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					Public-Private Dialogue

  Ethiopia PPD
  Vienna PPD
   April 2009
  James Brew - IFC


1. Institutional Arrangements
2. Entry strategy
3. Exit Strategy

   Institutional Arrangements

Where to locate the Secretariat:
•        All options on the table
•     Nearly all of them tried
•     Ethiopians decided
Roles of Chambers of Commerce?
•     Ethiopia has a structure of Chambers & Associations
•     Apex ECC&SA
•     Political issues between PS BMO’s.
•     Ethiopians decide
Government institutional arrangements
•     No government support then no PPD.
•     Government have used PPD process introduction for reform.
Development Partner role?
•     PPD is No. 1 DP priority.
•     Will fund as joint donor group providing different strengths.

    Entry Strategy

•   Existing PPP Forum.
•   Good analytical base for past with recommendations going forward
•   2003 – 2005 no real progress.
•   World Bank PSD program
•   Stakeholder meetings on need / requirement /wants for PPD
•   Government guidance.
•   Validation workshop for IFC PPD review 2006
•   ECC&SA & Ethiopian Gov. form WG.
•   Proposal and regulation close to finalisation.

    Exit Strategy

•   Exit is a variable term depending on whom and what is exiting
•   Issue is that if the PPD is successful then the issue is sustainability.
•   Strong institutional arrangement.
•   ECC&SA will house the Secretariat.
•   EPPDF will be national
•   Will need each DP to provide:
•       Not only funds
•       But their particular expertise in PSD.
•       PPD is a natural entry point for PSD support – via PPD all can
    work together on PSD through the EPPDF.

•   Any exit for the EPPDF will be an Ethiopian decision.