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 Natural Handmade Beauty Products from Khan Al Saboun, Now Available in
                            Khan Murjan at Wafi

Khan Al Saboun was a famous trading centre established in Lebanon in 1480
for the making and selling of handmade luxury soaps.   A store of the same
name has recently opened in Khan Murjan at Wafi, offering a wide range of
handmade soaps, candles and beauty products made of natural ingredients.

Khan Al Saboun store is owned by Badr Hassoun & Sons who were one of the
families known for making soap and still have a production site near the
original trading centre.   Khan Al Saboun produces more than one hundred
kinds of soap and is a key competitor in the world of soap market, but
still maintains the traditional natural methods.   Badr Hassoun has learnt
how to make soap from his grandparents who made their own natural soap at

Products such as scented soaps made of natural oils are available for
different types of treatments such as aromatherapy, acne, rashes and deep
cleansing.   They also have soaps for exfoliation and whitening made from
olive, coconut, and almond oil, glycerine, Carcuma oil and honey.   For the
fragrance of the soap, mint, herbs and Arabic oud are used in various
kinds for different types of skin.             Scented body oils are also available
for people who enjoy natural perfume.

There are also natural hair oils available to treat hair loss, dandruff
and the strengthening of hair.

 “Khan Murjan is an ideal location for Khan Al Saboun as it reflects the
traditional crafts of Arabic artisans by providing a cultural tourist
centre to display their wares,” said Victoria Smith, Group Marketing
Director, Wafi.      “The aim of Khan Murjan is to bring talented craftsmen
from around the region and serve as a gallery to showcase their many
talents sometimes forgotten.           Having Khan Al Saboun open in Khan Murjan is
a great opportunity to keep a traditional craft of soap making alive for
generations to come.”

Khan Murjan is a subterranean souk with an Islamic theme and architecture
that provides 150 bazaar shops with vendors from across the Arab world in
a unique marketplace environment. It is based on a 14th century souk in
Bagdad and is underneath the central mall at Wafi; it has four quarters -
Egyptian, Syrian, Moroccan and Turkish and open from 10am to 10pm from
Saturday to Wednesday and until midnight on Thursday and Friday.

For further information please visit Khan Al Saboun’s website


  Notes to Editor
  Wafi is a unique destination in the heart of Dubai offering an unrivalled collection of art,
  food, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle:
  ART: Wafi is renowned for the beauty of its architecture, stained glass windows and hand carved
  statues. Regular art exhibitions are held for public appreciation.
  FASHION: Wafi offers a unique retail experience with over 350 stores providing the world's most
  original, revered and influential fashion brands, many of which are exclusive to Wafi.
FOOD: Wafi offers a distinctive collection of dining opportunities with over 20 restaurants and
an excellent choice of cafes.
ENTERTAINMENT: Wafi is designed to entertain, from the Encounter Zone with its virtual rides,
and games, to a variety of late night venues and live musical performances.
LIFESTYLE: From Cleopatra's Spa to Pharaohs leisure club, with the highest indoor climbing wall
in UAE and the new Medi Spa, Wafi offers a complete lifestyle experience, complemented by the
prestigious 5* hotel, Raffles Dubai.
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                         Sally Meech, Public Relations Manager, WAFI.
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