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									Life insurance claims
   In order to be insured as soon as possible when the accident occurred for
compensation or payment of life insurance companies, policy holders should note the
  ?(1) to contact in writing, notify the insurance company and make payment of the
insurance application. When the insured person to disease, injuries, insurance,
accident, shall immediately notify the insurance company. If policy holders may have
to take notice due to slow increase in investigation costs led to the insurance company.
When the insured to receive insurance money age, insured for its own sake, of course,
should be promptly submitted to the insurance company to pay the insurance
  ?(2) prepare the necessary application documents. Typically include:
   ① payment application;
   ② insurance;
   ③ last payment certificate;
   ④ related personnel identification;
   ⑤ the insurance contract and other supporting documents (see terms).
  ?(3) the "Insurance Law" on the claims made by a certain time
   ① life insurance companies in receipt of the insured or the beneficiary of the
compensation or insurance payment request, shall make a timely approval, belonging
to the insurance liability, with payment of insurance policy holders to reach an
agreement within ten days to fulfill payment obligations. Otherwise, compensation for
insured losses arising therefrom;
   ② life insurance company claims and the receipt of proof, the information within
sixty days from the date of its payment of the insurance amount can not be determined,
should be based on the existing certificates and information to determine the
minimum amount of pay in advance, in the end determine amount, then pay the
   ③ If the insurance contract null and void or fraud, or the occurrence of insured
accident not insurance, the insurance company will be issued a notice of exclusions;
   ④ policyholders disagree with the results of the claim or objection through
negotiation, arbitration or litigation to resolve.
  ?(4) China's "Insurance Law" provisions of
limitation of five years of life insurance claims, life insurance, the insured or the
beneficiary of the insured person the right to request payment of insurance, accident
insurance, since its know 5 years from the date of exercise and not eliminated.

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