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The relationship between appearance and success - Mr Yu on June 2 speech at Tongji
Tongji University students Good evening! In fact, people living on very good, as there
is no meaning of life is another matter. Live every day the sun rose every day to see
the sun go down. You can see the glow, see the sunset, see the moon rise and fall, see
the starry sky, and this is the best meaning of living. If a person's
appearance and success related, there would be no Jack Ma and Alibaba, because if
the students here that Ma looks nice, it must be a problem with the aesthetic. Of
course, this does not mean that the person who looks pretty impossible to do things,
for example, we are more familiar with another company boss boss Robin Li Baidu.
Robin Li is very handsome, all his pictures look like movie stars are the same, but he
also achieved success. So no matter how appearance, can be successful, but Robin Li
and Ma sitting at lunch, they were not willing to sit next to a chair, because the two
people were to appalling proportions, the solution is put me among the two of them
played a role in the transition. Like me, no characteristic appearance of people can be
successful. So whether it is male or female, the most important is their rich inner
world, his demeanor and temperament of the culture, the expansion of their own mind
and the pursuit of the ideal firm. With increasing age, these will gradually become
your wisdom, all of which is constituted the true essence of your success. Less
successful and family background are not related? We often see some elite Fugu
origin who were born on a golden key to his mouth. For example, we may see some
of his classmates wearing the left designer clothes, carrying the right brand of
handbags, seated in front of party secretary's daughter, sat behind the
central leadership of the son, and you may be one from the ordinary workers family of
students. Sometimes you will feel satisfied, but the world already full of injustice, and
often a lot of unfair flash in your eyes. You will say, how would I do in this world,
why does he have, and I have nothing? I was in college also had this normal
psychology. For example, my students have Minister's son, a university
professor's daughter, and I was the son of a farmer. Examination after 3
times into the Peking University, dressed in commoner lug pole walked. You will find
that you always keep up their status, should better keep up their pace. You will find
that even if they do nothing to stop life, the things they own more than you. For
example, in the first year when the Minister of the class that children are open every
Friday-Benz 280 driver to take them back. When you think that we can not afford a
bike, he actually sat-Benz 280, which is what kind of feeling. You feel in this life
basically is finished. But the students you have to remember the truth, life is always
moving forward, we go a lifetime. We not only passed four years in college, or
graduate school, we go a lifetime. May come to 80,90 years old, although come to
80,90 years old, lives in the end like you do not know how, you can do is to keep
walking. So I am very proud to come from a farmer's son finally reached
Beijing today. My mind is very balanced, but in fact I Zoulehenyuan. Of course, some
students will say that you're in the North already very successful. Indeed,
the North increased my number of success factors. For example, because the North to
study atmosphere is very strong, so I read a lot of books, thinking becomes very sharp.
Beijing does have human environment, a bronze statue of Cai Weiming Lake on the
edge set in, but every year there are thousands of people into the North, the North
there are also thousands of people, can succeed in the end there? In fact, the success
rate of Peking University students are not successful than any of the high proportion
of college students. All the success means that you pay after graduation to further
efforts, if successful will mean the University, then there would be no Ma had. I told
Ma have much in common, his college entrance exam three years, I test the three
years, he is the English test, I test the English, the third year I went to Beijing
University, he went to Hangzhou Teachers College. I believe that many students have
never heard of this college, then I think my life should be more successful than his
right, but very unfortunately, from this perspective, the company was listed on the
New Oriental is the market value of 3 times, and I In addition to what made it a new
Oriental gone. Not only that, he still Taobao, Alipay ... ... So imagine if all of the
wonderful life in college had finished, the back is always flat, do you think this life
would be perfect? In other words, you had the university not so exciting, after
graduation has become even more exciting is not good? Facts have proved that many
of our students at the university near the top in performance, but also after graduation
can not make anything but how come. Because in society, not performance at work.
Results can only show you the high IQ than others, but it does not determine your life
will certainly amount to anything. Success is not just determined by your performance,
the most important is the ability to deal with the social interaction with others
capabilities. Interpersonal relationships in a variety of chaotic, the ability to find
opportunity, and your gang with you the last leadership ability to create business. All
of these things is determined by your performance. Of course I'm not
saying do not take science in college, get college diploma is necessary, because in the
future we will find such a phenomenon, if, even college diplomas are not available,
your life will be full of difficult . Many people now read the University, some people
say that college means nothing, because they can not work. Indeed up to now, this
year the proportion of graduates find work only about 40%, but I believe this is only a
temporary phenomenon, because the adjustment of China's industrial
structure has not yet come. From a historical point of view, far more than the Chinese
students, because China is moving from a manufacturing consulting, information,
logistics and service industries to communicate with the world, which means all the
students here have the ability to work with such bound to find a job. Of course, I just
emphasize that good grades are not necessarily in the future you will do well. Have a
statistical data, scores of universities and the top 10 after 10 students conducted a
research to a period of 20 years, the university students in the last 10 total wealth and
access to social status, actually has over the previous 10 higher. This means that even
the most backward in the university students do not give up. For example, I worked
for 5 years in the North, in order to graduate, it is the reciprocal of the fifth graduating
class, but now we are the first to fifth class all in the New Oriental. Therefore, we
never to give up their own. Is not that we take the long life of accomplishment is
bound to do? No, because life moves in two: the first one to walk on the plains and
went 90 years old, very flat, but you can not see the beautiful surrounding scenery.
Because the plain sides of the picture are the same. So, when recalling the time his life
was found empty. Our life must be the same as the endless mountains, spend the same
as the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. There are always numerous steep peak in front of that
we need to conquer, but once we boarded the steep peak, the life will be revealed by
the infinite beauty, panoramic view of the entire world. Of course, the climbing is not
an easy thing, you have to pay a lot of the price, but the price is worth it. You climb a
mountain, if going to another hill, we must start again from the bottom to climb,
because no two hills are linked. The most wonderful time of life is to old to be able to
write a memoir, he would have experienced due to the life and moved, will move
others to continue to fight for the wonderful life, this time I can say my life is very
fulfilling. Many students come from rich families, to buy mobile phones, computers,
parents will meet you the moment you get to feel very happy, but as easy to obtain, so
easy to lose. As easy, so it will not cherish. The treasure in life is to be the best thing,
the premise of value must be because you is not easy. I met 10 years ago, a
particularly touching story: a college student came to me, because the very poor, but
would like to go abroad, like the GRE and TOEFL New Oriental's courses,
but no money so he told me that he was want to go to New Oriental's
courses, but no money, can do part-time summer classes at the New Oriental
administrator, and arranged for him to TOEFL and GRE classes, finishing up The
admission of students in the back after Saowan to lectures, I said Certainly. Did not
expect the student has referred to a request, if two months of part-time really to do
well, then, could give him 500 for his salary to buy a tape recorder, I said no problem.
The results of a child two months later, all contact with him said that the child
seriously hard, so that after two months, I gave him a thousand dollars to buy him a
tape recorder wages. After he bought, while listening to the tape edge tears. I know he
was touched by their behavior, certainly after the big futile Sure Yale University a few
years later he was admitted with full scholarships, is still work in the USA, salary 130
005 1000 U.S. dollars. So moved only by their own lives will be wonderful. I also
moved some make their own stories, such as my university entrance. At that time
thinking I have to test the university, but never thought into the North, so I study hard.
Sometimes you will find your head down, go straight ahead, target will be in your
back. So when I got Peking University admission notice, there really is going to
Heaven and laughing and then crying with Fanjinzhongju same. But if at that time did
not insist, perhaps I am still just a farmer's son. For example, when we
have individuals with the village as I took the test two years, he one-third of total
score was also taller than I was I said to him with the third test it, but his mother said
do the test, find a woman married Operators , but I was with my mom, you let me test
one year, third year I really admitted. So I have come to two conclusions, 1, must run
fast, and do not necessarily have to run fast, but have to run a long time; 2, can not
stop, you can not catch fish three days and starts, to persevere. I went today, not a day
too lazy, and I still have to work nearly every day, 16 hours a day from the entrance so
that day. But I found that I was more than some of my colleagues, however. From
primary to high school, I learned also very serious, results are always among the first
10 to 20, while in college I learned more seriously, but eventually graduated fifth in
his class last. Tortoise and the Hare story we know from elementary school, and life
are often reflected. Because people tend to run fast to stop, and Pao
Deman's not because of not running slow. As long as the run, sooner or
later will reach the end you desire. So when we do not go to college regardless of who
scores high or low, if not stop to pursue on it. Once, a friend asked me who a lifetime
horse and camel to go far? I think certainly is a horse, he said, you are wrong, the
camel path is much more than the horse, because the horse will stop running for a
while, but once you start walking a camel, if you do not let it stop, it will not stop .
Therefore, a wise man a lifetime achievement created by people who are not
necessarily stupid than a multi-created, because stupid people are creating every day,
but smart people can create for some time to stop, even Edison that super-genius, a
child is also considered an idiot. Einstein-year-old would speak, but fortunately, he
had a good mother always thought he was a genius, make him a great scientist. Life
has many unexpected things, like, three years I've never thought of college
entrance examination into the North, but the results I found after the release outside
the Beijing University entry score 7 points. After we complete the voluntary test at
that time, when I fill it out and also worried about not being admitted, the result of
Beijing University or admitted me. Because many people with high scores than I
dared not fill in Peking University. After I entered the North, due to poor performance
overall in the last class, but I never stop learning. Some students said that Yu teacher
because you have money so it can do. Frankly, before I do so I had no money.
Because I used the most admired figures that Xu, because he is my fellow, living in
my house next door. But he was 400 years ago and stayed at my house next door, to
know where the celebrities on the impact of local juvenile is enormous. One time, I
sat next to the Yangtze River to see sunrise and sunset, I guess he took a how can it go
too far? Therefore, in this life I will aspire to go as far Nenggen him. It is precisely
because there is such an example in, I will find entrance once, twice, I do not despair,
because I know the only way out of the rural border is admitted to the university. I
want to become a city of rural household accounts, because the city was household
can go everywhere. Although I am usually calm, but there is always a desire in mind,
called the distance across the horizon toward the desire is to see I was always satisfied
with the immediate horizon, and I always want to turn over the horizon to see what
the other side in the end of. Life is a variety of living law, but even if you sit in the
middle of his study, a lifetime to make his life a great change. Chen Jingrun life never
produced a den, not the world's greatest mathematicians? So no matter
what the state should also like to write a poem as "believe in the future,
love life." Therefore, only when we have expectations of life after can
progress. Sometimes, we choose to move forward, not because we are so strong. I am
so touched by words, has become my motto: "Keep it not because I am
strong, but because I had no choice." New Oriental has a campaign called
the 50 km walk. New Oriental any new recruits teachers and staff must walk 50
kilometers every year, the future also have to walk 50 km. Many people have never
traveled that far, the general walked 10 kilometers to walk, in particular, to wade to go
mountain climbing. Every time I would go with New Oriental staff, half the time
someone will come to think back, I said no, you can not go, but the resignation of the
report was handed to. When you go 25 kilometers, when only three options, first, to
continue to move forward; second, to the back; but when you go half the time, you go
back is 25 km, it might as well insist on moving forward ; third, standing at square
one. The journey of life to a halt, what hope? We have a lot of confusion and pain of
life, as long as you stick to move forward, often to get rid of the pain. In the course of
walking, I have a pain in the Liuguo Lei, has also been a pain in the crying too, but I
know that because you do not carry on strong but because you have no choice. Till the
end, you will find that there is always the outcome. I did not think the training of 13
new students from the East, and now the situation changes and you do not decide on
your future, my time at Beijing University more suffer, above all, as the poor, I was
wearing really big patch into the campus, school physical education teacher we never
call me by my name, are called to be a movement that large patch. Because I had
training in rural areas, have done just fine jumping movements of view, so I always
called out to do presentations. At that time, our class of 50 students, 25 boys and 25
girls. At first I heard this figure is particularly exciting, but did not think the girls in
our class I did not look for a Zhengyan Qiao. In 2001, when our whole class together,
we come back from around the world. Looking back, we suddenly find that very
unpromising class, also you can not speak Mandarin, and unknown how the man
became the best of the class. This time, female students are enthusiastic to go to hold
my hand, did not start with regret. Therefore, college girls asked me later, we are now
looking for a boyfriend Yu teacher standards to what I said is very simple, refer to my
looks. Of course, if it looks like I am, that can not let go of. Those who look ugly than
I do not miss, because the law of this world is, the more ugly people richer content.
Junior year when I most enjoy reading is "Dream of Red
Mansions", and just read the chapter died Lin cough. The results showed
that he himself was vomiting blood. To the hospital, doctors put a check tuberculosis
immediately locked up, one is a year off. I told the doctor said the young man like me,
how could it be TB? Let me talk about the status of a doctor. I said, you see my study,
especially hard, can score that do not increase, the class is not a girl like me. He said
this may not TB is completely impossible. However, the disease has brought me
attitude adjustments, because I was in college 12 year, you want to catch up with my
classmates is my spiritual support. But by the third grade, one year after the disease
has completely changed me, I feel alive very good. Then I'll set ourselves a
minimum standard, at least ensure that college graduates get the diploma, the last state
to assign a job to me very good. Although I did not give up, the result will be a more
open mind. Therefore, up to now I've learned never to compare because
there are always more good than you, there are always more backward than you. The
world's most accurate is your competitors, think about it today than it was
yesterday, a little progress, think about next year is not more better than this year.
Think about it 10 years later than the year you are not you better. This attitude has
been maintained until I graduated from college. Time of graduation, everyone should
speak up a passage, such as how to get after the rest of my life, I would go about such
a passage: I said, the students are very powerful people, and I did not catch everyone
5 years to catch up, but Please remember, after playing a camel students will certainly
not give up, you have 5 years of dry matter into my dry for 10 years, you 10 years into
the things I dry for 20 years, your 20-year dry into the things I dry for 40 years, it is
impossible to maintain a good mood I will be healthy, to the 80-year-old a month after
saying good-bye to you I follow the same track. This is my personal life to keep to the
present attitude, and I think such an attitude is very effective for me. How to change
their lives more enriched is the most important thing, so that someday New Oriental
does not exist is very normal. If the new Eastern did not, I still will come a talk with
you, and will be even more cheerful mood. Because there is no red tape about
everything. I am just another title on the line today called "through a
meaningful life", next time I read "I do not how the New
Oriental's." In universities, we need to do a few things are: first,
to build their own knowledge structure integrity; Secondly, it is possible and making
new friends in college, because you life-long friend and partner, to a certain Since in
your college; Third, if possible, at the university on a more single-minded love, as I
recall the lives of a gray North. I think why is it gray? In fact, not because of
performance, but because 5 years in college I never had the time is drawing near.
Therefore, it has become my university days, sorry. Let me give all of last year,
Beijing University Beijing University students to do the ceremony, I give them stress
one, nothing important, important is love, but love has no fear of failure, since suicide
has not committed suicide, Weiminghu on So shallow, jump can get up; Fourth, do a
good job for the future plan. Future work with you the number of friends, with your
expertise in how learning is relevant. A good grasp of your subject, then certainly
some bad professional use, as long as you learn better. But then I found in English
became a tool in my life, because in English, I became a teacher at Beijing University.
In fact, when performance is not a good stay in Beijing, but was just 46 tests, all
Department of Beijing University students have studied two years of English, the
results Beijing desperately short of teachers. Some outstanding graduates to the
Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Foreign Trade and wages are high. We later Dean
anxious that the last five to me to stay. 5 left now become a doctoral tutor individuals,
and shows how the quality of education is now Beijing University. Of course, this is a
joke, they later through their own efforts, through a number of times tests have
become very good teachers. In climbing, you will care about alpenstock you like it?
No, you only care about can help you reach the summit. So English is my alpenstock,
although I do not particularly like, but I know I'll think of climbing the
higher peaks in life must need this alpenstock. I did want to own a Chinese English
experts of the top 100, but later found not a little drama, as more and more Chinese
students returned, others spent 10 years abroad, 20, came back to see how high
standard of English than me. I can only narrow the scope to become an expert in
English grammar. Back later found not a word of wisdom, it began to desperately
back words, the results become fairly good vocabulary of Chinese experts. In addition
to specialty, the students read more books in the university. Asians are very much a
new study. Read more, it means that more of the open vision, will be thinking more
and more innovative. New Oriental is an old saying called "Inside the
thickness of the cause of the high." Inside the thickness of the mainly from
two aspects, first read more books, books you read a lot of the knowledge structure
will naturally complete, it will produce wisdom; the second is the more life
experiences. The life experience of wisdom and the wisdom of reading together will
become a truly great wisdom, will become the cause of your future and create a
source of endless and tools. For example, recruitment of key posts New Oriental
people are interviewing me. I only have a few questions, first how much your college
read the book, if you read dozens of books, then certainly I would not want you.
Minimum standard in my mind is the 200 book, and I read in college 800 books. New
Oriental has a more flourishing Wang Qiang, a teacher at the university read a 1200
book, per day 1. Some people will ask me, I forgot to read the What is the difference
did not read it? In fact completely different. As you fall in love, fallen in love and
later turned into a bachelor's and a bachelor self-confidence than it is.
Because when he saw someone in love, he will be next, "Hey, did I want to
also fallen in love Well." If nothing works, no time to read, you can go to
the bookstore looking at the books, remember the names'll have to touch, it
can also add a little human temperament. I have an idea, alive, to live a poetic life, we
often stopped to look at how the moon, Inner Mongolia during the holidays to look at
the starry sky, the number of students in mind when watching sunset glow and felt the
life surging. Of course they should personally. University of times, there is a very
famous poet called Zi, wrote a famous poem "Facing the Sea, with
spring," but very unfortunately, he failed to resist the pressure of the real
world, threw themselves in front of. So we say that a person can not only expressed in
poetic language, but also to express in the real poetry. So you have to overcome the
real obstacles and setbacks. A poem called "Straight Solitary desert, river
down the yen." My "river down the yen," a very
deep feeling, but "Smoke in the desert straight" has no idea. So,
enter the North gate after the first thing to desert to Gobi desert, to prairie. And to date,
these places became my spiritual home. If you have any trouble in life one thing, I
went to Mongolia with the nomads on horseback along. Farmers have said that among
the Han Chinese had never seen life's not like you. I have come across such
a situation, in 2003 when it came to SARS, we immediately refund tuition to students,
New Oriental's capital once the back light. But I was told, on account
leaving a shortfall of 20 million. Respectively to the two friends, so I phoned one
night 10 million or you have. So, you become a person for others to believe, than
doing a defense for you to let others who have much more advantages. The
establishment of this trust to do the following elements: the center to other people not
to use themselves as the center; to have the spirit of service. I was college students
who think I am good for nothing, but why come back with my business? This is
related to the behavior of my university. I was a university study, but quite like
anybody a bad person. We never row of houses was on duty, because in all my Esau.
There is basically all quarters of the water, I play, and they have subsequently given
up the conditions for outstanding foreign business with me or kick me when a
relationship quarters. Years later, I went back to those college students, they said even
so worthless you are making money in China, then we are back to terrible? The
second reason is that we know you are a particularly good one, you will not give us
something to eat He Yu, you will not let us starve to death gruel to drink, so I came
back. Therefore, even a friend in college who did not, in this life is almost impossible
to succeed. There are several in the university to pay people who can really help you,
such as: heart than you open, eyes sharp than you. I pay at the university is such a
friend, a man who would follow the cattle run. But if we can talk about a love affair is
still very good. But love has a very important prerequisite is to love wholeheartedly.
The so-called single-minded love is not to say, the university can only talk about one
love, but that can only talk about one. To love to a level? To have such a feeling,
"Why my eyes filled with tears? Because I love the deep love
you." The second element is that when you really love a person, the proper
way to to tell him you love him and not just in my heart. I was in college to lose a lot
of girls in love, but only in my heart, afraid of being rejected. In fact, the pursuit of
better performance out of, even if rejected by a girl, she will go home and wrote in his
diary, "Today there is another boy after me slightly." One year
to the United States, with a class like the girls before dinner, she and her husband
dined with me. Dinner when I told her, in fact, in college I have a crush on you in
particular. She was Yipaidatui Why did not you tell that was me? The third is to talk
about generosity, generosity that is when the so-called falling in love with another
person when other people must be generous to him, your happiness is my happiness,
your happiness is my happiness. I always feel that people in the world there is always
fate, if the university no one loves you, in your future life will always be someone
loves you, so hand in hand with you to the next journey. There are problems at work.
Problems at work is a relatively simple question. I believe the students of Tongji
University, when looking for work there will not be too difficult, but some students
asked me to do business. Life does not create a business life must be a very bad thing.
Human life is always dry things for themselves, for their own business is to do. We
work with a dry, but you would not necessarily start college. Why? Because the
business requires experience and a number of preconditions. First, your expertise, you
start the application; Second, you have to get along with classmates and friends, and
have the ability distribution of interest; Third, you have to deal with the Chinese
community so complex situations; fourth , you need to have basic business knowledge
and operating principles, or business operations; the fifth, his If a person with
leadership; Sixth, you need to have their own areas of operation of the knowledge and
expertise. For example, you want to Gaoge training schools, the operation of
knowledge from you where from? This working knowledge of the needs of others by
observing how you do come. If I had to do it directly from the North out of New
Oriental, which I never could accomplish. I do have two prerequisites New Oriental.
First, I spent six years at Beijing University teacher, so do the teachers do a good job.
There is a second prerequisite, I do New Oriental ago, I did at another training
institution for almost three years I was in the observation of how it is done. I met a lot
of university business fail. I said, how do you not start a business? They said as long
as an encounter between the interests of students, and exchange all
"shit." Is not the case? Yes, but you will deal with is not
"rubbish" the. New Oriental group of friends and I also have an
interest, but I am not on treatment yet? So now the key is whether there is such a skill.
To start but I encourage students to first go to a certain industry at least observed one
to two years, preferably three to four years and build their talent, and he is gradually
becoming mature personality are slowly becoming stable, Finally, the failure of
business opportunities that a lot less. A student asked, Yu teacher, how do I put a
training institution as large as you have done? New Oriental is very simple to clean up
first, if you put a very clean, clean health, then I upgraded to your Minister of Health,
Minister of Health, if you're good you get to become the new director of
the East back, wait until you become the New Oriental Logistics Officer, I took you to
the Harvard University to learn, and learning to come back I'll back the
Chief gone all to you, you will become Chief Executive Officer of logistics. The first
few? Second. I "one kick the bucket," you're
president of the right? So our maturity is slowly, like a tree growing up is growing up,
how can there suddenly be able to become successful people their own business?
While such people are still there, but it is also a small number. I am a 32-year-old
business for only 32 years old New Oriental. So do not worry, his whole life, how
things do not matter. Or my old saying: the life wonderful thing. My analogy is that
the metaphor of trees and grass, there is another analogy: the life is like a stream,
there is always a dream - to flow into the sea. Some people that life does not flow to
the sea, the river is incomplete. Yangtze River flows to the sea, the Yellow River flows
into the sea, but the Yangtze River, Yellow River to flow into the sea itself in different
ways. Split Rock Yangtze River through the mountains to the sea and the mountains,
no mountains split the Yellow Stone, the results turn around 9 18. But no matter what,
and then turn the final goal of life remain unchanged. We only have to remember is to
like the Yellow, Yangtze, like constant forward flow, but not into the Yellow River,
Yangtze River sediment inside, and finally his settling down, the life gone to the
precipitation. All in all, the wonderful life they do not rely on other people alone.
Never a savior, you want to live brilliant, happy to rely on our friends around the joint
efforts of each!

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