fore and Aft, "Surging
Waves shore, thousands of piles of snow rolled up" energy, in the Yangtze
River, the site of the Yellow River culture pass the "Every Generation there
is talent out" era sound.
   Acoustic soft, ethereal sound of the piano.
   You are born in south of Yangtze River, the natural, your music will fit in this
scenario: spring rains, bit by bit until dawn, so sad heart can not face the tears of the
candle shadow, so the pillow of illusion can not reach people for the distance .
   Water is tender and the water is motherhood. Music is spiritual, music is eternal.
   As to who is the mainstream, who is the carrier has been important.
   Mutual interpretation of life and human nature, common participation in spiritual
and complex solution, which is Tan Dun's Water Music has given us the
most thorough notes.
Tan Dun Introduction

  Innovation known composer, conductor Tan Dun, on the world stage had an
indelible impact. His music spans classical and modern, East and West many
boundaries, access to a number of the world's top music awards: in 1999,
Tan Dun opera "Marco Polo" won the world's most
authoritative text of US-cells Prize in 2001 for the film "Crouching
Tiger" won the Oscar for best original music Music Awards, in 2002 the
U.S. Grammy Awards, American Music Association magazine was
"American       Music"     awarded    "2003      Best

   Tan Dun was born in 1957 in Changsha, Hunan, in 1986 the United States. In 1983,
still in college, Tan to Symphony "Ode to Elegance" won the
Webber International Composition Prize, becoming the first international awards for
Chinese composers. In 1989, his work "Nine Songs" Once
again, success in the international music scene.

  Tan Dun's music often in the world's major concert halls,
opera houses, festivals, radio and television studio in a wide range. Tan
Dun's extraordinary musical vision and Chinese culture, heritage, let him
out of a music beyond the conventional path. Who, with his clear and challenging
musical ideas, and the world's major orchestras, has conducted major
orchestras of the most important include: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Los
Angeles Philharmonic, Boston Symphony Orchestra, French National Orchestra,
Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Montreal Symphony
Orchestra, NHK Symphony Orchestra, Lyon, France Symphony Orchestra, Sydney
Symphony Orchestra, Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra, London Sinfonietta and the
China Philharmonic Orchestra

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